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30 Gifts That Start With M: Our Top List (Updated)

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It is a well-established custom to send presents to our friends, family, children, and loved ones as a way of expressing our love and gratitude towards them.

A well-thought gift can be treasured for a lifetime, so if you are looking for themed gifts, our team curated a list of gifts that start with M to make gift shopping more fun. 

Top 30 Gifts That Start With M 

1. Mickey Mouse Double Flip Waffle Maker

Mickey Mouse Double Flip Waffle Maker

If you are looking for useful gifts, you can check out the Mickey Mouse Double Flip Waffle Maker. The waffle maker can make three cute mickey mouse waffles simultaneously. It has an adjustable browning control and features a non-stick cooking waffle plate for easy cleaning. 

In addition, it has an illuminated power switch that indicates if the waffles are cooked and ready to eat. Put the waffle mixture in the maker, wait for a few minutes, remove, pour some maple syrup, and enjoy the breakfast while listening to FM radio. 

2. Moscow Mule Copper Mugs – Set of 2 

The Moscow Mule Copper mugs can be a great gift for a newlywed couple or your parents. The copper mugs are made from food-grade materials that are tarnish-resistant and safe to use. 

The copper mugs have an impressive hand-hammered design with a stable base that can be used on special occasions like Birthdays and Thanksgiving. In addition, the Moscow mule copper mug comes with a shot glass, stirrer, and copper straws. 

3. Moon Light Lamps

If you search for gifts beginning with the letter M, the Moon Light Lamp can be ideal. The Moon Lamp measures 4.8″ and is made from 3D printing technology. Its surface and shape are almost similar to the lunar moon and are very realistic. 

Moreover, the moonlight lamp features a touch control and a remote model that allows you to control the brightness and change the light color when used in the house at night. 

4. Monogrammed Gifts for Women

If you prefer a more personalized gift that starts with the letter M, the Monogrammed engraved wine glass can be the fancy gift you are looking for. The personalized wine glass has a monogrammed letter M suitable for your loved ones with the name that begins in that letter. In addition, it comes with a gifting box for safe handling and proper packaging. If you prefer other letter, you can check out the links above. 

5. Monopoly Game: Cheaters Edition Board Game

Monopoly Game: Cheaters Edition Board Game

The Monopoly board game is included on the top gifts that begin with the letter M. Unlike other Monopoly editions, the Cheaters Edition allows you to follow and break the rules to win the board game. 

Monopoly Cheaters Edition is a unique board game because it encourages players to cheat, filling the room with fun and laughter. The board game pack contains everything you will need to play it, and 2 – 6 players can play it. 

6. Mexican Train Dominoes Game in Aluminum Carry Case

Domino is a fun and exciting game that young children and adults can enjoy, so listed on the cool gifts that begin with M is a Mexican Train Domino in a Carry Case. The aluminum carry case contains a set of double twelve dominoes, so it is safe and easy to transport. The package contains 91 dominoes, nine trains, a score pad, instructions, and an aluminum carrying case that measures 9″ x 8″ x 4″. 

7. Motorcycle Beer Bottle Opener

If you search for the best gifts for your husband or dad, you can never go wrong with the cool Motorcycle Beer Bottle Opener. The Motorcycle Beer Bottle Opener is made from strong zinc alloy with a smooth texture and an anti-rust and non-slip handle. 

The bottle opener measures 12.6 cm x 5.1 cm x 0.50 cm and can be used for standard bottle caps, beer bottles, and sodas. Moreso, it comes with a greeting card so you can pen him a personalized message. 

8. Mortar & Pestle

The Mortar and Pestle is a useful but funny gift that begins with letter M you can get for your friends. It is made from granite and can crush herbs and spices quickly. The Mortar and Pestle is a useful kitchen utensil that is easy to use and clean. You can season it with white rice, garlic, cumin, salt, and pepper before using it for the first time. 

9. Miusco Non-Stick Silicone Cooking Utensils Set

If you want to send amazing gifts to the best Mom in the world, we highly recommend getting something useful for daily living. The Miusco Non-Stick Silicon cooking utensil set contains a spoon, spoonula, spatula, turner, and slotted spoon. 

It is made from premium silicone and natural acacia wood handle for extreme durability. Moreover, the silicone parts have heat resistance that can reach 240 degrees Celsius, making them durable enough for daily use. 

10. Magic Bullet Blender

Magic Bullet Blender

If your close friend loves making smoothies and has a sweet tooth, the Magic Bullet Blender is a great gift that begins with the letter M. The Magic Bullet Blender has a 250W motor base, tall cup, cross-blade, short cup, party mug, lip rings, resealable lids, and a 10-second recipe guide. 

It can mix, blend, chop, grind, whip, or use as a milk frother, and the cups are made from high-impact plastic, so it is guaranteed safe and durable. 

11. Mean Phantom Labyrinth (INSIDE3)

Mind games help improve cognitive skills like memory, mental flexibility, problem-solving, and at the same time, attention [1], so you can check the Mean Phantom Labyrinth. The Mean Phantom Labyrinth is a cube with a hidden labyrinth inside. It has 12 models for different difficulty levels, and this item is in level 7. It has a second ball, Phandom, hidden in a secret door so pay more attention to horizontal and vertical movement.  

12. Monogram Alphabet Christmas Ornament Gift

The Monogram Christmas Ornament Gift can be a great addition to your gifts that begin with letter M. The ornament comes with one round metal that measures 3.5″, ribbon and gift bag ready for gifting. It is a perfect decoration for a Christmas tree or a keepsake heirloom for a family with a surname that begins with the letter M. 

13. Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager

Body pains can be from tiredness and some underlying medical conditions [2], so to relieve soreness and bring relaxation, you can give a Massage Gun Massager. It is a perfect gift for people who experiences back pain and sore muscles and want something that helps prevent neck pains. 

The Massage Gun has a 35-50 dB sound level and weighs 2.1 lb only, so it comes very handy. In addition, it comes in 2600 mAh and can continuously work for 3 hours a day.

14. Mini Fridge Portable Thermoelectric Cooler & Warmer

The Mini Fridge can be a perfect gift for your close female friend or girlfriend. The AstroAl mini ref is a portable fridge that stores drinks, snacks, and skincare. It is ideal to be placed in the bedroom, and since it is portable, you can take it camping or boating. 

In addition, the Mini Fridge has a 4-liter capacity and measures 5.5″ x 5.3″ x 8.07″ with removable shelves to make your life more convenient. 

15. Moodtopia


Tame your emotions, find balance, and de-stress with the Moodtopia paperback from a well-known writer Sara Chana Silverstein. The paperback contains tons of tips, tools, and strategies to combat anxiety, stress and promote peace of mind. In addition, it is a practical and easy-to-use guide for feng shui, aromatherapy, and homeopathy.

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16. Matchbox City Car Wash Playset B

If you hunt for a cool present for your little boy, you can check out the Matchbox City Car Wash. The Garage Adventure set contains eight different vehicles in the themed Matchbox. It is an all-in-one playset that does not need assembly or labeling. Moreover, kids can enjoy real-life adventures with the Matchbox City Car Wash. 

17. MIGHTY MIND Magnetic MightyMind Challenger

Smart toys can help kids develop critical thinking and problem solving [3], so we included on the list of gift ideas the Mighty Mind Magnetic Puzzle. The Magnetic puzzle comes with 26 programmed puzzle boards that the kids can build to boost their confidence and self-esteem at their own pace and space.

Since it has a choking hazard, we highly recommend this gift for kids three years and above.

18. Men’s Casual Pullover Hoodies 

Suppose you prefer simple and useful gifts for men. In that case, the Men’s Casual Pullover Hoodies are included in the gift ideas that start with the letter M. The Casual Pullover is made from polyester and spandex for a regular and comfortable fit. 

It has pull-on closure and can be machine washed, ideal for daily wear. In addition, it comes in fourteen colors and has a true-to-size fit, so you can search for the sizing chart in the links that we provided above.  

19. Men’s Lightweight Joggers 

Men’s outfit is simple and easy, so you can send them amazing gifts like the Men’s Lightweight Joggers. The Joggers are made from cotton, elastane, and polyester for a lightweight and comfortable fit. The jogger is available in different sizes and colors, and it has a drawstring closure that can be adjustable on the waist. 

20. Makeup Trifold Mirror with Lights 

Makeup Trifold Mirror with Lights 

Are you looking for an elegant gift for someone turning 18? The Makeup Trifold Mirror with Lights is included in the gift ideas that begin with the letter M. The mirror has 72 bright LED lights (36 warm and 36 cold) to brighten all the corners of your face.

The Makeup Mirror with lights features a foldable design and 90-degree swivel to avoid a horrible viewing angle and allow side to side swivel. In addition, it has a crystal clear mirror with different magnification to help apply to make up in clear and perfect viewing angle. 

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21. Makeup Palette Set Kit

If you want to go extravagant this holiday season, we included the Makeup Palette Set Kit in the gift ideas that begin with M. The Palette Set Kit contains 90 colors of shimmer eyeshadow, 90 colors of matte eyeshadow, color brushes. In addition, it comes with concealer powder, eyebrow powder, eyeliner, an applicator, and a big mirror inside a keepsake box.

The Makeup set is skin-friendly, long-lasting, high pigmented, and waterproof, so you and your little girl can use it for a personal and special occasion. 

22. Makeup Brush Set

The Makeup Brush Set can be an ideal gift to your professional makeup artist or friends who love wearing makeup. The brush set has a bold handle and a high-quality brush made from premium synthetic fiber. The set contains 20 different brushes for eye shadow, foundation, eyeliner, mascara, lips, concealer, and eyebrows. In addition, it is easy to use and clean.

23. Coffee Mug Warmer

We all have that one friend who loves coffee, so to make their coffee break more enjoyable, we considered adding the Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer to the list of gift ideas that begin with the letter M. 

The mug warmer features a 17-watt base that can warm coffee, tea, or other liquid drink. It has an indicator light and has a longer power cord for mobility. Moreover, the surface can be easily clean, and it comes with a tote bag for easy mobility. 

24. Multitool, 21-in-1 Hard Stainless Steel 

If you search for functional gifts for men that begin with the letter M, the Multitool can be a perfect idea. The Multitool features a foldable 21 tools that can be used for outdoor survival, daily maintenance, camping, and hunting.

The Multitool is a self-locking device for portable and safe carrying. In addition, it is lightweight so that it can be placed inside a pocket or hung on a belt of a master workbench.  

25. Men’s Messenger Bag

Messenger Bag

The Men’s Messenger Bag can make a great gift for your brother, father, or close friends. It is made from superior leather and water-resistant canvas to ensure durability. The Men’s Messenger bag features nine pockets for radical organizing, and it has a removable and adjustable strap for easy mobility. 

Tech-savvy can use this type of bag because it allocates laptops and other electronic devices. 

26. Meditation Cushion Floor Pillow with Extra Cover

The Meditation Cushion FLoow Pillow can be an ideal present for your Mom or adults in meditation. The cushion floor pillow measures 16″ x 16″ x 5″ and is made from a premium buckwheat hull for firmness and stability. 

In addition, the cushion floor pillow can be fun to use to improve posture, reduce anxiety and promote relaxation when in a meditation practice. 

27. Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Travel Large Chain Shoulder Bag

If you prefer a luxurious gift for women, the Michael Kors Travel Shoulder Bag can be a nice birthday, thanksgiving, or holiday season present. The travel bag is made from Saffiano leather and comes with gold-tone hardware that can pass a metal detector of malls and banks. It measures 13″ x 9″ x 4″ and has an 11″ shoulder drop. 

28. Maybelline New York, Color Sensational Ultimate Lipstick

Lipsticks can be a nice gift for women, so we included our trusted brand Maybelline New York Color Sensational Ultimatte Lipstick. The lipstick features an extremely matte finish with high-impact color pigments that stay longer. It is non-drying lipstick, lightweight, and can be easily applied. Moreover, it is available in ten matte shades, from nude to red. 

29. Mattress, Queen, Casper Sleep Element

Mattress can be an unusual but practical gift for someone special to you. The Mattress in queen size is engineered to bring support and softness to the body. It has a layer of AirScape to increase airflow and release body heat. In addition, the base prevents sinking and sagging. Find out how to wrap a large gift here

30. Memory Foam Mattress/Pressure Relieving

Memory Foam Mattress

We included another Mattress on the list of gift ideas that begin with the letter M because the Memory Foam Mattress is built to give you the most refreshing sleep in life. The Mattress features a soft and breathable memory foam with natural green tea in every layer for a comfortable and supportive sleep. In addition, it comes with a 10-year warranty that other mattresses do not offer. It is indeed worth the money.

In Summary 

Gifting is a long practiced tradition in the world to show appreciation, but the most common misconception is the bigger the gift, the more valuable the person is [4]. Let us remind you that the thought always counts, so whatever gift you decide to give, it would be very much appreciated. 

Since themed gifts can be challenging to others, we hope you find our curated list helpful when looking for fun and awesome gifts to buy. We also included the links to the gifts in our top posts to be more convenient for you to do gift shopping. 


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