Best Spongebob Party Ideas

10 Best Spongebob Party Ideas (Updated)

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Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? That’s Spongebob Square Pants! Kids who are fans of the beloved sponge from Bikini Bottom will undoubtedly enjoy a themed party for their special day.

We spent several hours compiling various affordable party ideas divided into categories to guide you on your next celebration!

10 Awesome Spongebob Party Ideas

10 Spongebob Party Ideas

1. Send Out Spongebob-Themed Party Invitations

For kids (and young at heart), choosing SpongeBob for a party theme is a form of entertainment and celebration on its own. If you wish to organize one for your kids, you can send out Spongebob-themed party invitations for starters. 

You can try the templates available online or customize them with the help of a layout artist. In the invite, incorporate the important details regarding the themes, guests’ attire, gifts, and the kid’s name. 

Don’t forget to add in the home address (or the place of the event) and food to be served, so they do not come clueless or surprised.

2. Serve Spongebob-Inspired Snacks

Aside from the decorations and balloons, food must always correspond to themes. With a Spongebob Squarepants theme for a party, you will never run out of ideas about what food to serve. 

For SpongeBob fanatics, the Krabby patties are phenomenal! Kids also love bite-sized homemade snacks to fill their stomachs as they play with their friends.

Below is a list of SpongeBob-inspired snacks which you can serve to maximize the fun experience:

  • Patrick Star Cookies
  • Pineapple Cake Pops
  • Green Seaweed Sugar Ribbons

3. Design A Spongebob Cake with Spongebob Cake Toppers

Spongebob Cake

It is not a party without a cake that matches the themes and party decorations. You can start making your own Spongebob cake a few hours or days ahead of time. You can also buy from a local bakery to save time and energy. 

On the other hand, a regular cake might work. Just throw in some Spongebob Squarepants cake toppers and balloons to keep the delicious pastry cohesive to the theme! 

You can buy splendid toppers from Etsy or find an easy DIY design online. Also, here are some of the best gifts for 8th-grade graduation

4. Wear Spongebob-Printed T-shirts

Spongebob Squarepants is an icon, and there are tons of memorabilia dedicated to the Bikini Bottom protagonist. Make the celebration a day that kids will never forget by handing out shirts with Spongebob themes.

This stuff adds a sweet and simple afterthought, days even after the party is over. Check Etsy for local shirt printers or post your request online. Every search query is accessible through your fingers today. But what should you wear to a kids’ party?

5. Use Spongebob Party Centerpieces

It’s often overlooked, but centerpieces are crucial to themes. Even during a wedding, the motif must emanate from the table. Wedding planners/designers shouldn’t miss that critical detail. 

This same principle applies to all themes, including this Spongebob Squarepants celebration. Decorations for the centerpiece should immediately give the theme away. For example, you can pin iconic busts from the show’s characters, or  Krabby patties as centerpieces wouldn’t be so bad.

Search for party supplies available in your area. If there are none, many accessories and handicrafts are sold on Etsy.

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6. Hang Some Spongebob Party Balloons

Spongebob Balloons

Kids are kids, and they would love balloons to be part of your decorative themes. The design should adopt the general feel of the environment. 

If detailed SpongeBob decorations surround you, you can opt for a simple design for your balloons. Plain-colored balloons can work as long as the colors adhere to the theme, like yellow, brown, pink, and green.

On the other hand, if the place is a bit unornamented, your balloons should display the grandeur. In this case, pin some Spongebob-themed balloons that brandish the show’s most iconic characters. The idea is to keep things organized and balanced.

7. Use Spongebob Lunch Plates, Lunch Napkins & Table Cover

This bit is optional but an ideal must-have. Display the SpongeBob-themed decorations through the kitchenware.

If you could look for party supplies featuring SpongeBob lunch plates, napkins, and table covers, well and good. These items are usually available online, so add them to your cart and check out if you see one.

Given their rarity, it’s fine to miss this detail. All that matters is your kitchenware bears the sign that it’s for a SpongeBob party. Like the balloons, cohesion to themes is necessary. So find plates, napkins, and plain-yellow covers to tie in the theme.

8. Arrange A Spongebob-Inspired Party Backdrop & Banner

We found out that a party, like a wedding, is more memorable if the dedicated backdrop decorations align with the themes. This bit must be the most detailed if you could compromise on other decorations like the balloons.

Your backdrop mustn’t miss the theme, although subtlety is appreciated. If you want to be precise, you can put Spongebob and his buddies on the backdrop to sign the activity. While if you wish to be more discreet, a background of the Bikini Bottom will do.

Once that’s done, pin or tie the banner outback so guests can snap a picture to remember the celebration.   

9. Prepare Fun Spongebob Party Games

Fun Spongebob

In all party ideas we put out, including party games is imperative. We thought of including some balloons’ tennis or waddle races using balloons. However, they didn’t exude the spongey-fun flair and themes we were after until we had the ideas for two unique plays:

Giant Plankton Piñata

Watch kids hit and miss with this party game. All you have to do is tie the piñata in the shape of plankton. It’s a simple game but adheres well to Spongebob and kid-friendly themes. You’ll need items and some skills to build the piñata, or you can post a sign online to outsource some help!

Coconut Bowling Game

This other game is not quite Spongebob-related but is easy and just as fun. Look for coconut party supplies or opt for a regular ball and do some crafts to transform it into a coconut. Either way, the items needed for this game are easy to find. 

10. Offer Spongebob Party Favors

Party favors and souvenirs are what make any occasion – whether a wedding or a birthday, unforgettable. Reproduce the same results by giving out some accessories as a sign of goodwill for the guests. Of course, adherence to themes is still a must!

Here are some of our thoughts:

Spongebob bracelets

These accessories are imperishable, so they’re sure to last for long. Plus, it’s easy and quite manageable to look for items for this souvenir. We recommend buying ready-made ones rather than opting for DIY as it would save you more time.

Temporary tattoos

If you really want to save money, temporary tattoos that adhere to the themes are good options. They don’t last beyond a day, and looking for such party supplies is also no sweat. At least kids live to feel tats on their skin!


Is it less expensive to DIY Spongebob-Themed party decors?

Yes, it is less expensive to DIY Spongebob-themed decorations. If you have the items needed and the time of day to create your decorations, it’s highly advisable. Remember that the best way to save is to get balloons, skip the fancy invites, and just do it yourself [1].

What is an ideal Spongebob-birthday party gift?

Any gift would be ideal, but the best option is to search for a unique gift and items they possibly don’t have yet. A handsome Squidward vinyl figure would be an awesome gift as it is a limited edition collectible!

Can you have a Spongebob Party even when you’re an adult?

Yes, you can have a Spongebob party all the same, even if you’re an adult. Spongebob knows no age, and Spongebob themes would even work out for a wedding (if you’re an avid fan)! You can keep the decorations and balloons to a minimum to be age-appropriate.

Can girls have a Spongebob birthday party?

Yes, girls can have a Spongebob party. Although generally considered male, Spongebob is for everyone [2]. A child’s gender is inconsequential if you plan to have a party with Spongebob themes. There are ways you can add femininity to it, like manipulating the decorations by adding some more Sandy balloons. 

Wrapping Up 

Spongebob is a well-loved character both by kids and adults. Creating a celebration with themes honoring the character would definitely be fun and lively! From simple birthday celebrations even down to a wedding, the Spongebob theme is a unique take you might want to try.

This guide provides an insight into decorations and peripherals you might want to consider when preparing a SpongeBob-themed party. Feel free to choose any or all of the above suggestions, or gather some ideas to devise your own Spongebob themes. 


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