Best Anything But A Cup Party Ideas

8 Best Anything But A Cup Party Ideas (Updated)

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Currently, the act of partying has evolved to become more enjoyable, prompting the need for new and inventive ideas. Although using the classic red cup is suitable for drinking, hosting an “anything but cups” party adds an exciting and adventurous element to any gathering.

If you haven’t tried this extraordinary twist yet, check out our anything but a cup party ideas!

8 Anything But A Cup Party Ideas

8 Anything But A Cup Party Ideas

1. Use Traffic Cones

Attending an anything but cups party means that guests should wear unusual yet wacky clothes and have their drinking container aside from the traditional cups [1]. You can get creative by matching your clothes and drinking vessel such as traffic cones or making a road layout on every end of the party tables. 

These things will make parties crazier and livelier, featuring a vibrant orange cone with an open tip for a straw to fit. There are also designs with a top cover to ensure that the alcohol doesn’t spill on one end. 

2. Drink Beer Out Of Baby Bottles

Drink Beer Out Of Baby Bottles

Since creativity is well appreciated in anything but cups parties, having a baby bottle will surely add more laughter to all the guests. Although a bowl is much easier to drink with, baby bottles are one of the funniest vessel ideas.  

Aside from making other people cry in laughter, a baby bottle is more secure and has fewer chances of spilling alcohol. You can also go for a giant baby bottle and match it with baby clothes.

3. Fill Your Blender With Beer

On the other hand, if baby bottles make it hard for you to enjoy your drink, you can use the blender’s glass jug and fill it with beer. This is a great alternative for cups and ideal if you drink heavily. 

Also, these are better drinking vessels than used vases or a bowl. It is easier to grab your drink and have more space to fill up the beverage with a handle.

4. Use Plastic Boots

If you agree that anything but cups party can still be stylish while weird, opt for chic plastic boots. Although this doesn’t look too appealing to be a drinking bowl, choosing transparent plastic boots makes this vessel a bit creative in enjoying your drink.

Remember that anything but cups is all about being weird, so plastic boots will do the trick. In addition, you can easily buy these things if you’re planning to throw a party, and it has a deeper space to fill to the end, so it’s ideal for any drink. 

5. Gulp From Trophy

Gulp From Trophy

Another crazy vessel idea is a trophy, which is fancy and pleasing to drink with. If you can’t find a flask bottle or vases, trophies are great alternative cups if you’ve already tried a fishing bowl.

Using this as a beer container for a party will add a powerful ambiance, ideal for triumphant events. You will surely end up the “champion” if you use this as your cup!

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6. Take A Sip From Sea Shells

Step up your party and make your guests feel like they are on a tropical island while enjoying alcohol served in seashells. These are ideal cups during summer or for a beach party.

Moreover, seashells will make your party unique and fancy, offering summery vibes and will make your event end up memorable. You can use small to bigger seashells (depending on the beverage served), and this would also be great to eat party foods in! An Anything But A Cup Party can even be a great gift for women in their 20s

7. Bring Your Own Gas Can

If you’re hosting a man party, having a gas can is ideal for a super soaker. This is a real step up from the cups game, which can be filled until everyone in the party end up tipsy. However, make sure you buy a new and empty one before filling it up.

So, why should you go for a gas can? This vessel is great for a long night of partying. You don’t have to constantly refill it as you have a bigger filling capacity.

8. Drink Straight From The Teapot

Drink Straight From The Teapot

If your visitors don’t agree to gulp a gas can, go for a basic teapot. This can easily be found at antique stores and are a great buy since you can reuse it for making tea.

Its size is also ideal as it can be held with no worries and can be gripped on one end by the handle. Also, the teapot can be gulped from its top opening, so it’s not difficult to use at all. But how much dry ice is needed for a party?


Is $100 too much for anything but a cup party idea?

$100 may be enough, but it still depends on the situation. Consider the number of people attending your anything but cups party and the cups you’re going to use. If you’re going to use baby bottles or seashells, then $100 would be more than enough.

Is there a size limit for anything but a cup party idea?

There is no size limit on what anyone can use for anything but a cup party idea. Anything but cups party means that guests can be as quirky and weird as they can be. 

In Conclusion

Hosting an anything but cups party is all about creativity and making the event fun, engaging, and memorable. If you haven’t found sellers with the weirdest cups on Google, you may go to your local or antique stores to look for the best finds. You can also open your kitchen cabinet, grab a teapot, or use a baby bottle!


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