How To Give Your Crush A Gift Secretly

How To Give Your Crush A Gift Secretly? Insider Tips

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Have you ever been infatuated with someone and desired to surprise them with a gift anonymously?

You’re not alone. I’ve been there, too, feeling both excited and nervous simultaneously. 

Today, I’ll share my personal experiences and some expert tips on how to give your crush a gift secretly. It’s all about being careful, thoughtful, and creative. 

So, let’s learn the secrets of making your crush feel special while keeping your identity a secret. Get ready to be the ultimate mystery giver.

5 Simple Ways To Secretly Give Your Crush A Gift

Gift Box

1. Use A Courier Service

Sending a gift through a courier service can be a smart and discreet way to surprise your crush. 

It lets you keep your identity secret while ensuring your thoughtful present reaches them safely. 

Pack the gift nicely, provide the courier with your crush’s address, and let them handle the delivery. It could be a heartfelt letter, a small token of appreciation, or event tickets. 

2. Utilize Everyday Items

If you have a card, tickets, or a voucher to give, consider slipping it into an item your crush carries with them daily. 

” Some crushes just never went away. They built, instead, into something permanent, obsessive and all-consuming.” 

Maya Banks, American Writer

A discreet spot in their bag or a beloved book can be a delightful surprise when they stumble upon it during their day.

3. Mail Surprise

Sending surprises through the mail can be a fun and sneaky way to make your crush’s day. You can mail a package with cute things or even a heartfelt letter addressed to them. 

If you know their address, you can hide the gift in their mailbox for a delightful discovery.

4. Desk Or Drawer Surprise

If you can access your crush’s workspace, consider leaving the gift there as a charming surprise. Place it on their work desk or tuck it away in a drawer that only they will open. 

Be sure to choose a moment to keep your identity secret when they’re away. But should you get your crush a Valentine’s Day gift?

5. Recruit A Friend

Getting a trusted friend involved is a great way to deliver the gift discreetly. Approach a close friend [1] or, if possible, a friend who can be discreet about the delivery. 

This can add an element of intrigue while ensuring your crush receives the gift without suspecting your involvement.

Is It Okay To Give A Gift To A Crush?

Yes, giving a gift to your crush is acceptable and can be a meaningful gesture that moves the relationship forward. 

While compliments and admiring glances are nice, offering a subtle gift, especially on their birthday, shows you genuinely care about them. 

It can make a significant impact and help strengthen your connection. 

So, don’t hesitate to express your feelings through a thoughtful present; it might bring you closer together and make your crush feel appreciated and special.

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What Should You Say While Giving A Gift To A Crush?

When giving a gift to your crush, take the opportunity to flatter them with sincere compliments, telling them why you love them and why they deserve this thoughtful gesture. 

For example, you could say, “I admire your kindness, and your adventurous spirit brings so much joy to every moment we spend together.” 

And reminisce about special moments you’ve shared, creating a sense of nostalgia and reinforcing the emotional bond between you. 

“A secret gift is like a special surprise, filled with feelings that are kept hush-hush, waiting to make their heart flutter.”

Howkapow Gift Site

By speaking from the heart, you’ll make the gift even more meaningful and show your crush how much they truly matter to you.

How Do You Tell Your Crush You Like Them?

man giving gift to woman

1. Try To Ask Them Out 

If you sense a mutual interest, take the initiative and ask your crush to spend time together. 

Suggesting a casual outing or a specific activity can serve as a clear indication of your romantic intentions.

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2. Make Your Move

As your relationship progresses, consider taking small steps to show your interest physically. 

Simple gestures like holding their hand or giving them a warm hug can convey your feelings nonverbally.

3. Be Straightforward As Possible

While it may feel nerve-wracking, direct communication is often the most honest and effective way to let your crush know how you feel. 

Find the right moment, express your emotions clearly, and be prepared for their response.

4. Give Subtle Hints 

For those who prefer a more subtle approach, dropping hints can be a way to gauge your crush’s interest before making a full declaration. 

Pay attention to their reactions and body language for cues. But what are the best birthday gifts for your girl crush?

5. Plan Sweet & Thoughtful Gestures

Thoughtful and meaningful gestures can leave a lasting impression. 

Consider surprising your crush with a small, meaningful gift or a heartfelt note that expresses your admiration and affection.

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How to secretly like someone without being creepy?

Offer subtle compliments about her laugh or outfit to express your interest authentically without making her uncomfortable. 

Respect their boundaries and maintain a non-intrusive approach while expressing your feelings.

How do you find out if someone likes you?

Look for these signs: They act a bit awkward, compliment you often, show signs of jealousy [2], ask questions, remember details, want to spend time with you, listen attentively, and lean in when you talk. 

Everyone expresses feelings differently, so consider the context while interpreting these signs.

Final Words

When secretly giving your crush a gift, embracing creativity and thoughtfulness can turn an ordinary gesture into something extraordinary. 

From my experience, a courier service ensures your gift reaches them discreetly and safely. 

Slipping a little surprise into something they use daily, like their bag or book, can add charm. 

Plus, sending a cute package via mail is a personal touch that can make their day special. So, don’t hesitate to show your affection through a thoughtful present. 

The thrill of being the mystery giver and seeing their happiness will make it all worth it.



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