What Gas Stations Accept Walmart Gift Cards

What Gas Stations Accept Walmart Gift Cards? Full Guide

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The seemingly mundane act of gassing up your car can be influenced by your chosen location for purchase, ever thought about that? How much you pay can certainly depend on where you choose to buy your gas.

Recently, I found myself in a situation where I needed to use a Walmart gift card to pay for gas. But not all gas stations accept these cards. Finding which ones do can save time and hassle. 

So, what gas stations accept Walmart gift cards? Today, I’ll share where you can use your gift cards when planning to fill up your tank. 

Which Gas Stations Accept Payments With Walmart Gift Cards?

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Sam’s Club and select Murphy USA gas stations [1] are among the few that accept Walmart gift cards as payment. 

This option provides flexibility and convenience for Walmart customers, allowing them to use their gift cards for essential purchases like gasoline. 

“Money is like gasoline during a road trip. You don’t want to run out of gas on your trip, but you’re not doing a tour of gas stations.”

Tim O’Reilly, CEO of O’Reilly Media, Inc.

Before heading out, always check with the specific gas station to ensure they accept Walmart gift cards. But is it okay to use WaWa gift cards for gas?

How Can I Use a Gift Card to Pay for Fuel At A Gas Station?

To use your Walmart gift card for fuel at a gas station, scan it at the gas pump, just like you would with a credit or debit card. If the card doesn’t work at the pump, don’t worry. 

You can head inside the service station, and the merchant should be able to process your transaction there. 

This process allows you to conveniently utilize your Walmart gift card for essential purchases like gasoline [2], ensuring a hassle-free experience at the pump.

Find out if you can use Walmart gift cards at the Sam’s Club here.

Can I Fill up My Tank With Gas That Goes Beyond My Gift Card’s Limit?

Unfortunately, with a Walmart gift card, you can’t exceed its balance to purchase gas at most gas stations. Gas stations typically don’t allow negative balances on their cards. 

While Walmart gift cards offer many benefits, they come with limitations. One crucial limitation is the inability to buy gas beyond the available balance on your card.

Knowing these limitations before using your Walmart gift card at the pumps is crucial p to avoid any inconvenience during your fueling experience.

What Are the Drawbacks of Using a Gift Card for Payments?

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  • Purchase or Reload Fees: Adding money to your gift card may come with additional fees, reducing the amount you can spend.
  • Inactivity Fees: If you don’t use your card within a year of purchase, you might incur inactivity fees, diminishing your card’s value.
  • Limited Purchasing Power: Closed-loop cards like Walmart gift cards restrict where you can use them, limiting your purchase options.
  • Unused Balance: There might be leftover funds on your card after purchasing. If not used, these funds go to waste, representing money lost.

Is It Possible to Reload a Walmart Gas Card?

Yes, if your Walmart gas card runs out of funds, you can easily add more money and continue using it at any of Walmart’s locations across the United States. 

With the Walmart app installed on your phone, reloading is a breeze. Open the app, navigate to the “Cards” section, and select “Gas.” 

“From the aisles to the pumps, Walmart gift cards extend their versatility, offering fueling solutions at partnered gas stations nationwide.”

Howkapow Gift Site

Enter your zip code, specify the desired amount of fuel, and voila! Your gas card is reloaded and hassle-free. 

As such, carrying a physical card or visiting an in-store kiosk is unnecessary. It’s a convenient way to fuel your tank for your journeys ahead.

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Can you utilize prepaid Visa gift cards at the gas pump?

You can utilize prepaid Visa gift cards at the gas pump. However, handing your card to the station attendant for a smoother transaction is better. 

Simply tell them how much gas you need, and they’ll take care of the rest. It avoids any potential issues with the transaction process.

Which gas stations allow payment with Visa gift cards?

Most gas stations in the US that accept Visa debit cards also allow payment with Visa gift cards. 

Look for the Visa logo at the gas station or ask the attendant to ensure they accept Visa payments. 

It provides flexibility and convenience for using Visa gift cards at various fueling stations nationwide.

Why are my Visa gift cards being declined at the gas station?

Your Visa gift card may be declined at the gas station if its balance exceeds the pre-authorization charge. 

Gas stations often temporarily hold funds before pumping, which can exceed your card’s remaining balance. 

Is it possible to use a Walmart gift card at Shell gas stations?

No, using a Walmart gift card at Shell gas stations is impossible. This violates company policy. Walmart gift cards are only valid for use at Walmart locations in the USA. 

Be sure to use your Walmart gift card exclusively at Walmart for eligible purchases.

But how can you get cash for a Walmart gift card?

The Takeaway

As someone who frequently relies on Walmart gift cards for various purchases, including fuel, I’ve learned valuable insights about their usage at gas stations. 

Firstly, select gas stations like Sam’s Club and certain Murphy USA locations accept Walmart gift cards, providing convenience for customers. 

However, there are limitations, such as being unable to exceed the card balance when purchasing gas. Also, using gift cards may entail fees for reloading or inactivity. 

Despite these drawbacks, reloading a Walmart gas card through the Walmart app offers a seamless experience, ensuring you’re always ready for the road ahead.


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