Where To Donate Artificial Christmas Tree

Where to Donate an Artificial Christmas Tree: Holiday Cheer

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Each December, my family and I get together to decorate our house for the holidays.

One thing that has always been a part of our Christmas tradition is our artificial Christmas tree. However, after many festive seasons, we decided it was time to change. 

We wanted to give our old tree a new purpose, so we researched where to donate it. 

Today, I’ll share where to donate an artificial Christmas tree, helping it find a new home where it can continue to bring holiday joy.

Where Can You Donate An Artificial Christmas Tree?

Close Up Image of a Christmas Tree

When you’re ready to part with your artificial Christmas tree, several community-focused places such as hospitals, schools, libraries, and thrift stores can benefit from your generosity. 

First, thrift stores like Goodwill or Salvation Army often accept seasonal items like Christmas trees. 

Hospitals [1] may welcome your tree to brighten patient rooms or common areas during the holiday season. 

“Making a donation is the ultimate sign of solidarity. Actions speak louder than words.” 

Ibrahim Hooper, Spokesman

Libraries and schools in your area could also use it for festive decorations or educational purposes. 

Before donating, contact these organizations to ensure they have the capacity and interest in accepting your artificial Christmas tree and spreading holiday cheer to those who need it most.

How Can An Artificial Christmas Tree Be Disposed Of?

Disposing of an artificial Christmas tree is a simple process. This kind of tree falls under the category of general household waste; you can usually toss them into front-load dumpsters.

To ensure it fits inside the container, it’s advisable to dismantle the tree into smaller, more manageable pieces. 

This makes the process efficient and helps accommodate other waste items as well. But how do you power Christmas lights without an outlet?

What Can You Do With An Artificial Christmas Tree?

1. Make Small Wreaths From Branches

Transform your tree’s branches into charming miniature wreaths by trimming and shaping them. These can add a touch of festivity to your home throughout the year.

2. String Together A Long Garland

Take apart the tree’s branches and connect them like a necklace. This creates a long, decorative string to celebrate different occasions or make your home look nice.

3. Give It A Snowy Look

Pretend it’s winter all year! Spray or paint your tree with fake snow to make it look like it’s covered in a fresh dusting of snow. 

It’s perfect for making your home feel cozy during the colder months. But how would you describe the smell of Christmas?

4. Turn It Into A Hanging Plant Holder

Remove the branches from the tree and use them to make a cool hanging planter. You can put a plant in it and hang it up to bring more greenery into your home.

5. Create Mini Christmas Trees

Cut the branches into different sizes, then stick them into wooden bases or clay pots. You’ll have adorable mini Christmas trees to put on your table or give as gifts.

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How Long Will An Artificial Christmas Tree Last?

The lifespan of an artificial Christmas tree largely depends on how well you take care of it. These trees can endure anywhere from 10 to 20 years when properly maintained. 

Keeping it in a cool, dry area, using a tree bag or box to prevent dust and damage, and handling it gently during assembly and disassembly can significantly extend its life. 

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How Long Does An Artificial Tree Take To Decompose?

Artificial Christmas Tree

When you’re done with an artificial Christmas tree, it doesn’t go away quickly like natural trees. Instead, it ends up in a landfill, which can take around 500 years to disappear completely. 

“The act of donating your artificial tree can light up someone’s holiday season with the same magic that it brought to your home.”

Howkapow Gift Site

That’s because artificial trees are made of materials that don’t break down easily, like plastic and metal. Unlike real trees that return to the earth, these fake ones stick around for centuries. 


What Are The Drawbacks Of An Artificial Christmas Tree?

  • Fire Risk: Artificial trees can be vulnerable to fires [2], especially when exposed to unattended candles or electrical malfunctions. Unlike real trees, they do not have moisture content to resist ignition.
  • Environmental Impact: Artificial trees are typically made from PVC and chemicals. These materials are not eco-friendly, as they are neither recyclable nor biodegradable. The production of artificial trees also contributes to carbon emissions, further impacting the environment.
  • Long Decomposition Time: When artificial trees are eventually discarded, they take hundreds of years to break down in landfills.

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Why do people buy fake Christmas trees?

People opt for fake Christmas trees because they are more affordable than purchasing a real tree yearly. 

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Is it secure to always leave an artificial tree plugged in?

No, it’s not safe to always leave your artificial tree plugged in. Unplug your tree lights before sleeping and leaving home to prevent potential fire hazards. 

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Is a bag or a box better for storing a Christmas tree?

A durable storage bag is better than a cardboard box for storing your Christmas tree. 

On A Final Note

There are two essential key takeaways about donating or disposing of an artificial Christmas tree. First, the act of giving back during the holiday season can be a beautiful tradition in itself. 

Thrift stores, hospitals, libraries, and schools in your local community are fantastic places to share the joy of your tree with those who may not have one. 

Second, when it’s time to say goodbye to your trusty artificial tree, remember that it can typically be disposed of in front-load dumpsters after breaking it down into manageable pieces. 


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