Can You Use GameStop Points To Buy Gift Cards

Can You Use GameStop Points To Buy Gift Cards?

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As an avid gamer, I’m always on the lookout for methods to improve my gaming experience without breaking the bank.

But I came across an interesting question: Can you use GameStop points to buy gift cards? 

With that, I decided to look into GameStop’s rewards program and reveal whether or not you can turn those hard-earned points into desirable gift cards.

Can You Buy Gift Cards Using GameStop Points?

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Unfortunately, it is not possible to directly buy gift cards using GameStop PowerUp Rewards Points [1]. 

These points can be used for several perks, such as discounts and exclusive items within the rewards program. However, they cannot be used specifically for purchasing gift cards. 

GameStop may change its rewards program, so it is advisable to visit its official website or contact customer service for the most up-to-date information.

But is it okay to use GameStop gift cards on Steam?

What Are The Uses Of GameStop Reward Points?

One popular way to use GameStop reward points is to exchange them for discounts on purchases, or you can get a $1 reward certificate if you redeem the 1,000 points. 

Those points can help you save money when buying a new game or gaming accessories. 

“PC gaming has always been strong, and I see it surviving for quite a few more years. It will be around for at least as long as people use PCs.” 

Markus Persson, Swedish Video Game Programmer

Another cool thing is that you can use your points to get exclusive merchandise or collectibles unavailable elsewhere. 

Plus, you can enter sweepstakes or join special events using your points, giving you a chance to win more gaming stuff.

GameStop Available Points vs Lifetime Points: What’s the Difference?

Available points are the ones you can currently use for discounts or rewards. They’re like the points in your wallet, ready to be spent. 

On the other hand, lifetime points include all you’ve ever earned with GameStop, even if you’ve used some of them already. 

It’s like a total count of all the points you’ve collected since you joined. Available points affect what you can get now, while lifetime points show your loyalty to GameStop. 

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How Long Does Redeeming GameStop Points Take?

The process is generally swift and uncomplicated, with points usually reflecting within 24-48 hours. 

Once you have earned enough rewards or points, you can redeem them by visiting a GameStop store or accessing your online account. 

In-store redemptions are typically instantaneous, allowing you to utilize your points immediately toward a purchase. 

Additional steps like selecting and confirming items may slightly lengthen the process for online redemptions. But how do you use GameStop gift cards?

Can You Use Multiple GameStop Gift Cards At Once?

Indeed, you can use multiple GameStop gift cards all at once. GameStop allows you to combine multiple gift card values when purchasing. 

So, whether you have received several gift cards as presents or have collected them over time, you can present them together during checkout. 

This way, you can use the combined balance of the gift cards towards your purchase, making it easier to buy more or make larger transactions. 

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Why Isn’t My GameStop Gift Card Working?

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Firstly, ensure your gift card has a 19-digit number and a four-digit PIN. If it lacks a PIN, that could cause the issue, or you can use it only at a GameStop store.

Additionally, check the card’s expiration date to ensure it has not expired. If it has, the card may no longer be valid. 

Or verify that you accurately enter the card number and PIN during checkout, as even a small mistake can prevent the card from being accepted. 

In some cases, if the gift card was bought from a third-party seller, it could be counterfeit or have already been used. 

“GameStop points may not grant the direct ability to obtain gift cards, but their enchanting allure lies in discounts and rewards. Let them guide your gaming journey to new heights!”

– Howkapow Gift Site

If you have ruled out these possibilities and the card still needs to be fixed, contacting GameStop’s customer support is recommended. 

Do Gift Cards From GameStop Expire?

GameStop gift cards never expire and can be used at any store or online. 

The money on the gift card will stay there until it’s all used up, and there are no extra fees that will make the balance go down over time. 

This means the person receiving the gift card can use it whenever they want, either right away or later on. 

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How much are 5000 GameStop points worth?

Generally, 5000 GameStop points are valued at around $5. 

Still, it’s always recommended to check GameStop’s official website or contact customer service for the most accurate and up-to-date information on point values and redemption options.

Can GameStop points be used to buy Steam cards?

No, GameStop points cannot be used to purchase Steam cards [2]. 

GameStop points can only be used at stores or on their website to purchase physical or digital games, accessories, and other merchandise.

How many points do you get for every dollar for GameStop rewards?

GameStop’s reward program offers 20 points for every dollar spent on eligible purchases. 

Wrapping Up

To wrap things up, knowing that you can’t directly buy gift cards with GameStop points is important. However, there are other cool ways to use those points. 

One popular option is getting discounts on purchases. Imagine saving money on your favorite games or accessories.

Plus, if you gather 1,000 points, you can trade them for a $1 reward certificate to use in the future. 

So, even though buying gift cards isn’t possible, GameStop’s rewards program still offers plenty of exciting ways to make the most of your points and enhance your gaming adventures.


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