Do Parents Of The Bride Give A Wedding Gift

Do Parents Of The Bride Give A Wedding Gift? Resolved

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When it comes to weddings, numerous customs and traditions have been inherited from past generations.

But do the parents of the bride give a wedding gift? Having attended countless weddings and observed various customs and traditions, I can confidently share some insights. 

Today, let’s dive into the significance of this tradition and share some thoughtful gift ideas and the heartfelt sentiment behind it. Keep reading. 

Do The Parents Of The Bride Give Wedding Gifts?

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Certain traditions may offer a tangible gift to the newlyweds, while the wedding ceremony is considered sufficient in others. The choice to give a gift is entirely at the parent’s discretion. 

“One of the greatest titles in the world is parent, and one of the biggest blessings in the world is to have parents to call mom and dad.” 

– Jim DeMint, Former United States Senator

In some cases, a sentimental gesture like presenting a cherished family heirloom [1] may be offered on the wedding day as a symbol of welcoming the spouse-to-be into the family. 

Ultimately, it’s a beautiful and heartfelt way to celebrate the union of two families and honor the special occasion.

Should The Parents Of The Groom Give A Present To The Bride?

Yes, it is a lovely gesture for the groom’s parents to give a present to the bride. This act lets the groom’s mother express her affection [2] and warmly welcome the bride into their family.

Thoughtful and beautiful presents symbolize the love and acceptance that the groom’s family has for the bride, making her feel cherished and appreciated as she becomes part of their lives. 

While not a strict requirement, this tradition adds a personal touch to the wedding celebration and fosters a sense of unity between both families.

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What Do Parents Typically Give As Wedding Gifts?

1. Memory Boxes & Heirlooms 

One classic and cherished choice is the gift of a memory box or heirloom keepsake. These treasures are carefully selected to preserve emotional value and family history. 

They connect to the couple’s past, safeguarding cherished memories for future generations.

2. Experiences & Trips

In the spirit of embracing the future, parents may give the couple experiences or trips. 

Whether it’s a romantic getaway to a dream destination or tickets to a special event, these offerings promise to create lasting memories and moments of joy in the early days of their marriage.

3. Giving Photos 

Weddings are beautiful and momentous occasions, and the gift of professional photography is a valuable investment. 

By capturing timeless moments from the special day, parents ensure that the couple’s love and happiness are frozen in time, ready to be revisited through the lens of a skilled photographer.

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4. A Beautiful Wall of Art

Home is where the heart is, and parents recognize the significance of personalized decor. 

Special wall art, be it custom-made paintings or framed photographs, adds a touch of beauty to the couple’s living space. 

It beautifies their home and constantly reminds them of the love surrounding them.

5. Offer Home Improvement

Practical gifts that contribute to the couple’s living space are also prevalent. Parents may “dress” a room with new furnishings or contribute to home improvement projects. 

Such gestures enhance the couple’s comfort and turn their house into a loving home as they embark on their new life together.

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How Much Money Do Parents Often Give As Wedding Presents?

Hand Holding Bundle of Money

It is customary for parents to extend a cash gift or its equivalent, typically falling within the range of $100-$150. 

This sum is a thoughtful token of support and celebration as the newlyweds begin their married life.

“A wedding gift from the bride’s parents is a timeless melody, resonating through the years, a reminder of the love that endures beyond this momentous day.”

Howkapow Gift Site

While the actual amount may vary based on individual circumstances, cultural norms, and familial bonds, this suggested range is widely considered a suitable and considerate offering.

Do The Groom’s Parents Give The Bride’s Parents A Gift?

Typically, the groom’s parents do not give the bride’s parents a gift during the rehearsal dinner or wedding. 

Their traditional role involves hosting and covering expenses for the rehearsal dinner as a welcoming gesture. But what should the groom’s mother bring to the bridal shower?


What do the parents of the girl pay for at the wedding?

The bride’s family traditionally covers various wedding expenses, including the groom’s ring, the engagement party, the wedding ceremony and reception, a brunch the following day, and even a belated reception if applicable. 

What does a dad give his daughter on the day she gets married?

A heartfelt gesture on the day of his daughter’s wedding often involves the father gifting her a piece of jewelry. 

Is $300 a reasonable wedding present?

When giving a cash gift, presenting at least $300 is advisable. 

This amount is considered a reasonable and thoughtful gesture to celebrate the couple’s wedding and help support them as they begin their married life together.

Final Thoughts

The tradition of parents of the bride giving a wedding gift is a beautiful and heartfelt gesture. 

While it varies across families and cultures, many parents express their love and support through thoughtful presents. 

From sentimental memory boxes and heirloom keepsakes that carry emotional value to practical gifts like home improvement contributions, parents have various options to make this occasion even more special. 

Similarly, the groom’s parents can also partake in this tradition by offering presents to welcome the bride into their family warmly. 


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