What Time Does Dollar General Close On Thanksgiving

What Time Does Dollar General Close on Thanksgiving? Full Guide

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I have a memory of last Thanksgiving when I hurried to purchase some last-minute items at Dollar General before they closed.

And as I hurried through the store, I couldn’t help but wonder about their closing time on Thanksgiving Day. 

With the holiday season approaching, many people may find themselves in a similar situation, needing to know when Dollar General shuts its doors on this special day.

So, what time does Dollar General close on Thanksgiving? Keep reading. 

What Time Will Dollar General Close On Thanksgiving?

Dollar General Store

On Thanksgiving Day, Dollar General stores stay open later than usual to help people with their shopping. Normally, they close at 9 pm, but on Thanksgiving, they close at 10 pm.

This gives everyone more time to buy things they might need for the holiday. 

“I love grocery shopping. It’s one of my favorite things. I don’t want to become an ordering-food-online person.” 

– Scott Rogowsky, American Comedian

But it’s essential to note that in Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, Dollar General stores remain closed on Thanksgiving due to state blue laws, which prohibit businesses from operating on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

So, if you live in one of these states, remember to shop ahead of time. But what time will the Meijer store close on Thanksgiving?

What Holidays Does Dollar General Close?

Dollar General takes a break on just one holiday, Christmas Day. On that special day, all Dollar General stores [1] remain closed to allow employees to spend time with their families. 

However, Dollar General operates like any regular day on other holidays, such as New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter, Columbus Day, and Veterans Day. 

You can visit their stores during their usual hours so that you will take advantage of all shopping opportunities on these occasions. 

Knowing when you can count on Dollar General being open for your convenience is good. But what time will the Safeway store close on Thanksgiving?

Why Is Dollar General Constantly Closing?

Sometimes, Dollar General stores have to close for a little while. It happens because these stores can get crowded with goods and merchandise. 

This overcrowding has raised concerns among fire marshals, who are responsible for ensuring the safety of customers and employees. 

When stores become too packed with goods, it creates a fire hazard and safety risks. 

To address these concerns, Dollar General has had to temporarily close some of its stores to alleviate overcrowding and make shopping safer for everyone. 

Check out the stores that are open on Thanksgiving in Florida here.

Why Are Items Less Expensive At Dollar General?

Dollar General’s affordability secret lies in its business strategy. Unlike other retailers that often sell items in large quantities, Dollar General opts for smaller package sizes. 

“Give thanks for Dollar General’s extra hour on Thanksgiving, giving you more time to gather supplies for a memorable holiday.”

Howkapow Gift Site

By doing so, they keep the cost of each transaction lower. This approach benefits customers who may not need or want to buy in bulk, making it a budget-friendly option for many. 

General’s ability to provide everyday essentials at lower prices through this method has made it a go-to destination for those looking to stretch their dollars. 

Is Dollar General Or Walmart Better For Grocery Shopping?

Grocery Store

According to a recent study, Walmart offers better grocery prices than Dollar General. 

Even though Dollar General used to have everything for just a dollar, it still needs to catch up to some competitors in terms of overall affordability. 

Walmart’s big stores and lots of stuff make them able to offer lower prices on groceries. 

As the study suggests, if you want to save money on food, Walmart is the better choice. Remember this when you decide where to do your grocery shopping.

Is Shopping At Dollar General Worth It?

Dollar General can be a good place to shop, but there are better options for everything. 

They have great prices on many things, but there are some items you should avoid buying there if you can find them somewhere else for a better deal. 

On the other hand, Dollar General has the lowest prices for some things. So, when you shop at Dollar General, consider what you’re buying and compare prices to make a smart choice. 

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What time does the Dollar General store close on Christmas Eve?

Dollar General stores are open until 10 pm on December 24th, providing shoppers with extended hours to complete their holiday preparations.

Do workers of Dollar General get holiday pay for Thanksgiving?

Yes, all full-time Dollar General employees receive holiday pay [2], which is time and a half, for working on major holidays, including Thanksgiving. 

This policy ensures employees are compensated for their work on these special days.

What is Walmart’s closing time on Christmas Eve?

Most Walmart stores will remain open until 8 pm on Christmas Eve, allowing customers to make those final, eleventh-hour purchases and find that ideal holiday gift before the celebration begins.

Is Dollar General less expensive than Costco?

Unlike Dollar General, Costco tends to have lower prices on most items, although customers usually need to buy in bulk. 

In A Nutshell

Dollar General extends its hours on Thanksgiving, closing at 10 pm, an hour later than their usual 9 pm closing time. 

But keep in mind that in Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, state laws keep Dollar General stores closed on Thanksgiving.

And while Dollar General makes these holiday accommodations, it’s also worth noting that they close their doors entirely on Christmas Day. 

On all other major holidays, like New Year’s Day and Veterans Day, they remain open with their regular operating hours.

So, understanding their holiday hours can make your life much easier, whether you’re rushing for last-minute Thanksgiving supplies or planning holiday shopping around Dollar General’s schedule.


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