How To Keep Kegs Cold At Wedding

How To Keep Kegs Cold At A Wedding?

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As you plan your ideal wedding, remember the crucial step of keeping your beer kegs cool. This guarantees that every guest can relish in the delight of each cool, refreshing draught.

Drawing from my own experiences, I’ve discovered some game-changing tactics to combat the sweltering temperatures and keep the beer flowing, making your special day even more memorable. 

Today, I’ll give actionable methods on how to keep kegs cold at weddings, all while minimizing stress and maximizing celebration. Keep reading. 

8 Easy Ways To Keep Kegs Cold At Your Wedding

1. Ice Bucket Or Tub

Tub Full of Ice

Ice tubs or buckets are a great way to keep kegs at the right temperature during a wedding. They can fit a full keg and lots of ice, keeping your drinks nice and cold. 

And being an economical solution, the container will collect the melted water from the ice [1], meaning there’ll be no mess.

2. Kegerator

Having a kegerator is a great solution. It can store multiple kegs, ensuring that the beer [2] is always chilled. Special temperature regulators allow the beer to stay cold throughout the event. 

Beers can easily be pulled from each keg due to the simple lines on the kegerator. And renting a kegerator typically costs less than buying a huge amount of ice and a cooler. 

3. Keg Jackets Or Blankets

Whether it’s an outdoor wedding or indoors, these jackets or blankets are great for decreasing the temperature so the guests can easily access their drinks without overheating the place. 

Also, combine the jacket and blanket with other cold-keeping techniques, such as ice or a mini fridge, to ensure your kegs stay frosty for your nuptials.

4. Keg Chillers Or Coolers

These are specialized devices that cool a keg quickly using a coil system. A cooler filled with ice and water cools the coil, which is in contact with the keg, thus cooling the beer inside.

“Beer, if drunk in moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit and promotes health.”

Thomas Jefferson, 3rd U.S. President

Keg chillers are insulated to prevent heat from escaping and seal in cold temperatures. And there’s a wide variety of sizes depending on how many kegs must be stored.

5. Jockey Box

Double Tap Jockey Box

A jockey box features a coolant-filled container and coils made of beer-rated stainless steel, so your brew is chilled for your guests to enjoy. 

All you have to do is mount some taps to the jockey box, and your guests can easily serve themselves cold beer. 

So, it’s a perfect way to make sure plenty of cold refreshments are available to keep all your guests happy.

6. Kiddie Pool

Utilizing a kiddie pool is inexpensive and effortless to keep your kegs chill at a wedding reception. The pool should be stuffed with ice before your kegs are placed. 

Everyone at the wedding can help spread the ice around the kegs sufficiently to keep the temperature low.  But how do you keep the drinks cold at a party?

7. Dry Ice

Dry ice is a nice way to keep beverages cold on your special wedding day. It will stay colder for longer, and since it is in solid form, drinks won’t be watered down. 

Transportation is easy, too, since the ice comes in a much smaller package. However, handle the ice cautiously, as it can be hazardous to your skin.

“Keeping the kegs cool alongside your warm hearts is important while celebrating. Preserve the icy goodness so every guest can enjoy a refreshing drink.”

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Also, while using it, be sure to provide sufficient airflow, or else the melting process may cause nausea to those nearby.

Find out how you can keep the ice cream cold at a party here.

8. Put Salt Around The Keg

Person Holding Salt

Salt makes water colder and helps keep the beer cold. You want to avoid pouring salt directly onto the keg. Instead, make a thick layer of salt around and in the container holding the keg. 

If a bucket is available, you might fill it with ice and rock salt, then submerge the keg in the bucket to keep it cool while guests arrive or while the reception is going on.

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How long will a keg keep its cold temperature without ice?

A keg will keep its cold temperature for two to three hours, depending on environmental conditions such as air temperature and humidity.

How many ice bags do you need to keep a keg cool?

A beer keg typically needs three ice bags to keep it adequately cool. 

Do kegs go bad when they become warm?

Yes, kegs can go bad when they become too warm or reach 55°F, as it can ultimately affect the taste and quality of the beer.

Bottom Line

Keeping kegs cold at your wedding is a breeze with the right strategies. 

From finding a shady spot and utilizing ice buckets or tubs to employing kegerators and keg jackets or blankets, these practical tips ensure your guests enjoy every sip of icy refreshment. 

As someone who has experienced the importance of chilled kegs firsthand, I can confidently say that implementing these methods will help you create an unforgettable wedding celebration. 

So, take charge, watch the temperature, and raise a glass to a perfectly cooled keg, ensuring your special day is filled with joyful toasts and happy memories.


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