Can You Use Steam Gift Cards to Buy Steam Deck

Can You Use Steam Gift Cards to Buy Steam Deck? Payment Options

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Have you received a Steam gift card and questioned whether you could utilize it to purchase the Steam Deck, the newest gaming device?

Well, my son had this cool gift card, and he wanted to get the Steam Deck, so I decided to find out if I could use his gift card to buy it. 

So, can you use Steam gift cards to buy Steam Deck? Stay with me, and I’ll share what I discovered.

Can Steam Gift Cards Be Used To Buy A Steam Deck?

Steam Deck

You can use Steam gift cards to buy a Steam Deck [1]. 

Valve, the company behind Steam, has made it convenient for gamers to utilize their gift cards to acquire games and gaming hardware like the Steam Deck. 

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This flexibility makes it easier for gaming lovers to fund their Steam Deck purchase or lessen its cost by redeeming the value of their gift cards. 

So, if you’ve got some gift cards and the Steam Deck is on your wishlist, go ahead and use those cards to make your gaming dreams come true.

Can You Give Games As Gifts With A Steam Gift Card?

Yes, Steam Gift Cards not only let you buy games for yourself but also serve as a fantastic way to give games as gifts to friends and family. 

These gift cards can be used to digitally fund a recipient’s Steam Wallet, where they can then use the money to purchase any game from Steam.

It’s a convenient and thoughtful way to surprise fellow gamers with the joy of gaming, allowing them to pick the titles that spark their interest.

What Can You Buy Using Your Steam Gift Card?

A Steam Gift Card is like a magic ticket that lets you buy lots of cool stuff on Steam. You can get games, software, and all sorts of things from the Steam store. 

So, it’s not just for games; it’s like having a special money card for your computer that lets you choose from a whole bunch of digital goodies. 

Whether you want to play new games, get useful programs, or add fun to your favorite games, your Steam Gift Card can make it happen. It’s like having your digital shopping spree.

Can Steam Gift Cards Be Converted Into Cash?

Unfortunately, Steam Gift Cards can’t be turned into cash. The Steam gift card balances are nontransferable and cannot be withdrawn from your account once redeemed.

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The funds in your Steam gift cards are designed for use within the Steam ecosystem, allowing you to purchase games, software, and other items on the platform. 

You must purchase a separate Steam Wallet code to give someone Steam Wallet funds.

Can You Use Your Steam Gift Card Elsewhere?

Hand Holding Steam Gift Card

No, Steam Gift Cards are exclusively designed on the Steam platform. These gift certificates are not transferable to other platforms or usable for purchases outside of Steam. 

Using them elsewhere or converting them into cash outside of Steam is impossible. 

So, if you receive a Steam Gift Card, you can look forward to enjoying a world of gaming and digital entertainment within the Steam universe, but it won’t work anywhere else.

Find out if you can use GameStop gift cards on Steam here.

Where Can You Buy A Steam Gift Card?

Steam Gift Cards are conveniently available at well-known retailers such as Best Buy, 7-Eleven [2], BJ’s Wholesale Club, CVS, Dollar General, GameStop, Target, Walgreens, and Walmart. 

These cards come in various denominations, allowing you to choose the value that suits your needs or makes for a great gaming gift. 

Whether you need a gaming boost or a perfect present for a fellow gamer, you can pick up Steam Gift Cards at these popular retail locations.

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What card is needed for Steam Deck?

To expand the storage capacity of your Steam Deck, you’ll need a microSD card. 

This smaller SD card format is commonly used in phones and tablets and is essential for boosting storage on your Steam Deck for more games and content.

How long will a $50 Steam card be good for?

A $50 Steam card will never expire, allowing you to use it whenever you wish. 

How many games can I purchase with a $20 Steam card?

With a $20 Steam card, you can access over 2,000 games on the Steam platform. But how can you accept a gift on Steam?

Why do people like to collect Steam cards?

Collecting Steam cards is popular among gamers because it allows them to earn items for customizing their profiles and showcasing their in-game achievements. 

These items, such as badges and backgrounds, serve as a form of personal expression and a way to exhibit their gaming accomplishments to the Steam community.

Key Takeaways

Steam Gift Cards are super useful in the world of gaming. 

If you’re a gamer like my son who shops on Steam, you can use these cards to get lots of cool stuff, not just games but also things like the Steam Deck, which is popular. 

So, yes, you can use Steam Gift Cards to buy a Steam Deck. They’re not just for games; they let you explore a digital world of games, software, and more. 

And when you see a Steam Gift Card, remember, it’s not just a card; it’s like a magical key to awesome gaming adventures.


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