Outdoor Party Tent Decorating Ideas

10 Best Outdoor Party Tent Decorating Ideas (Updated)

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If you are planning a party, you may want to consider hosting it outdoors where there is more space and guests can breathe in some fresh air. However, decorating for an outdoor party requires a different approach.

Fortunately, our team gathered the best outdoor party tent decorating ideas to help you out. Scroll down for more! 

10 Cool Outdoor Party Tent Decorating Ideas

10 Outdoor Party Tent Decorating Ideas

1. Choose A Theme For Your Party

One of the first party ideas is to pick a theme for your party. Whether it is for a graduation party, birthday party, or wedding party, picking out a theme can make it easier for you to decorate. 

In addition, if you have a concept, you can narrow down the choices on what type of flowers, tables and chairs, balloons, and other decorations to use. A themed party will also help you set up the whole area and ensure that the outdoor event doesn’t feel too cluttered. 

2. Use Pastel Colors For A Calm & Cool Ambience

With or without a theme, you must consider picking pastel colors for a calmer and cooler ambiance. Avoid bright colors that make things pop out. 

Pastel colors are subtle but powerful and very pleasing to the eyes. It represents feelings of growth, playfulness, laughter, freshness, and cleanliness [1]. In addition, pastel colors have a natural beauty that compliments any decorations, especially for an outdoor party. 

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3. Take Advantage Of The Natural Light

Take Advantage Of The Natural Light

Also, one of the best outdoor party ideas is taking advantage of natural light. Since you are working for an outdoor gathering, you should always take advantage of the natural light. One of the benefits of an outdoor event is the natural light that creates a soft and natural atmosphere at the event tent. 

However, if the celebration is a night party, you will need lights for your outdoor tent, which is a perfect addition to your backyard setup. But how do you make a homemade foam machine?

4. Use Classy & Trendy Light Bulbs 

Daytime or nighttime, classy and trendy light bulbs are a decor that you can use to create an accent for your outdoor tent. While balloons are commonly used to decorate the space, string and fairy lights can set the mood and are very aesthetic. 

In case of heavy winds or bad weather, you must hang heavy-duty Edison bulb string lights that are safe, stylish, inviting, and classic. Aside from lights, fancy lanterns should always be present in wedding decorations for a wedding tent. 

5. Decorate The Tent With Beautiful Flowers & Plants

Setting up flowers and other greenery are great outdoor party ideas for tent decorating. If you plan to hold an event in your backyard with grass ground, you can place beautiful plants and flowers around the event tents as decor that can match the setting. 

Greenery stands out and brings the outdoor party event to the next level while affordable. If you don’t grow one, you can pick gorgeous bouquets from a local supermarket that will create a fantastic look on your outdoor tents.  

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6. Set Up A Tipi Tent 

Set Up A Tipi Tent 

Setting up a tipi tent adds an accent to your outdoor party, making it one of the best outdoor party ideas. Tipi tent is a conical tent common in North American Plain Indians [2]. This tent is now widely used as one of the aesthetic pole tents for the event. 

Tipi tent is one of the DIY tents you can try since tent decorating is fun and easy. With some frame tents, lights, and big fabric or table cloth, you can create a tipi tent that will cover two-three kids in comfortable seating. 

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7. Use Wooden Decors & Furniture For A Rustic Feel

Aside from a tipi tent, wooden decors and furniture will never go old if you want some rustic feel. Wood with thick weave decor creates lots of texture and can be visually stylish and interesting for your outdoor tent party.

A rustic table slab with citronella candles as a centerpiece is one of the decorating ideas you can try for the event. You can match it up with some wooden placemats and wooden chairs for the seating area for your outdoor tent. 

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8. Serve Outdoor Party Foods & Snacks

Don’t forget the food and snacks because a party will not be complete without them. Keep the style of the venue by making your buffet! You don’t need a fancy table to make it happen because a tablecloth can do the magic. 

Aside from the full meal you plan for the outdoor party, it would be best if you considered putting up some dessert corners and some finger foods that the guests can enjoy. Donut corner is a good idea, plus a nachos corner would be awesome. 

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9. Prepare A Wine & Beer Corner

Wine corner

Party drinks, anyone? A wine and beer corner will always be a good idea To add to your tent decorating ideas! Create a separate corner for the drinks where your friends can help themselves. 

Aside from alcoholic drinks, it would be wise to create a corner for non-alcoholic drinks and virgin mocktails for the designated drivers or guests who want to stay sober for the rest of the party. If you’re looking for 30th birthday gifts for girls, we’ve also got you covered. 

10. Set Up A Dance Floor

Another of the best outdoor tent decorating ideas is setting up a dance floor. So, to create a fun and enjoyable party, why not set up or create a dance floor? A space for dancing is a nice idea that adds aesthetic decor to the venue!  

If you want every guest to enjoy the party, create a solid place where they can dance and move around freely. While dancing on the grass is one of the awesome party ideas, it is a hazard for your friends who wear heels.

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Can you set up an outdoor party tent near the pool?

Yes, you can set up outdoor party tents near the pool. A pool will be a gorgeous backdrop and add extra style without effort. In addition, make the pool a focal point and use it as a theme by throwing in some beach balls and towels. 

How much should you prepare to set up an outdoor party tent?

You should prepare at least $200 to set up an outdoor party tent. Considering the materials and tools to set up the outdoor tent, making your events fun and enjoyable involves a reasonable price. With this amount, you can turn your party ideas into reality. 

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that outdoor parties create a wonderful and memorable experience for all kids and adults. If you worry about the rain, the outdoor tent is the solution to make parties possible. 

An outdoor tent party gives you more space to work around your desired concept. It also gives a chance for your guests to enjoy nature and fresh air. We hope you find our outdoor party tent decorating ideas easy, inexpensive, and super fun! 


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