How To Make A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

How to Make a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree: DIY Holiday Decor

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Prior to the start of December, I assembled my own version of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. This concept is inspired by the iconic holiday cartoon featuring sparse branches and a solitary ornament.

And making a tree like that is super easy and a lot of fun. 

So, if you’re wondering how to make a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, stay tuned because I will share the simple process to create your charming tree. 

A Guide For Making Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Step 1: Get What You Need

Begin by gathering the necessary materials. You’ll require a branch from either a cedar or pine tree, whether real or artificial. 

Grab pruners or metal clippers if you’re working with an artificial branch. 

Find a suitable piece of wood, a red ball ornament, an ornament hook, an electric drill [1], drill bits, dried beans or small rocks, and some wood glue, which you might need if things don’t hold together well.

Step 2: Prepare The Branch

Now, let’s shape the branch to capture the essence of Charlie Brown’s tree. Gently bend it to create that characteristic drooping appearance. 

“A Charlie Brown tree teaches us that even the smallest, scraggliest tree can shine brightly with a little love and care, just like each of us during the holidays.”

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Trim away any extra leaves and branches, making it look sparse and endearing, just like the original. But how do you store a decorated tree?

Step 3: Make A Hole

For stability, you’ll need a wooden base. To prepare it, estimate the hole size needed for the branch. 

Create a hole in the center of the wooden piece with your electric drill and an appropriately sized drill bit. 

Remember, the hole should be slightly larger than the end of the branch to ensure a snug fit.

Step 4: Put In The Branch

Now, carefully insert the branch into the hole in the wooden base. If it doesn’t hold securely, use wood glue to keep it in place. This will be the foundation of your tree.

Step 5: Add Weight To The Ornament

You’ll need to add some weight to the red ball ornament to achieve the right balance and hang. 

Fill it with dried beans or small rocks—no need for a lot, just enough to give it some substance and make it hang nicely.

Step 6: Hang the Ornament

Finally, wrap the wire on the ornament around one of the smaller upper branches of your tree. 

You may need to adjust the amount of beans or rocks inside the ornament to achieve the perfect drooping effect. 

Once you’re satisfied with how it hangs, your Charlie Brown Christmas tree is complete—a simple yet heartwarming decoration that embodies the season’s true spirit.

How High Is A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree?

A Charlie Brown Christmas tree is usually only 24 inches tall. That’s just two feet, and it’s intentionally short and small to make it look cute and simple. 

Unlike the big, fancy Christmas trees you might see, these little trees remind us that the holiday season is about being together and appreciating the small things in life. 

So, when you see one, remember that it’s not about how tall it is; it’s about the love and joy it represents during this special time of year.

But how much weight does a Christmas tree have?

What Kind Of Tree Is A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree?

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree on a Table

A Charlie Brown Christmas tree is typically made from lodgepole pine [2]. These trees are commonly found in Colorado, covering about seven percent of the state’s forested areas. 

Lodgepole Pines are well-suited for Charlie Brown trees because of their distinct appearance. 

They have a slender, spindly look, and their needles are sparse, giving them that characteristic sparse and thin appearance. 

This makes them the perfect choice to capture the simple charm and nostalgic beauty of the classic Peanuts character’s beloved holiday decoration.

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Why Is It Known As The Charlie Brown Tree?

The term “Charlie Brown Christmas tree” stems from the iconic animated television special, “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” aired in 1965. 

Charles M. Schulz, an American cartoonist who lived from 1922 to 2000, created the well-known comic strip “Peanuts” on which this special was based. 

“I am a romantic. I want to cry when I throw out my Christmas tree, and I have a lot of feelings about magic and fantasy.”

– Sondra Locke, American Actress and Director

The main character, Charlie Brown, famously selects an unattractive Christmas tree for decoration in the show. 

With its short and crooked form, frail branches, and needles that easily drop off, this tree became the epitome of simplicity and imperfection. 

As such, the term “Charlie Brown tree” has come to represent a humble, unadorned, and endearing symbol of the true spirit of the holiday season.

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What is the most beautiful real Christmas tree?

One of the most stunning natural Christmas trees is the Colorado Blue Spruce. 

This Western species boasts a distinctive bluish-gray hue, limited needle shedding, and an appealingly symmetrical shape, making it a popular choice for those seeking a stunning and enduring holiday centerpiece.

Which Christmas tree is the rarest?

The Silver Tip, also known as the Red Fir, is one of the rarest Christmas tree types. 

These striking trees, distinguished by their silver-tipped needles, are not as common as other varieties, making them a unique and sought-after choice for holiday decorations.

What kind of Christmas tree can hold huge ornaments?

Bark-wrapped Fraser Fir and Canadian Fir trees are well-suited for holding large and heavy ornaments. 

How do you give a Christmas tree a vintage appearance?

Consider using a cozy flannel plaid ribbon, traditional pearl beaded garland, and several mercury glass and mixed metal ornaments to give your Christmas tree a vintage look. 

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Key Takeaways

As I reflect on creating a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, I’m reminded of the beauty in simplicity. Making this iconic holiday symbol is a testament to the power of minimalism and nostalgia.

And as I’ve mentioned above, a Charlie Brown Christmas tree is a small, 24-inch tall tree that embodies the simplicity and heartwarming spirit of the holiday season. 

These little trees are often made from Lodgepole Pines, native to Colorado, thanks to their spindly appearance and sparse needles, making them the perfect choice.


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