Best Miami Vice Theme Parties

8 Best Miami Vice Theme Parties (Updated)

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You may associate the phrase “Miami Vice” with the popular television series that aired during the late 1980s to early 1990s.

To organize a party after this famous tv show, go with themed invitations, dress code, food & drinks, table settings, activities, and favors. Read more below to know some ideas for preparing your own Miami Vice Theme Party.

8 Exciting Miami Vice Theme Party Ideas

1. Miami Vice Themed Invitation

Miami Vice Themed Invitation

Provide your guests with Miami Vice-inspired invitation cards for your party. 

You can make your cards by adding images and color themes related to Miami Vice. You can use the font styles Broadway Regular and Broadway Stencil to create an invitation message in your cards.

2. Miami Vice Themed Dress Code

Like any other themed party, it would be great to have a dress code to follow. Since the theme’s setting was set in the 80s, the dress code will follow that era’s popular clothing choices.

During that period, big hairstyles were a popular trend for many. Aside from that, loud and lively neon colors are commonly used for parties and events. Lastly, the fashion statement during that time was accompanied by huge prints and glam.

3. Miami Vice Party Decors

Miami Vice Party Decors

You can use various colors of neon lighting to brighten up your themed party. You can also add bright and colorful neon signs to your party’s decors.

Place some old boom boxes, cassette players, and tapes as decorative touches inside your party venue. You can even add some miniature sports cars built and produced in the 80s as part of the Miami Vice theme.

4. Miami Vice Party Backdrop Designs

Create a sunset scenery for your party’s backdrop. Use some neon color palettes to make the sunset scenery design stand out. You can add an iconic image of a sports car of the 80s, such as a Lamborghini Countach [1].

People who grew up in the 80s will feel nostalgic seeing that backdrop design. The neon colors, fast sports cars, and distant sunset were things associated with 80s pop culture.

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5. Party Food & Drinks To Serve

Party Food & Drinks To Serve

The food and drinks served at this party were all about quick and easy-to-eat foods. Some examples would be white castle burgers, potato skins (chips), and mini quiches. The mini quiches are small tart-like pastries with fillings inside, which were popular in the 80s.

You can provide options for regular potato chips, popcorn, and tacos. Anything that can be easily held and eaten by one hand will do.

6. Miami Vice Party Activities

Let your guests have some fun at your party by providing them with some games and activities to do. 

One popular 80s party game was the picture scramble using hit 80s theme songs and album covers. How about a treasure hunt game revolving around 80s trivia and pop culture? You can even implement other game contests such as break dancing, lip-syncing, and air guitar, to name a few.

7. Miami Vice Party Table Settings

Miami Vice Party Table Settings

Using white flat tables with mini palm trees in their center alongside some scented, colored candles will do the trick.

You can serve the foods and drinks of your guest by using neon-colored plates and utensils. Serve drinks in 80s-looking neon-colored transparent cups too.

8. Miami Vice Party Favors

You can give 80s-themed party favors to your guests. One example would be a neon-colored tumbler with a cover and straw designed after a beach and beach umbrella. You can also add some neon-colored foods such as candy marbles, cigarettes, Baby Ruth candy bars, and Twix chocolate wafers.

Additionally, you can get more gifts for adults, such as 80s-branded cigarette packs, a mini wine or alcohol bottle, etc.

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What can a girl wear to a Miami Vice-themed party?

A girl can wear outfits with huge prints and bright and neon-like colors to a Miami Vice theme party. She can also use big pieces of jewelry (as long as they are comfortable with it) and gold and silver accessories.

Can you have a Miami Vice-themed party at the beach?

Yes, you can have a Miami Vice-themed party at a beach. But you will need to adjust some of your party’s ideas and settings to match the new location.

Time To Party!

Have fun experiencing what it’s like to party ala Miami Vice in this themed party setting. Flashy and colorful neon colors and signs, the encaptivating music of the 80s, the fast sports cars often pictured with this era, and the seaside beach view – mostly make up the image and memory of the 1980s.

Thanks to many TV shows, movies, and even video games, this era won’t be easily forgotten by many. And thanks to nostalgia, you can make your party more memorable with this kind of party theme. Now it’s time to party like there’s no tomorrow!


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