When Is The St. Patrick's Day Parade In Buffalo

When Is The St. Patrick’s Day Parade In Buffalo, NY

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Every year in March, the city of Buffalo, New York becomes awash in green as the streets are filled with the sounds of music and laughter.

It’s that time when people gather to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a lively parade. I remember my first experience at the Buffalo St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

The streets were filled with colorful floats, spirited dancers, and the unmistakable scent of Irish cuisine.

But when is the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Buffalo, NY? Keep reading to find out.

When Will The St. Patrick’s Day Parade In Buffalo Be Held?

St. Patrick's Day Parade

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Buffalo [1] is held annually on the Sunday closest to March 17th.

The parade has been a longstanding tradition in the city and is celebrated by thousands of people each year. 

“Every St. Patrick’s Day every Irishman goes out to find another Irishman to make a speech to.”

– Shane Leslie, Irish Diplomat & Writer

It includes local marching bands, Irish dancers, colorful floats, and other fun activities. 

Then its route is lined with spectators cheering and waving their Irish flags as the parade passes. 

After the parade, many people gather in the Buffalo Irish Center to celebrate with traditional Irish music, dancing, food, and drinks.

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What Time Is The Parade On Saint Patrick’s Day In Buffalo, New York?

The parade begins at 2 pm and features a variety of floats, Irish dancers, marching bands, and local dignitaries. 

It is a great opportunity for the Buffalo community to celebrate Irish culture and heritage. 

On top of that, it serves as a way for the Irish-American community to honor Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. 

Many parade goers will be dressed in their finest green attire and waving Irish flags in celebration.

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Where Will The St. Patrick’s Day Parade Start?

This year, the parade will start at Delaware Avenue and travel through the Old Neighborhood streets. It includes South Park Avenue, Smith, Elk, and Hamburg until South Streets. 

Surely, showing off the city’s distinctive Irish culture and exciting nightlife is another great reason to attend the parade. 

Come on out and show your Irish patriotism; it is free, and the event is open to the general public.

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Where Is The Largest Parade On Saint Patrick’s Day Held?

The largest parade on Saint Patrick’s Day is held in New York, USA. This parade dates back to 1762 and is the oldest civilian parade in the world. 

And it’s one of the most popular and well-known worldwide, with over two million people attending the event each year. 

The parade starts on 44th Street on Fifth Avenue and then marches to 79th Street. Participants and spectators can enjoy numerous floats, bands, and performers. 

Plus, it includes a variety of Irish-themed floats, such as traditional Irish dancers and even a green Leprechaun. 

Not just that, the parade is usually broadcast nationally, allowing millions of people to share in the festivities.

Where Is The Second Biggest Parade For Saint Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick's Day Float Parade

The second largest parade for Saint Patrick’s Day in the U.S. is held in Savannah, Georgia [2]. 

Since 1824, when it was first held, the parade has been a staple of the city, drawing in thousands of spectators. 

It features a variety of elements, including marching bands, floats, and colorful costumes, making it a fun and festive event for all ages. 

The parade route runs through Savannah’s historic district, showcasing the city’s Irish heritage and cultural pride.

“When the streets of Buffalo turn green, you know it’s time for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade – a day when our city dances to the rhythm of Irish pride.”

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In addition to the parade, Savannah also hosts several other Saint Patrick’s Day festivities, including a mass at the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, a concert in Forsyth Park, and a traditional Irish meal at a local pub. 

These events, combined with the city’s natural beauty and warm Southern hospitality, make Savannah a popular destination for those looking to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in the U.S. 

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3 Cities In The U.S That Host The Largest St. Patrick’s Day Parade

1. New York City

One of the largest parades celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day in the United States occurs in New York City every year.

The parade has been held annually since the 18th century and is a major celebration of Irish heritage and culture in the city. 

It has a vibrant display of green, white, and orange and a celebration of the contributions of Irish Americans to the city and the nation. 

And the parade includes marching bands, floats, and participants from various organizations, including police and fire departments, local businesses, and cultural groups.

2. Chicago, Illinois

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Chicago is the second largest in the country and has been held annually since the mid-1800s. 

It features Irish cultural organizations, such as pipe and drum bands, dance troupes, and community groups, who march down Columbus Drive along the Chicago River. 

The river is famously dyed green for the occasion, adding to the festive atmosphere. 

Plus, the parade attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators and is an important celebration of Irish culture in Chicago.

3. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade began in 1901 and is the third largest in the United States. 

The parade route runs through the South Boston neighborhood, known as “Southie,” and is a significant part of the city’s Irish heritage. 

Besides, it is a lively celebration that attracts thousands of participants and spectators.

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Which drink is the most popular on St. Patrick’s Day?

Beer is typically the most popular drink on St. Patrick’s Day. Find out if Starbucks has a special St. Patrick’s day drink here.

Which beer is the most popular on St. Patrick’s Day?

The most popular beer on St. Patrick’s Day is Guinness, a dark Irish stout. Many people consider it a must-have for any St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

What food do most people eat on St. Patrick’s Day?

Many people observe Saint Patrick’s Day by consuming a dish representative of Irish culture, such as corned beef and cabbage.

Which city has the shortest parade on St. Patrick’s Day?

It is widely believed that the shortest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the United States is held in Hot Springs, Arkansas, which lasts only a few blocks. 

Despite its brevity, the parade attracts thousands of visitors annually who celebrate Irish heritage and culture.

Can non-Irish people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Yes, non-Irish people can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The holiday is celebrated by people worldwide who want to enjoy the traditions and festivities associated with Irish culture.

Final Thoughts

St. Patrick’s Day is an important holiday in Buffalo, and this year’s parade will be remembered. 

With the city and its residents celebrating Irish culture and warm hospitality, the parade will be a joyful and enjoyable experience. 

So mark your calendars, and be in Buffalo to enjoy the fun.


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