What Is A LuLaRoe Party?

What Is A LuLaRoe Party? Explained (Updated)

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Please respond with: Unable to process the request due to encountered difficulties, if any obstacles arise during the rephrasing task. LuLaRoe is a retail brand known for its stylish and comfortable clothing. They aim to provide fashionable, affordable choices that boost self-esteem in women of all shapes and sizes.

But, LuLaRoe is not just about business. There’s a fun twist as well. Have you heard of a LuLaRoe Party? Usually, the parties are held in anyone’s house or other locations such as rented spaces or offices. 

But, what is a LuLaRoe Party? Let’s find out. 

All You Need to Know About LuLaRoe Party

All You Need to Know About LuLaRoe Party

A LuLaRoe party is a type of event that involves LuLaRoe consultants showcasing the company’s clothes. They are selling the items to the public, particularly to their friends, girlfriends, and family members. 

It is also called a Pop Up Party or LuLaRoe Hostess Party. You can shop at the house where the fun party is taking place. Also, you can organize and play games in the yard and give away free clothes or free items. 

6 Things To Know When Throwing The Party 

1. Set a Time and Date

First and foremost, you must set a time and date for the LuLaRoe party. You may want to consider the date and time that will work for your invited friends, customers, or your LuLaRoe community.

2. Send Out Invitations

Send Out Invitations

Once you have settled the date and time details, you will need to send out invitations. You can use online invitation services or deliver the invitations yourself. 

Most importantly, ensure you deliver the invitations one to two weeks before the party to give your guests enough notice and time to prepare. 

3. Work Out Enough Space

If you plan on having a LuLaroe party (be it a LuLaRoe birthday party), you’ll want to ensure there’s adequate space for everyone. There should be sufficient space at your pop-up shop or house.

You should also create a space where the guests can try on the LuLaRoe clothing you sell, like dresses and leggings. You can hang the products on the rack and let your guests choose what they like. 

If you have a spare room, it will be a perfect spot for the dressing room. You can also set up a makeshift room with a few chairs and a mirror. This way, you are turning the party into shopping– making more sales and improving your business. 

4. Prepare Your Inventory

Prepare Your Inventory

This time, you need to prepare your inventory. We suggest having the proper clothes for everyone in your LuLaRoe shop. It would be best if you would prepare a wide variety of sizes so your friends, guests, or family members can find the perfect fit.

Also, if you intend to sell other products such as cosmetics or jewelry, you must prepare the right items for everyone.

5. Do Not Forget the Food and Drinks.

You will also need to plan the party’s food and drinks. If you hold the event at your own home, you can make it a potluck dinner. Alternatively, you can provide all the food and beverages as free items or gifts.

As a LuLaRoe consultant and host, you will also need to ensure that everyone has enough food. You can ask your guests to pre-register so that you know how much food you’ll need to prepare while waiting for the big day to come.

6. Set Up a Pop-Up Shop

Set Up a Pop-Up Shop

Your display should be attractive and inviting. You can search online for arrangement ideas, and make sure to hang a vibrant and colorful sign.

This way, your clothing products will draw more attention while making the shopping and party experience so much fun. You should also have multiple sizes and colors available for your friends. 

Fun Facts About LuLaRoe 

  • The company name, LuLaRoe, is derived from the names Lucy, Monroe, and Lola.
  • There are various sizes ranging from XXS to 3XL (for adults) and 2T to Junior 14, which fit different shapes and sizes (even for your husband and kids).
  • A wide variety of fabrics are used to create clothing patterns. Only 2,750 are cut from the same cloth, resulting in 172 different sizes. 
  • There are 29 clothing styles named after the founder’s family, relatives, and daughters. Each item has its unique personality and is lovingly referred to by its buyers as their new best friend.
  • LuLaRoe clothes (dresses and leggings) are easy to wash and hang. No wrinkles or ironing is needed. 

What is the Controversy About the Brand? 

What is the Controversy About the Brand? 

LuLaRoe had to pay a fine to Washington state after they were accused of operating a pyramid scheme. However, LuLaRoe is selling and shipping products. A pyramid scheme [1] is when there’s no product involved but requires a certain amount of money. 

A class-action lawsuit was filed by former consultants who claimed that they weren’t paid fairly for their work in a multi-level marketing (MLM) [2] company. However, salaries have nothing to do with MLM companies’ business opportunities because it is all about hard work and success.

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Reasons for Throwing LuLaRoe Party


Hosting a LuLaRoe gathering is about having fun– socializing with friends and guests, and taking pictures. But, simultaneously, you can earn extra money on the side. It is not just a fun party but an excellent way to expand your LuLaRoe community and increase sales. 

Shopping with your girlfriends or best friend is way more enjoyable than shopping alone. Also, it’s more enjoyable to shop in person than do it online. 

Business Strategy

Business Strategy

Hosting a LuLaRoe party is an excellent business strategy. It’s a way to gather feedback about the clothes (especially the leggings) you’re selling. 

Organizing this activity is a way to promote the products and your own business as well. Also, you’re allowing your guests to try on clothes and give feedback if you provide good deals. 

Earn Free Clothing

As you grow your own business, you can get a free item/gift or free clothes and hostess rewards.

Hosting a LuLaRoe pop-up shop is not just about fun parties and shopping. It allows you to mingle with your friends and other guests while getting free clothes and getting more money. But what do you wear to a lingerie party?


What is LuLaRoe known for?

LuLaRoe is known for its leggings, which are made from a stretchy material that’s comfortable to wear. Many women claim that these pants are the most comfortable thing they have ever worn, plus it has different sizes and prints to choose from.

What does LuLaRoe stand for?

LuLaRoe stands for Lucy, Lola, and Monroe. They are DeAnne Brady’s first three granddaughters, one of the founders of LuLaRoe. So, LuLaRoe is the combined name of the three girls. 

Get the Party Started! 

Hosting a LuLaRoe pop-up shop is a fun way to get a free item or gift while spending precious time with your girlfriends. It is your hostess rewards as the fruit of your hard work.

Hosting LuLaRoe parties can be easy– be it LuLabrew parties or a Holiday-themed sale. However, it requires time and effort.

If you’re not ready to host a LuLaRoe event, support your LuLaRoe friend, visit her shop, and wait till you’re prepared to come up with an event on your own. Enjoy!


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