How To Store A Decorated Christmas Tree

How to Store a Decorated Christmas Tree: Holiday Tips

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During the Christmas season, one of the most beloved customs is decorating the tree.

I remember the excitement in my home as we carefully placed it with pretty lights and ornaments to make our homes look festive and happy. 

But after the holidays, I was figuring out how to store a decorated Christmas tree until next year. 

Today, I’ll tell you what I learned and give you some good ideas for keeping your Christmas tree safe and sound until it’s time to use it again.

5 Simple Steps To Store Your Decorated Christmas Tree

Decorating Christmas Tree

Step 1: Take Off Decorations

The first step in storing your decorated Christmas tree is to remove all ornaments and lights. 

“Trees give peace to the souls of men.”

Nora Waln, American Writer and Journalist

This prevents them from getting damaged during storage and ensures a smooth process when you set up the tree next year.

Step 2: Clean The Branches

Over the holiday season, dust can accumulate on your tree’s branches. 

To maintain its attractive appearance, wipe the branches down with a moist towel or dust them with a vacuum [1] fitted with a duster attachment. This step is essential for maintaining the tree’s appearance.

Step 3: Take Apart the Tree

Before storing your tree, make sure it’s unplugged and completely dry. Small trees typically fold up easily, but larger ones may require more careful disassembly. 

Refer to the manufacturer’s manual for specific disassembly instructions to avoid damage. But how do you make a Charlie Brown Christmas tree?

Step 4: Use A Storage Bag

Avoid reusing the original box, as the branches may have fluffed out during use. Instead, invest in a high-quality tree storage bag. 

There are various options available, including upright bags, those with wheels, or set bags. 

Ensure the chosen bag is water-resistant to protect your tree from moisture.

Step 5: Safely Store The Tree

Finally, store your bagged Christmas tree in a cool, dry area. Avoid placing it in attics or garages if they gets hot, as excessive heat can damage the tree. 

Proper storage ensures your tree remains in excellent condition for the next holiday season, bringing joy and festive cheer again.

Can A Christmas Tree With Ornaments Be Stored?

No, storing a Christmas tree with ornaments still attached is not advisable. Removing all lights, ornaments, and other decorations is crucial to preserve your tree and its decorations. 

Although the convenience of pulling out a fully adorned tree next year may be appealing, it poses a significant risk of damaging your cherished ornaments and lights during storage. 

Instead, invest in organizing containers to stash your decorations safely. 

This approach ensures a hassle-free takedown, organized storage, and effortless reassembly when the holiday season rolls around again.

Find out where you can donate Christmas decorations here.

How To Store The Christmas Tree If You Don’t Have A Box?

Storing Christmas Tree on a Box

If you find yourself without a storage box for your Christmas tree, don’t worry – a high-quality storage bag can do the job effectively.

Look for a storage bag made from thick, durable polyester material. This robust material serves as a protective shield against potential damage during storage.

“Wrap it, pack it, and watch it unwrap the holiday cheer when it’s time to reappear.”

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The key is ensuring the bag is spacious enough to accommodate your disassembled tree comfortably. Investing in a reliable storage bag can preserve your Christmas tree’s charm.

Is It Better To Store Christmas Trees In A Box Or A Bag?

A purpose-designed storage bag is the superior choice for storing your Christmas tree. 

These specialized bags are designed to keep your tree in optimal condition, offering protection against potential threats. 

They shield your tree from moisture, guarding against water damage that can cause mold and mildew. 

Besides, these bags safeguard your tree from extreme temperature fluctuations that can warp or damage the branches. 

Lastly, they act as a barrier against pests that might find their way into a cardboard box. 

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Should you let a Christmas tree sit before putting up the decorations?

Yes, allowing your Christmas tree to settle for a couple of hours after setting it up before decorating is advisable. 

This brief waiting period stabilizes the tree, ensuring it remains upright and straight, providing a more secure foundation for your festive decorations.

What is the best method for wrapping Christmas decorations?

Materials such as tissue paper [2], bubble wrap, and packing paper are excellent choices when wrapping Christmas decorations. 

These protective materials help keep delicate ornaments and lights, preventing breakage and ensuring they remain in good condition for future use.

Can you use cling film to cover the Christmas tree?

You certainly can use plastic wrap to cover the Christmas tree. When you unwrap it the next year, it should look just as good as before, and you won’t have to work too hard to set it up. 

Plastic wrap helps keep the tree safe from dust and damage so it stays nice and festive.

Final Say

Taking care of your Christmas tree during the holidays is important so you can use it again next year. 

As someone who loves holiday decorating, I’ve shared these essential steps to ensure your tree remains pristine for future seasons. 

We started by removing all the decorations and keeping the ones special to you safe. Then, clean the tree branches to eliminate the dust from the holiday season. 

After that, carefully take the tree apart. Finally, get a good storage bag and find a place to keep it where it’s not too hot or wet. 

By doing these things, your Christmas tree will stay nice, and you can use it again next holiday.


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