What is Elda the Squishmallow

What is Elda the Squishmallow? (Updated)

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After gaining popularity on TikTok, Squishmallows are now highly sought after by both children and adults, especially their rare collectables.

If you came across Elda, you might wonder what is Elda the Squishmallow and if it is a rare find, so read more to find out. 

Elda The Squishmallow: What Is It? 

Elda The Squishmallow: What Is It? 

Elda The Squishmallow is a pink, perfectly sized soft plush animal with a unique name and storyline. Elda is a dance teacher that can fix cars. Growing up, friends laughed at her because she could not decide if she wants to be a dance teacher or fix cars [1].

Now that Elda has grown up, the pink ostrich can now do both, and the friends who laugh at her come to her when they need an extra salsa lesson or a car tune-up. The pink ostrich proved that you could be whatever you want as long as you have the will and courage. 

Elda is a cute plushie that is soft and huggable, so kids and adults love to collect this type of squishmallow. Read more as we prepared fun facts about Elda The Squishmallow. 

Fun Facts 

Fun Facts 

Is It Rare?  

Elda the Squismallow is not a rare squishmallow but is worthy of collecting. When you go to Target or 5 Below, you can come across Elda the Squishmallow. It is not an after-searched squishmallow because it is easy to find, but her cuteness and fuzziness will make you take her home.

What It’s Made Of

What It’s Made Of

Elda the Squishmallow is made from super soft pink and rainbow spandex EF and polyester fiber. The fabric is stretchable and very fluffy, so you can squeeze it and not worry if it will explode. The materials are crazy squishy and cuddly and have a marshmallow-like texture, so people of all ages love to collect them.

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How Much It Costs

The released Elda the Squishmallow comes in two sizes, 8” and 16”. If you want an Elda the Squishmallow in 8”, the plush animal costs around $12. However, if you prefer the larger one, the Elda the squishmallow 16” is approximately $40. 

Elda the Squishmallow Appearance

Elda the Squishmallow Appearance

Elda is a pink ostrich with a tiny, oblong beak. She has round black eyes with thin eyelashes and nostrils that are angled and narrow.

When you turn her around, you will see wings on her back, and her body is covered with rainbow-striped feathers.

She is cute and fluffy and is commonly mistaken for a different animal because of her appearance. Learn how to wash Squishmallows properly here

What Kind of Animal Is Elda? 

Elda the Squishmallow is a pink ostrich, but she is often mistaken for a pig because of her round black eyes, color, and oblong beak. She is also mistaken for a peacock or a piñata because of her rainbow-striped feathers and cock comb. 

Since it has feathers and wings at the back, Elda the Squishmallow is also mistaken as an emu, but she has been confirmed to be an ostrich with pink skin, wings, oblong beak, and rainbow feathers. 

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What size is Elda Squishmallow?

Elda Squismallow comes in two sizes, 8” and 16”. The 8” Elda Squishmallow has an item dimension of 8 ” x 7” x 4” and has a weight of 0.50 pounds. On the other hand, 16” Elda Squishmallow has an item dimension of 16” x 15” x 14” and has a weight of approximately 3 pounds. 

Is Elda Squishmallow popular?

Elda Squishmallow is not a popular squishmallow because it is not the rarest and sought-after plushy. It is not on the list of most popular squishmallow, but still, the pink ostrich is being collected by people because of its cuteness and uniqueness. 

Final Verdict

Elda the squishmallow is a pink ostrich plushy that is soft and very huggable. Most people are confused by its mixed appearance and are often mistaken as a pig, peacock, emu, or even a piñata. However, it has been confirmed that she is a pink ostrich who works as a dance teacher and can fix cars. 

If you are into soft plushies, we are sure that you have come across Elda the squishmallow, so we hope that we managed to steer clear of your confusion about her identity. Do you have your favorite squishmallow? Comment down below.



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