Best Cocomelon Birthday Party Ideas

9 Best Cocomelon Birthday Party Ideas (Updated)

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Cocomelon has won the affections of children around the globe, achieving over 100 million views and subscribers on its YouTube channel. As a result, many youngsters now aspire to have a birthday celebration based on a Cocomelon theme.

If you choose to host a party based on this very special theme, check out these Cocomelon birthday party ideas we have compiled for you.

9 Cocomelon Birthday Party Ideas 

9 Cocomelon Birthday Party Ideas 

1. Start The Party With Cocomelon-Inspired Birthday Invites

Giving out an invitation card with a Cocomelon birthday theme will let the visitors know what to expect. Kids would also definitely get excited to see the characters of their favorite videos on YouTube [1].

If you can, send out printed invitations to make it more exciting for the visitors. You can use colorful decorations to catch the kid’s and parents’ attention.

Don’t forget the important details like when and where the birthday party will be held. Informing your visitors about the theme beforehand can also help them choose what to give the celebrant.

2. Hang Colorful Cocomelon Party Balloons

A Cocomelon birthday theme must be fun since its main target is the young ones [2]. You can decorate the venue using colorful Cocomelon birthday balloons designed with watermelon. 

If needed, search the web for different categories of DIY decoration guides. However, if you don’t have much time, you can always order a Cocomelon birthday balloon set that would fit your theme.

3. Highlight Your Party Cakes 

Highlight Your Party Cakes 

To make it more fun, don’t forget to include foods and utensils like napkins and cutlery as a decoration at the Cocomelon birthday celebration. Kids would love to see a decoration full of color, their favorite characters, and cakes bearing this theme. 

Don’t forget the watermelon decorations and a stand with a Cocomelon party theme that would definitely bring more color and life to your venue. You can try to find these items at an online shop with excellent customer reviews, or you can create one on your own. The watermelon theme and decorations are easy to DIY.

4. Use Cocomelon Official Soundtrack 

The birthday boy will not feel the “vibes” of the Cocomelon birthday theme without the matching music. Take note that this can make or break the mood of the party-goers since this adds up to the vibes of the entire celebration. 

Once you play Cocomelon’s background music, children may get even more excited to interact and play! They will also dance and sing along when they hear their favorite songs. 

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5. Offer Cocomelon-Inspired Party Bag & Goodies

A Cocomelon birthday theme would not be complete without party bags inspired by this childhood favorite. Children enjoy this Cocomelon birthday theme even more once they see bags of candies and souvenirs to bring home with them. 

You may also share small toys, amusing information cards, and pictures of numerous characters like baby JJ and the watermelon [3]. 

6. Use Cocomelon Party Decorations

Use Cocomelon Party Decorations

This Cocomelon birthday theme celebration for your birthday boy (or girl) will not be complete without Cocomelon theme decorations. Using balloons or banners, you may start to decorate the door and create an ark (like the ones seen on wedding celebrations). 

You can also put images of some characters (like the babies and watermelon) on each side of the venue to make it more aesthetically pleasing and fun. You can check online for affordable decoration you can avail of in bulk. 

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7. Prepare Cocomelon Plates, Cups & Utensils

Kids and their parents will surely enjoy eating at your child’s Cocomelon birthday celebration if you prepare plates, cups, and cutlery based on the theme. Children will also enjoy eating cakes (or fruits like watermelon) and even share food with their friends if they see their favorite color or characters on the utensils.

Find numerous shops with outstanding customer reviews to help you prepare for your child’s Cocomelon birthday theme. Usually, these shops are in the same categories with a wedding decoration since they bear almost the same theme.

8. Use Personalized Cocomelon T-shirts

A Cocomelon birthday theme experience will be more fun and exciting if you give personalized Cocomelon t-shirts to the visitors (especially the kids!) 

You may include the characters children usually see in Cocomelon, like the babies or the famous watermelon logo. Even the parents would love it! But what do you wear to a children’s party?

9. Prepare Cocomelon-Inspired Party Games

Prepare Cocomelon-Inspired Party Games

A birthday party will never be complete without games. Kids love to play games, and playing with other children during the birthday party can definitely make their day.

Prepare games inspired by it if you really want to push through with a Cocomelon birthday theme. You can watch a couple of episodes to get more entertaining ideas. It would also be best to give the winners some Cocomelon themed prizes!


Is it expensive to use Cocomelon-themed party ideas?

No, Cocomelon themed party ideas are not expensive. Some stores sell affordable decorations that would suit any Cocomelon birthday celebration. All you have to do is choose from the various characters like the babies, parents, and even the watermelon. Decorate your venue in no time to achieve this theme.

Can you still use Cocomelon party ideas for 10-year-olds and above?

Yes, you can still use Cocomelon-themed party ideas for 10-year olds and above. A Cocomelon birthday celebration has no age limit. Although, the show caters mostly to children under four since this teaches them to count and perform basic responsibilities, anyone can use this theme.

Wrapping Up 

A birthday party with a Cocomelon theme could be a memorable celebration for the celebrant, parents, and kids who have been invited to the event. The show has been popular for years because of its ability to educate, share useful insights, and entertain the young ones online.

Cocomelon theme party ideas need not be expensive because you can do most of the preparations yourself. Aside from the cakes and candies, make sure to check if the banners work correctly and go with the perfect color that would suit your Cocomelon-based party theme.

Your visitors would definitely take lots of photos for Instagram and admire your venue’s decoration!


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