Can I Use A Sephora Gift Card At Kohl's

Can I Use A Sephora Gift Card At Kohl’s?

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I am a huge fan of shopping and beauty products and enjoy finding bargains. I recently received a gift card for Sephora and wanted to use it at my favorite fashion destination, Kohl’s.

But I pondered a question: Can I use a Sephora gift card at Kohl’s? I went on an adventure to see if these two stores could work together. 

Today, I want to share my experience and ask if you can use a Sephora gift card at Kohl’s.

Get ready to uncover the truth and see if these two worlds can come together for a shopping spree.

Is It Okay To Use Sephora Gift Cards At Kohl’s?

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Absolutely. You’ll gladly use your Sephora gift card to purchase merchandise at Kohl’s and standalone Sephora stores. 

However, it’s worth noting that not all Kohl’s stores have dedicated Sephora sections. 

To have a smooth and convenient shopping experience, I recommend checking both retailers’ websites beforehand. 

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This way, you can decide where to redeem your gift card and maximize its value. But how can you get a Sephora birthday gift online?

Can You Get Your Sephora Birthday Present At A Kohl’s Store?

Indeed, Sephora [1] generously provides a free birthday gift to their Beauty Insider program members. 

But whether you can get this gift at a Sephora store inside Kohl’s depends on the rules and availability of that particular Kohl’s store. 

Some stores might allow it if they have a full Sephora shop, while others may not. 

It’s a good idea to call ahead and ask about their policy or contact Sephora’s customer service to get the most accurate information.

How To Redeem Your Sephora Gift Card Online?

1. Go To The Sephora Website & Select The Desired Products

Visit the Sephora website, browse the products, and select your desired items. Click on the product you want, specify details such as quantity or color, and click “Add to Basket.”

2. Click On The Shopping Basket Icon or Cart Page

Once you’ve finished shopping, tap on the shopping basket icon at the top-right corner of the screen. Review your items, and when you’re ready to checkout, click “Checkout.”

3. Select Your Payment Method & Enter Your Gift Card’s Code

Click on the “redeem section on the cart” option, and you’ll be prompted to enter your gift card details. 

Provide the required information; you may need to scratch off the back of the card to see. Then click “Save & Continue”.

4. Complete Your Order

Follow the remaining steps to finalize your purchase, including entering your shipping address and any additional required information. 

“Transform your shopping experience with a Sephora gift card that transcends the ordinary, taking you on a journey from the beauty realm to Kohl’s fashion realm.”

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Review your order details and click the “Place Order” or similar button to complete the transaction.

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How Can You Check The Balance Of Your Sephora Gift Card?

  1. Online Or Website: Visit the Sephora website and navigate to the “Gift Cards” section. A link or option should say “Check Gift Card Balance.” You’ll need to enter the gift card number and the PIN, which might be hidden under a scratch-off area on the back.
  2. On the Sephora App: You can check the balance there if you have the Sephora mobile app. Hover to “My Account” and select “Gift Cards.” Enter your gift card number or code to view the balance.
  3. Over the Phone: Call Sephora’s customer service number. You must follow the automated prompts and enter your gift card number when asked.
  4. In-Store: Visit any Sephora store and ask a cashier to check your balance. Make sure to bring your gift card with you.

Can You Use Your Sephora Gift Card At JCPenney?

JCPenney Store

Unfortunately, you can’t use the Sephora gift card at JCPenney anymore, as their partnership has recently ended. 

But before that, it was acceptable to use the gift card at select JCPenney locations featuring a Sephora shop-in-shop. 

This collaboration allows you to explore a wide range of beauty products and indulge in your favorite Sephora finds while taking advantage of the convenience and accessibility offered by JCPenney.

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Can Only Two Sephora Gift Cards Be Used In A Single Purchase?

Customers can use Sephora’s policy to use multiple Sephora gift cards in one online transaction, allowing up to two gift cards per purchase. 

However, suppose you have more than two gift cards and wish to utilize them for a single purchase. 

In that case, you can contact Sephora’s customer service to consolidate the balances onto a single card. 

Another option is to visit a physical Sephora store, as they may be able to accept more than two gift cards in a single transaction. 

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Can you return Sephora items to Kohl’s?

Sephora items purchased at a Kohl’s [2] location can generally be returned to that Kohl’s store. 

Can Sephora gift cards be used at Ulta?

No, Sephora gift cards cannot be used at Ulta. The gift cards can only be used at Sephora stores and on the website.

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What are the denominations of Sephora gift cards?

Sephora gift cards are available in various denominations, including $10 to $250. But how many Sephora gift cards can you use at once?

Wrapping Up

After researching the matter, I can confidently confirm that you can use your beloved Sephora gift card at selected Kohl’s locations. 

This delightful revelation means you can splurge on your favorite Sephora products while simultaneously exploring the aisles of Kohl’s. 

Whether you find yourself in a standalone Sephora store or one of the conveniently located Kohl’s locations with a Sephora section, your gift card will be your passport to beauty bliss. 

To redeem your Sephora gift card, present it at the time of purchase, whether on the website, online, or in-store. 

The friendly staff or customer support will assist you in utilizing your gift card balance towards your Sephora goodies. 


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