How Much Does A Christmas Tree Weigh

How Much Does a Christmas Tree Weigh? Size & Weight Guide

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Every December, my family and I make a tradition of visiting a tree farm to select the perfect Christmas tree. We carefully measure each tree to ensure we find the one that is just right for us.

But we only think about how heavy it is once we load it onto our car. So, how much does a Christmas tree weigh? Today, I’ll share how heavy these festive trees can be. Keep reading.

What Is The Average Weight Of A Christmas Tree?

Christmas Tree

Typically, the weight of a Christmas tree falls within a range of 50 to 70 pounds, making it manageable for most households. 

For instance, a standard 6-7 foot Fraser fir [1], one of the most popular choices for festive decor, weighs around 50 pounds, give or take a bit. 

“Christians get trees. Jews get bushes. To stay in good standing with the Tribe, you’ve got to refer to a Christmas tree as a Hanukkah bush.” 

Alan Colmes, American Radio Host

This weight includes the tree and some leftover moisture inside it, which can vary slightly. 

So, when you plan to bring the holiday spirit into your home, rest assured that your average Christmas tree will be manageable.

How Much Do Large Christmas Trees Weigh?

When it comes to larger Christmas trees, like a standard 9-foot LED-lit beauty, their weight can vary. These trees typically weigh anywhere from 60 to 110 pounds or even more.

The weight depends on factors like the tree’s diameter and how realistic it looks – the wider and more lifelike, the heavier it tends to be. 

As such, if you’re planning to go big with your holiday decorations, be prepared for a substantial tree that might require some extra effort to set up and decorate. 

What Is The Proper Way To Weigh A Christmas Tree?

When weighing a Christmas tree, there are specific steps to ensure accuracy. 

First, measure the tree’s height by starting from the very top and extending down to the floor, including the stand’s height. 

This measurement accounts for the tree’s entire length, ensuring you get an accurate weight assessment. 

Next, measure the width by gently pulling the branches on both sides of the tree taut and measuring across the middle. 

This width measurement is often the one you’ll find indicated on the side of the tree box when you purchase it. But how much do Christmas trees at Costco cost?

What Size Of Christmas Trees Does The Majority Of People Buy?

The majority of people tend to opt for Christmas trees that are around 7 feet tall. This height balances visually appealing and fitting comfortably in most homes.

However, remember that when selecting your ideal Christmas tree, you should allow about 6 to 12 inches of space between the top and your ceiling. 

This extra space accommodates your tree topper and ensures a harmonious fit within your living space, making setting up and decorating your tree for a festive holiday season easier.

But when is the best time to get a fake Christmas tree?

Can A Christmas Tree Fit In A Car?

Christmas Tree on Top of a Car

A Christmas tree can fit in a car [2], but it requires careful planning. First, measure your car’s interior space and the tree to ensure a proper fit. 

If your car lacks a roof rack, consider folding the seats to accommodate a larger tree without damaging its branches during the journey. 

To protect your car’s interior from fallen needles, dust, and branches, using covers and having the tree netted is a good idea. 

Or if the tree doesn’t fit inside, securely tie it to the car’s roof using appropriate restraints.

How Long Does A Christmas Tree Last?

A freshly cut Christmas tree can bring joy for about four to five weeks from when it’s cut until it becomes dangerously dry and poses a fire hazard.

This timeline provides a reasonable window to enjoy your beautifully decorated tree throughout the holiday season. 

“It’s not about how much a Christmas tree weighs; it’s about how much it lifts our spirits.”

Howkapow Gift Site

To maximize its lifespan, keep it well-watered, remove it from heat sources like radiators and fireplaces, and ensure the room remains cool. 

Regularly checking the water level in the tree stand is crucial, as a well-hydrated tree stays green and safe for a more extended period, keeping your festivities merry and secure.

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How much does Rockefeller Center’s Christmas tree weigh?

The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree typically weighs 14 tons, making it a breathtaking centerpiece of holiday celebrations in New York City.

How much does the average-sized Christmas tree cost?

The American Christmas Tree Association reports that the average cost for a live Christmas tree is approximately $78, while an artificial tree typically runs about $104. 

But these prices can vary depending on factors like tree size and location.

Why is it more expensive to buy real Christmas trees?

Real Christmas trees often come with a higher price tag due to increased costs for growers. Expenses related to fertilizers, fuel, and other essential supplies can drive up production costs.

Find out where you can donate artificial Christmas trees here.

How do you know if a Christmas tree is still fresh?

To determine if a Christmas tree is fresh, gently pull on one of the shoots with your thumb and fingers. 

If the tree is still in good condition, you should not see any needles falling off into your hand.

Key Takeaways

As I’ve looked around Christmas trees in a tree farm, I’ve observed that these trees have different weights. Like a Fraser fir, a regular 6-7 foot tree usually weighs around 50 pounds. 

But when you go for a bigger one, like a 9-foot LED tree, it can be as heavy as 60 to 110 pounds or more. To determine how heavy your tree is, you need to measure its height and width. 

The height is from the top to the floor, including the stand. And the width is when you stretch the branches on both sides and measure across the middle. 

Remember, knowing these weights helps you handle your tree better for decorating fun.


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