What is a Kickback Party?

What is a Kickback Party? Answered (Updated)

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Do you want to have a laid-back party without inviting friends of friends? Consider hosting a kickback party!

But what is a kickback party and how can you host this very low-key event? Read on.  

All You Need to Know About Kickback Party

All You Need to Know About Kickback Party

A kickback party is a small event usually held in the host’s backyard, garage, or an extra lot of land in their home or property. It has a low-key nature, meaning that only a selected number of attendees know about it as an event.

Usually, the guests at this kind of event are:

  • The host’s closest friends.
  • Some family members/relatives (on select occasions).
  • A few others have a personal or friendly connection to the party host.

A kickback party aims to enjoy and have fun in a relaxed and chill mood.

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How to Host the Party


No need for a complicated invitation card when it comes to hosting a kickback party. Just send a group chat message to your friends on your social media of choice and wait for their reply.

You can also send text messages instead of chat messages when inviting friends over. Another way of inviting people is via personal phone calls.

Prepare Lots of Food and Drinks

You can prepare any food and drinks you want to serve your guests. Want to have foods that are quick to prepare and easy to consume? Then you and your guest can have fast-food takeouts. Or do you want something healthy and guilt-free? Then go on full vegetarian.

Your guests can even bring in the food of their choice, expanding the choices of foods that you can have during the party.

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Good Music

Good Music

Soft and mellow music is best preferred for kickback parties, although it might change depending on the theme of the party itself.

Another preferred type of music for kickback parties is the lo-fi genre, as it is best known for calming and soothing low beats and music.


The prime location for hosting a kickback party would be the host’s backyard (or garage or extra lot space) in their home. Doing so will lessen the overall expense compared to doing it in a bar or a restaurant. 

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Party games can increase the liveliness and mood of a kickback party. Video games are a common kind of game you and your guests can engage in. Do note, though, that the video games should be “party” titles, which allow multiple co-op play for many players from a single device.

Other games can be played like classic board games, card games, and outdoor games.

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Kickback Party vs Party

A kickback party versus a regular party can be differentiated in how the former is almost stress-free than the latter. Since there is less to focus on during a kickback party, it puts less stress on the party’s host [1].

Furthermore, the main focus of such a party is the small number of close friends and guests alike. There is no need for the host to spend extra time and effort managing and dealing with a huge number of visitors at a regular party

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What’s the Only Rule?

What’s the Only Rule?

The only rule to a kickback party is that it isn’t just a party. Only closest friends and special guests can join in a kickback party. Friends of friends aren’t allowed at this party, as it will ruin the mood of a hassle-free and low-stress party environment.

Additionally, you and your friends would surely like to keep the party to yourselves, as having a stranger heavily dampens the chilled-out mood.

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What’s the difference between a kickback and a party?

The difference between a kickback party and a party is how the former is meant for a very small group of people, while the latter is meant for large gatherings. Additionally, only close friends and special guests can attend a kickback party as that is its purpose. 

What happens at a kickback party?

Many things will happen at a kickback party, such as playing games, sitting around with your friends, and talking to each other. You can watch a movie with them while enjoying your favorite meals and drinks together. 

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Get the Party Started!

A Kickback Party is your not-so-ordinary party because it is a small gathering of a few selected friends to hang out and chill. You get to invite your personal and close friends, but they don’t get to their bring friends of friends.  

Also, it is way easier to host a kickback party because it does not require too much preparation.  


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