How To Include Nieces And Nephews In Wedding

How To Include Nieces & Nephews In Wedding: Guide

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At weddings, pairs have the chance to celebrate their connection and demonstrate their love to family and friends.

But if you have nieces and nephews, you may wonder how best to include them in your wedding celebration. 

From memorable roles in the ceremony to fun activities at the reception, there are plenty of ways to ensure your nieces and nephews feel like an essential part of your big day. 

With that, we’ll discuss some creative ideas on how to include nieces and nephews on your wedding day.

5 Formal Ways To Include Your Nieces & Nephews In The Wedding

flower girl and ring bearer walking on the isle

1. Have Them Serve As The Flower Girl & Ring Bearer

One lovely approach to involve kids in the ceremony is to have a flower girl and a ring bearer [1].

It’s a unique way to make them feel important and to give them a role in the ceremony. It’s also a sweet way to honor them and give them fond memories of the wedding. 

“Nieces are like sunshine on a rainy day.” 

Catherine Pulsifer, Author

The flower girl typically carries a basket of petals or confetti and may walk down the aisle before the bride. 

Meanwhile, the ring bearer traditionally walks down the aisle with a pillow that holds the rings for the bride and groom. 

Both children will be dressed in special outfits that match the wedding’s theme and colors. But how many floral girls do weddings have?

2. Ask Them To Be Part Of A Special Dance During The Reception

The idea of asking your nieces and nephews to be part of a special dance during the reception is a great way to include them in your wedding celebration. 

You can choreograph a fun and creative dance routine to make them feel special and be the show stars. 

It’s also great to involve other family members, such as grandparents, uncles, and aunts, and give them something special to remember the day. 

Plus, this activity can help break the ice between family members and make the reception more enjoyable.

3. Set Up A Special Craft Station At The Reception 

Having a designated craft area at the reception is a great way to get your nieces and nephews involved in the big day. 

It includes a variety of craft supplies like crayons, markers, construction paper, and glue, as well as a selection of pre-made crafts that they can customize. 

And it will give the children something to occupy their time in a creative and fun way while also providing them with a tangible memento of their participation in the wedding. 

On top of that, the craft station helps keep them entertained during the reception [2] while allowing them to express themselves and be creative.

4. Ask Them To Help Hand Out Favors Or Programs

Another way to involve your nieces and nephews is by having them help out by handing out favors or programs. 

It is an excellent way to give them an important role in the wedding as it gives them a sense of responsibility and allows them to contribute to the day. 

Since it’s a task that kids can easily accomplish, it will be manageable for them. 

Plus, it will keep them engaged and entertained during the wedding. 

You can set aside a special area for them to hand out favors and programs, and if they get bored, give them tasks like checking and ensuring everyone has a program.

5. Have Them Perform A Special Reading Or Poem During The Ceremony

You might involve your nieces and nephews in your wedding by having them do a reading or recite a poem. 

Ask your niece and nephews to pick a poem or reading that resonates with them and have them practice it before the big day. 

Also, you can have them practice with an adult or a family member to ensure they are comfortable speaking in front of a group of people. 

If you have more than one niece or nephew, you can have them read together or take turns reading. 

Thus, it allows them to express themselves and show their love and support for you during the ceremony.

Is It Okay To Not Invite Children To Weddings?

cute little girl wearing dress

It is perfectly acceptable not to invite children to weddings. Couples should decide what atmosphere they want for their wedding and who should be invited. 

If the couple wants an adult-only wedding, they are entitled to make that decision. They can also decide to include children but limit the number of children to avoid overwhelming the guests.

Find out if getting married on your natal day is a bad idea here.

Is It Impolite To Mention “No Children” At A Wedding?

Couples who are in the process of organizing their wedding might want to discuss whether or not it is suitable to include the phrase “no children” on their invites.

While it is not necessarily impolite to do so, it is essential to be respectful and considerate of those who may be offended by such a statement. 

It is best to announce politely but clearly, such as by including it in the invitation or mentioning it courteously when speaking to guests. 

It is the couple’s decision as to whether or not to include children, and it should be respected.

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Should you invite your nieces and nephews to your rehearsal dinner?

Inviting your nieces and nephews to your rehearsal dinner would be best. 

It’s a wonderful opportunity to let everyone in your family know how excited you are about the forthcoming wedding.

But how can you have a small wedding with a big family?

How do you say “no kids” in a nice way at a wedding?

Being polite and formal is the right tip for saying no kids at a wedding. 

For example, you can say this: “We appreciate your enthusiasm for our special day. While we love children, we’ve decided to keep our wedding a kid-free event. Thank you for understanding our decision.”

Bottom Line

No matter how you choose to include your nieces and nephews on your wedding day, it’s sure to be a day they won’t soon forget. 

Kids love being part of something special, and by including them in your wedding, you’re making them feel special. 

Let your family shine on your special day, and capture the memories with plenty of photos.


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