How Much Are Gift Subs On Twitch

How Much Are Gift Subs On Twitch?

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After dedicating a significant amount of time to watching Twitch streams, I have often pondered the cost of those flashy gift subscriptions that illuminate the chat.

These gift subs are like online tokens to show you like someone’s stream and make normal viewers into cherished subscribers. But how much are gift subs on Twitch?

Today, I’ll guide you about the Twitch gift subs, give you how much they cost, and understand why they’re exciting.

How Much Do Twitch Gift Subs Cost?

Twitch Gift Subs

Twitch gift subscription prices vary based on the country, with US rates set at $4.99 for a Tier One gifted sub, $9.99 for Tier Two, and $24.99 for Tier Three. 

But you have to note that additional charges might apply if you’re outside the United States. 

“The best thing about streaming is there are no load times during play. Once the game has loaded the player never has to wait for new maps to load. This enables the player to get more immersed in the game world as there are no loading screens to remind the player they are actually playing a video game.”

Leslie Benzies, Scottish video game producer

Also worth mentioning is that gifting subscriptions using your Prime subscription tokens to other viewers is not an option. 

Stay informed about these costs to enhance your Twitch experience [1]. But how can you give channel points on Twitch?

What Exactly Are “Gifted Subs” On The Twitch Platform?

Gift subs operate similarly to regular recurring subscriptions, providing crucial support to your channel. 

These unique offerings enable viewers to present 1, 3, 6, or 12 months of subscription to fellow users. 

The recipients of these gifts can upgrade to a standard subscription, extending beyond the initial gift duration. 

Besides, those who receive gifted subs enjoy equivalent privileges and benefits as paying subscribers. 

This encompasses access to exclusive channel emotes and badges, deployable in chats, and entry into chats operating under Sub-Only mode.

Find out what happens if you decline a gift from Steam here.

How Much Do 20 Gift Subs On Twitch Cost?

For gifting 20 subs on Twitch, the pricing varies with the subscription tiers. Opting for Tier-1 Subs totals $99.80, while 20 Tier-2 Subs total $199.80. 

If you aim for a more premium experience with Tier-3 Subs, the cost will be $499.80. Be aware that your location might lead to additional taxes. 

This insight empowers you to budget and select the ideal gift subscription option that aligns with your intentions and preferences.

How Much Do 50 Gift Subs On Twitch Cost?

Getting 50 gift subs on Twitch comes with different prices based on the subscription level. If you go for Tier 1 subs for 50 accounts, it’s $249.50. 

If you choose Tier 2 subs, it’s $499.50 for 50 gifts. But if you opt for the fancier Tier 3 subs, it’ll be $999.60 for 50. Remember, there might be extra charges, too. 

Knowing these costs helps you decide how to make Twitch more fun for creators and those who receive the subs.

How Much Money Does Giving 1,000 Subs On Twitch Cost?

Counting Money

When you give 1,000 paid subscriptions every month on Twitch, it costs about $2,500 each month. This adds up to around $30,000 in a year. 

This shows that you’re supporting the people who make content on Twitch. It also helps make the Twitch community stronger and helps the platform grow. 

How Do You Send “Gift Subs” On Twitch?

1. Send “Gift Subs” Through Chat

Sharing the gift of subs in chat is simple. Begin by clicking or tapping the username of the recipient in the chat. 

Afterward, click “Gift a Sub,” select the subscription tier and the number of months, and finalize the payment.

For a more community-wide approach, you can gift subs to everyone. Type “/gift” followed by the desired number of subs (ranging from 1 to 100) in the chat.

“When you gift a sub on Twitch, you’re not just spending money; you’re creating a ripple of gratitude that echoes through the community.”

Howkapow Gift Site

However, please note that this method won’t keep your gift anonymous.

2. You Can Gift Through The Support Panel 

When using the Support Panel to gift subs, follow these steps: Access the Support Panel, then either click “Gift A Sub” or navigate to “Subscribe” and select “Gift A Sub.” 

From there, choose the recipient, subscription tier, duration, and whether to remain anonymous. 

This method also offers the possibility to extend the gift to the entire community if that’s your intention.

3. Complete The Purchase

Before finalizing your gift, take a moment to review the Purchase Summary during checkout. This will confirm the subscription tier, the number of subs you’re gifting, and the associated cost. 

But The displayed subtotal indicates the base price; additional taxes may apply based on location. Once satisfied, complete the checkout process using your preferred payment method. 

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How much will 10k bits cost you on Twitch?

For 10,000 bits on Twitch, the cost is $100. This digital currency lets you support your favorite streamers by cheering them on during their broadcasts. 

How many Twitch subs are needed to support yourself?

You’ll typically require around 500 concurrent viewers to establish a consistent income on Twitch. 

How much money do streamers on Twitch make?

Twitch streamers with more viewers can earn around $5,000 to $30,000 monthly. This varies based on how many people watch their streams [2].

Key Takeaways

Ultimately, the Twitch gift subs are special virtual tokens valuable in online streaming. The cost of giving gift subs can differ depending on your chosen level. 

Level One gives you 20 gift subs for $99.80, Level Two gives you 20 subs for $199.80, and Level Three is the most expensive at $499.80. But remember, there might be extra taxes based on where you live.

Think of gift subs like digital presents. They help streamers (the people who make the content) and make the people who get the gifts happy. 

These gift subs can be for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months of access to the streamer’s content. So, it helps create connections and makes people more excited about the streams.


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