What Happens When You Decline A Steam Gift

What Happens When You Decline A Steam Gift?

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When it comes to gaming, Steam can be compared to a enchanted chest overflowing with exciting games.

I’ve been playing games for a long time, and sometimes my friends and fellow gamers send me surprise gifts through Steam. But what if you get a gift you don’t like or want to play?

Today, I’ll share my first-hand experience with what happens when you decline a Steam gift and walk you through its process. 

It’s a situation we might not want to encounter, but knowing how to handle it will keep our gaming relationships smooth and drama-free. So, keep reading.

What Happens If You Turn Down A Steam Gift?

Steam Gift

When you choose to Decline a Gift on Steam [1], the platform will promptly refund the sender, ensuring their funds are returned. 

You can include a note explaining your reason for declining, although it’s not mandatory. 

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Whether you include a note, Steam will automatically email the sender to inform them that the gift has been declined. 

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How Can You Cancel A Gift On Steam?

1. Sign In To Your Steam account

Ensure you’re signed into Steam before using any of its features.

2. Navigate To The Games Tab

Located at the top of the screen, click on the Games tab to access the dropdown menu.

3. Select “Manage Gifts & Guest Passes”

From the dropdown menu, choose the option labeled “Manage Gifts and Guest Passes.” This will take you to the section where you can view and manage your gifts.

4. Locate The Gift In Your Inventory

In the “Manage Gifts and Guest Passes” section, you’ll find a list of your active gifts. Locate the specific gift you wish to cancel.

5. Click “Send Gift” & Choose “Return the Gift to Your Account”

Once you’ve identified the gift, click the “Send Gift” option. This will open a menu where you can select “Return the Gift to Your Account.”

6. Confirm The cancellation

Steam will prompt you to confirm the cancellation after selecting the “Return the Gift to Your Account” option. Click “Next” to finalize the process.

Can Steam Gifts Be Refunded?

Yes, Steam gifts can be refunded under certain conditions. Unredeemed gifts are eligible for a refund within the standard 14-day or two-hour refund period from the date of purchase. 

Similarly, redeemed gifts can be refunded if the recipient initiates the refund within the same time frame. But can you use a GameStop gift card on Steam?

How Long Does It Take To Get A Steam Refund?

Once a refund is approved on Steam, it can take up to 7 days for the funds to appear in your account. 

But if you’re using an international payment method, the refund process may take longer. 

If you find that the refund has yet to appear in your account after seven days, it is advisable to contact your bank directly and inquire about any pending refunds on your account. 

Rest assured, Steam strives to process refunds efficiently, but external factors may influence the exact timing of when the funds become available in your account.

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How Can You Accept The Steam Gift?

  • Click on “1 new gift”: When a friend sends you a gift on Steam, a notification will appear, indicating the presence of a new gift awaiting your response. Click on this notification to proceed.
  • Choose Accept Gift or Decline Gift: Upon clicking the notification, you’ll be directed to a screen with two options: “Accept Gift” and “Decline Gift.” Make sure to select “Accept Gift” to proceed with adding the game to your Library.
  • Add the game to your Library: Once you’ve clicked “Accept Gift,” the game will be instantly added to your Steam Library, making it accessible for download and play.
  • Install the game: After successfully adding the game to your Library, you’ll find it listed in Steam’s “Library > Games” section. Locate the game you want to play, highlight it, and click “Install” to begin downloading.

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Can You Give Steam Gifts Anonymously?

Sending Steam Gift

Regrettably, Steam does not offer the option to send gifts anonymously. 

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Regardless of how the gift is sent from your account, the recipient will always be able to see your Steam profile name or the email address associated with your account. 

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How Long Do You Have To Wait To Get A Gift On Steam?

To share a Steam gift, like a Steam Wallet Code, with someone, they must be a part of your Steam friend list for at least three days. 

After this waiting period, you’ll have the opportunity to generously give them the gift, enhancing their gaming journey and fostering stronger connections within the Steam community.

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Can you play two games at once on Steam?

Yes, you can. Steam allows you to run multiple games [2] simultaneously, enjoying different gaming experiences or playing with friends across various titles simultaneously. 

Why is someone not qualified to get a Steam gift?

To send a Steam digital gift card, it’s essential to have been friends with the recipient for at least three days. 

Plus, using existing funds in your Steam Wallet to purchase the gift card is prohibited. But how can you gift channel points on Twitch?

Let’s Sum It Up

Declining a Steam gift is a simple process but has some important implications. When you click “Decline Gift,” Steam will promptly refund the original sender. 

You can even include a note explaining your reason for declining and maintaining healthy communication with your gaming buddies. 

On the other hand, accepting a gift is a breeze – click on “Accept Gift,” and the game will be added directly to your Library for you to enjoy. 

Unfortunately, anonymity isn’t an option when sending gifts on Steam; your profile name and registered email will always be visible to the recipient. 


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