Where Can I Donate Christmas Decorations

Where Can I Donate Christmas Decorations? Holiday Guide

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During the holiday season, many people choose to spread joy and generosity by giving Christmas decorations to those in need. This small act of kindness can greatly brighten someone’s day.

I remember when my family cleaned our attic and found boxes of old decorations we no longer used. 

Instead of keeping them in storage, we donate them. So, if you’re wondering, “Where can I donate Christmas decorations?” 

As such, if you want to do the same and share the holiday spirit, keep reading to find out some great places where you can do it.

5 Places You Can Donate The Christmas Decorations

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1. Thrift Stores Or Resale Stores

Thrift stores are like treasure troves where people can buy second-hand items at affordable prices. 

When you donate your Christmas decorations to thrift stores, they sell them to shoppers, and the money they make helps support different charities or good causes. 

“If you want your checkbook to follow your heart, make a donation to those doing work you support.” 

Donna Brazile, American Strategist

Also, organizations like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Habitat for Humanity are well-known for their charitable work. They gladly accept Christmas decorations in good condition.

2. Church Outreach Programs

Churches are places where people come together to worship and help their communities. 

Some churches have special programs where they give food, clothes, and even Christmas decorations to families who might be having a tough time. 

When you donate your decorations to these programs, you’re helping make the holidays brighter for families who might not have many decorations or gifts.

3. Nursing Homes

Nursing homes [1] are unique places where older people live when they need extra care and help with daily activities. 

These people might not have all the holiday decorations they want, but they still love the Christmas spirit. 

When you donate your decorations to nursing homes, they can use them to make the place feel festive. 

They might decorate the common areas or even let the residents use the decorations for crafts and activities.

4. Senior Citizen Centers

Senior citizen centers are like clubs for older people to hang out, chat, and have fun. 

Sometimes, they host holiday parties and events, and that’s where your donated Christmas decorations can shine. 

Giving your decorations to these centers helps them create a cheerful atmosphere for seniors on fixed budgets.

5. Neighborhood Groups

In your neighborhood, neighbors might like to help each other out. 

You can share your Christmas decorations with these groups through social media or apps like Nextdoor. 

And ensure your decorations find new homes in your community by offering them for free. 

It’s a way to spread the holiday spirit close to home and make your neighborhood feel even more warm and friendly during the festive season.

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What To Do With Your Leftover Christmas Decorations?

Christmas Balls

A. Craft Them Into Ornaments

Repurpose smaller decorative pieces into ornaments for future holiday seasons. Attach strings or hooks to transform them into cherished keepsakes for your tree.

B. String Them Into Garlands

Combine string lights, beads, and any remaining ornaments to craft charming garlands. 

These can decorate your mantel, staircase, or outdoor spaces, extending the warm holiday ambiance.

C. Create Snowflake Art

Arrange leftover decorations on a board like a snowflake and secure them with glue. 

This artistic endeavor will keep a touch of winter’s enchantment alive in your home long after the holidays have passed.

D. Make Unique Wreaths

Utilize any surplus ornaments, pinecones, or greenery to fashion one-of-a-kind wreaths. Hang them on your front door or as wall decor to maintain a hint of holiday charm throughout the year.

E. Use as Place Card Holders

Get crafty with those miniature Christmas trees or figurines by repurposing them as charming place cardholders for special gatherings and events. 

Your guests will appreciate the thoughtful and festive touch.

F. Decorate It Around The Bowls

Elevate your home’s decor by placing extra baubles, ornaments, or tinsel in decorative bowls, vases, or jars around your living space. 

It adds a festive flair and color to various rooms, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Is It Okay To Keep The Christmas Decorations Up All Year?

No, you can’t keep Christmas decorations up all year. Although it’s fun to have Christmas decorations, an old rule says you should take them down by the Twelfth Night. 

“The magic of Christmas becomes complete when we pass on our decorations to create new moments of wonder.”

Howkapow Gift Site

This rule comes from people being superstitious, which means they believe in things like bad luck. They used to think bad things might happen if you left your decorations up too long.

But nowadays, some people like to keep their decorations up longer because they enjoy the holiday spirit. But how will you power Christmas lights without using an outlet?


Why are people still putting up Christmas decorations?

Many continue to adorn their homes with Christmas decorations due to the feelings of nostalgia [2] and the joy of reliving childhood excitement.

You might also like to read about when Christmas became commercialized here.

How long should you keep Christmas decorations?

The commonly chosen timeframe for taking down Christmas decorations is around January 5th or 6th, following the tradition of Twelfth Night. 

But the decision largely depends on personal preference. 

Check out these steps to store a decorated Christmas tree here.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, based on my experience and research, donating to thrift stores declutters our space and supports charitable causes, giving our decorations a second life. 

Additionally, contributing to church outreach programs spreads joy to underprivileged families, ensuring the holiday spirit reaches every corner of our community. 

Lastly, in the spirit of giving, consider nursing homes, senior citizen centers, and neighborhood groups. 

Our decorations can brighten the lives of elderly residents and foster a sense of togetherness within our neighborhood.


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