Best Lingerie Party Ideas

8 Best Lingerie Party Ideas (Updated)

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Hosting a lingerie party for a bride-to-be is a fantastic way to commemorate her last days of being single and anticipate her forthcoming wedding. Skip the conventional bridal shower and opt instead for a gathering that is fun, unforgettable, and personal.

Here are the lingerie party ideas that our team created to help you throw the bride’s best party ever! 

8 Lingerie Party Ideas 

8 Lingerie Party Ideas 

1. Send Out Lingerie Party Invitations

When it comes to throwing a themed party, one of the most important steps to make the bridal shower memorable is sending out lingerie party invitations. Normally, this party is held two weeks before the bachelorette party, so you better check the date and have things prepared beforehand. 

If you are planning on sending out electronic invites (e-invite) or paper invites, the first thing you should be sure of is that your guests know that they are going to attend a lingerie party. For gift ideas, please find out the bra and underwear size of the bride from the maid of honor. Then, include it in the invitation so that the guest can get something in the lingerie store. 

2. Hang Lingerie Party Decorations & Banners

Jazz up the venue from naughty to nice lingerie shower decorations and banners. Pick the bride’s favorite color, then add basic decorations like themed tableware and other chairs.   

While balloons are typical decorations for the wedding shower venue, you can incorporate items the bride can wear and save for her honeymoon night. Want to add a sexy vibe? You can hang some hot satin, handcuffs, sex toys, and lacy lingerie to keep the shower wild and classy. 

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3. Make The Party More Fun With Lingerie Party Games

Lingerie Guessing Game

Make opening gifts in a lingerie shower an enjoyable and memorable thing by playing the Lingerie Guessing Game. Lingerie Guessing is a fun game that does not require other things aside from the gifts you bought for her.  

If you plan on doing this playoff on lingerie showers, include in the invitation that they should not place their name on the gifts. When the bride opens the gifts, she can guess who brought them. 

Toilet Paper Lingerie Game

Another fun bridal shower game that you can play is the toilet paper game, where you will need a lot of rolls of toilet paper. You can divide the guests into teams to play or have everyone play it individually in this game.  

Its main objective is to create a pair of underwear with the use of toilet paper, and the one with the most beautiful design can win! Let the bride choose the winner so every guest can also enjoy it. 

Loose Lips 

Loose Lips is another playoff that does not require extra stuff and is highly recommended for a small group. Select a few words that can fit the event, like bra, lingerie, or the name of the groom. As the guests arrive, tell each one that they cannot say those words.

Every time someone speaks the forbidden word, you give them a point, and the person with the least point at the event of the lingerie shower wins the game. But how do you make a DIY foam machine?

4. Use Lingerie Party Cake Toppers

Cakes are associated with different occasions in the United States and other countries [1], and a lingerie shower will not be completed without one. 

If you prefer a store-bought cake for a lingerie shower, you can use lingerie party cake toppers to match the theme. Cake toppers are easy to work with because you only stick them on the top of the cake. 

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5. Prepare Lingerie Party Foods & Snacks

Lingerie Cookies

Whether you plan to serve snacks or a full meal, planning the party foods can be straightforward. You can prepare different appetizers, finger foods, or a charcuterie board that can satisfy the DIY experience [2]. 

If you are holding the bridal and bachelorette party in a restaurant, you can check the menu for group meals that can last for a night long. Don’t forget the veggie trays, fruit trays, small sandwiches, and mini quiches.

You can also prepare cookies and other desserts that the bride and her closest friends can enjoy. But what should you wear to a lingerie party?

6. Chill & Serve Lingerie Party Drinks 

No lingerie and bachelorette parties will be complete without party drinks. And depending on the overall theme, you can create booze, cocktails, virgin mocktails, and a bottle of champagne for the occasion. 

While other girls prefer wine or alcoholic beverages for this type of event, you should prepare non-alcoholic beverages for those who want to stay sober or are assigned drivers. 

7. Offer Lingerie Party Favors

We all know that the party is for the bride-to-be, but you can provide guests with some party favors to make bridal showers enjoyable and exciting. You can give this for attending the wedding shower or participating in a playoff, like lingerie shower bingo. You can also check the guest list, so you have enough party favors for everyone. 

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8. Flaunt Your Giant Lingerie-Designed Party Cake 

Lingerie Cake

If you want to go extra and make the bride-to-be feel extra special at her bridal shower, you can never go wrong with a giant lingerie-designed party cake. There are different designs to choose from, but it is important to keep the venue and the bride and groom in mind.   

There are cakes inspired by panties or lingeries, and there are more naughty adult cakes that you can flaunt at the event. If the party will be held in a private location and if the guests are all adults, naughty cakes can be the best idea as a birthday gift for your female friends


What goes on at a lingerie party?

A lingerie party is an exciting and memorable party for the bride-to-be months before her wedding night. It is an event where friends give the bride lacy, fancy lingerie, and sexy intimates that she can use after her wedding. There are also fun games, lots of food and beverages you can enjoy. 

How long do lingerie parties last?

Lingerie parties last up to two to three hours, but if you prefer, it could be an all-night event. Just make sure you search for enough party games and prepare food and beverages for everyone. 

In Summary  

To some, a lingerie party is an event where guests shower the bride-to-be with different sexy intimates that she can use for her honeymoon and beyond. However, the party ideas above offer different ways to make the typical bridal shower extravagant. 

Aside from preparing other romantic accessories for the bride-to-be, there are different things you can try if you are planning to throw a lingerie party. Make her big day more special by preparing not just gifts but the invitations, venue, foods and drinks and of course the games. Good luck in hosting the party and don’t forget to have fun and enjoy! 


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