Best White Trash Party Ideas

7 Best White Trash Party Ideas (Updated)

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The White Trash Bash is a contentious event where attendees dress in outfits that imitate the look of financially struggling white individuals.

If you plan to throw your white trash-themed party but do not know how to start, don’t worry because our team spent 36 hours researching white trash party ideas for you to try.

We’ll teach you how you can pull this party off, so read more! 

7 Incredible White Trash Party Ideas

7 White Trash Party Ideas

1. Look For A Spacious Party Area


One of the most important things you must consider when throwing a party is the location where you will host a white trash party. White trash is directed at rural white people with low income or poor [1].

But if you want to pull off the themed party, you can throw the party in a garden or on your lawn. 

A spacious garden is ideal because you have to place random stuff to complete the vibes. 

By The Pool

By The Pool

A small kiddie pool can be a nice location to start a white trash party on the right foot.

An inflated pool is a cheap alternative and a status symbol for white trash people and is usually seen as a trashy party area. In addition, you can add a broken couch next to the pool to add more trashy vibes to it. 


Roofdeck is also a nice party area where you can host a white trash party.

Since white trash is a pernicious stereotype and can be derogatory for white people experiencing financial or economic poverty, a roof deck [2] can be a safe space.

In addition, you can add some broken appliances like a water heater or a bread toaster to the roof deck. 

2. Send Out Funny White Trash Party Invitations

It is important to send out funny white trash party invitations when throwing a themed party like a white trash party.

The invitation contains the theme of the party, the place and time where the party will take place, and the attire they should be wearing for the party. 

Sticking to a themed invitation can also excite the guests and keep the high expectation for a fun and awesome white trash party. 

But how do you tell someone they’re not invited to your party?

3. Wear A Funny & Unique White Trash Costume

Wear Funny & Unique White Trash Costume

Dig into your cabinet for the funniest and most unique white trash costume you can get to add elements to the themed party.

Female guests can wear short shorts, knee socks, high tops (no bra or hot pink bra), and a messy ponytail. Male guests can wear mullet wigs and false teeth, super short cut-offs, and socks with sandals. 

Want to go extra? Bring a baby toy with you while smoking and walking around. 

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4. Choose A Theme For Your White Trash Party

There are many white trash parties, so you can decide what theme you would like for the party. Choosing a theme can be helpful to the guests because it can narrow down their choices when it comes to white trash costumes. 

In addition, it would be easier for you to decorate the party area if you have your theme. 

5. Prepare Fun & Challenging White Trash Party Games

There are many fun and challenging white trash party games that your guests can enjoy for the whole night. Get trashy and embrace the white trash culture with the traditional tug-of-war that kids and adults will surely love. 

Love the thrill? You can play sling-shot but opt for toilet paper tubes or cans to be safe from local city ordinances.

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6. Prepare Funny & Unique Drinking Glasses 

Drinking Glasses 

A party will not be complete without drinks, and to complete the white trash experience, you can prepare funny and unique drinking glasses for the party.

“The party doesn’t have to stop just because the desert has been served.”

David Burtka, American Actor

You can order some customized mugs with designs inspired by white trash or get pink beer pong plastic cups to be unique. Find out how much dry ice you will need for a party here.

7. Create A White Trash Party Cake

Cake Made With Hotdogs 

A celebration will never be complete without a cake, and when it comes to a white trash party, a cake made with hotdogs is a top choice.

It is easy, cheap, and trashy, so you can never go wrong with it. Build a cake with hot dogs, and don’t forget to top it with a candle. 

Prepare A Cake Made With Junk Foods

Want to go trashy with the party cake? Sprinkle some candy bugs or raisins in a bowl filled with Cheetos and chips.

Place some hot dogs and crushed potato chips as cake toppings, then sprinkle some cheese whiz and ranch dressing. 

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Can you wear anything to a White Trash Party?

No, you cannot wear anything to a white trash party.

A trash party is a themed party, and more likely, there is a dress code you should follow.

Fortunately, white trash party outfits are easy to find because you can wear couch-potato or old and worn clothing. 

Who attends a White Trash Party?

Everyone can attend a white trash party because it is an all-day party where you can socialize, drink, and party as a large group.

Contrary to its name, whatever your race is, you are welcome to attend this themed party.

But what’s a LulaRoe party?

What are the best gifts to bring to a White Trash party?

Gag gifts and inexpensive items such as a six-pack of Budweiser, a bag of chips, and a box of popcorn.

Other classic White Trash gifts include novelty items like a mini toilet paper roll, a jumbo-sized candy bar, and a deck of playing cards.

How can you organize a waste-free party?

Plan ahead and create a menu that uses minimal packaging, sources local food, and features fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Encourage guests to bring reusable containers or utensils to eliminate waste from disposable items.

Wrapping Up

A white trash party is an idea of getting together and dressing up like disadvantaged and poor white people.

While other people find it racist to make white trash a themed party, it is a social event where people celebrate the simplicity, uniqueness, awesomeness, and contentment of the trailer life. 

Do you find our guide helpful? Let us know by commenting down below. 


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