Can I Use A Ulta Gift Card At Target

Can I Use an Ulta Gift Card at Target? Cross-Usage Explained

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I encountered an issue while shopping last week when I had a gift card for Ulta, a makeup store, but needed to purchase essential items at Target.

I wondered, “Can I use an Ulta gift card at Target?” Well, I did some research and asked around, and today, I’m here to share what I discovered about this problem.

Let’s find out if these two stores let you use gift cards from one to the other.

Is It Okay To Use An Ulta Gift Card At Target?

You cannot use an Ulta Beauty gift card to purchase Ulta Beauty [1] at Target. These gift cards are specific to the Ulta Beauty stores and online platforms and don’t cross over to Target. 

While both stores offer beauty products, they operate independently regarding gift card usage. 

“Every person should learn to be their own skincare expert”

Bobbi Brown, American Makeup Artist and Writer

So, if you’ve got an Ulta gift card, it’s best to use it at an Ulta Beauty store or on their website, as it won’t be accepted for payment at Target, even if you’re buying beauty-related items there.

Can You Use My Ulta Gift Card Somewhere Else?

Yes, you can utilize your ULTA Gift Card or eGift Card in various locations within the United States, including all ULTA stores and their website. 

These versatile gift cards offer flexibility, allowing you to redeem them for a wide range of beauty products and services. 

Whether you prefer shopping in-store or online, your Ulta gift card will come in handy for your beauty needs. Just remember that ULTA gift cards cannot be used at other retailers, as they are exclusive to ULTA’s offerings.

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Do Ulta Gift Cards Can Be Traded For Cash?

No, Ulta Gift Cards cannot be directly redeemed or exchanged for cash. However, there is an alternative option if you wish to convert them into cash. 

You can sell your Ulta gift cards through various platforms or gift card exchange services, where you can receive payment via methods like PayPal. 

This allows you to unlock the cash value of your gift card, although you may not get the full face value. 

Remember that the specific terms and rates may vary based on the platform you choose for selling your Ulta gift card.

But is it okay to use more than one gift card on Ulta?

What Can An Ulta Gift Card Be Used For?

An Ulta gift card opens up a world of beauty possibilities. You can pamper yourself with salon services, including haircuts [2], manicures, and facials. 

Explore skincare products to keep your skin glowing, and choose from various fragrances. 

“Gift cards are like puzzle pieces – an Ulta card fits perfectly at Ulta, but not at Target’s checkout puzzle.”

Howkapow Gift Site

Whether you need hair products or want to support conscious beauty choices and Black-owned brands, Ulta’s got you covered. 

Plus, you can enhance your beauty experience by joining the ULTA Rewards Program, earning points and exclusive rewards with every purchase. 

How Do I Redeem A Gift Card From Ulta?

Person Holding Ulta Gift Card

Redeeming a ULTA Gift Card is straightforward. If you’re shopping in-store, hand over your Gift Card when you’re ready to pay for your items. 

The cashier will use it to deduct the purchase amount. 

Meanwhile, when you’re checking out on ULTA’s website or using their mobile app (available for both iPhone and Android), you’ll reach a step called “Payment” during checkout. 

Here, you’ll need to enter your Gift Card number and associated PIN. It will apply the card’s balance to your purchase, making your online shopping experience as easy as visiting the store.

Does Target Accept Other Kinds of Gift Cards?

Yes, Target accepts a variety of gift cards besides their own. They welcome Merchandise Return Cards, often issued for returns without a receipt. 

Additionally, Target accepts prepaid gift cards with logos from Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express. 

Target’s willingness to accept various types of gift cards provides shoppers with flexibility and convenience when purchasing in their stores.

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Do you get freebies from Ulta on your birthday?

Yes, Ulta offers freebies on your birthday, but there’s a catch. To enjoy this perk, you need to be an Ultamate Rewards member. 

Each month brings a new Ulta birthday gift, ensuring you receive something fresh and exciting every year as part of their loyalty program.

Can I redeem a birthday gift from Ulta at Target?

No, you can’t redeem your Ulta birthday gift, $10 birthday coupon, or Diamond Welcome gift at Ulta Beauty at Target stores.

These special offers are exclusive to standalone Ulta Beauty stores and their website.

How does Ulta collaborate with Target?

Ulta works with Target through its rewards program. When you shop at Ulta Beauty at Target, in-store or online, you can earn points on eligible purchases using Target Circle. 

This partnership allows customers to enjoy rewards and benefits while shopping for beauty products at Target.

Which is less expensive: Ulta or Sephora?

Ulta tends to be less expensive than Sephora. While Sephora stocks high-end and luxury brands with higher price tags, Ulta Beauty offers various products at varying prices. 

This diversity in price points makes Ulta a more budget-friendly choice for many shoppers.

Final Remarks

To summarize, you can’t use an Ulta gift card at Target. Ulta gift cards are like special money only for Ulta stores and their website, not for Target. 

And you can only turn them into regular cash if you sell them elsewhere online. 

Now, when you’re shopping for beauty stuff at Ulta, use your Ulta gift card, but at Target, you’ll need different money to pay for your things.


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