How To Have A Small Wedding With A Big Family

How To Have A Small Wedding With A Big Family: 10 Tips

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Is managing your wedding guest list a challenge due to your extensive family? Trying to please everyone and still maintain a limited list could seem overwhelming.

Our team will walk you through how to have a small wedding with a big family while ensuring your entire family feels included and honored.

Top 10 Solid Tips To Organize A Small Wedding With A Big Family

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1. Set a clear budget and stick to it.

2. Choose a venue that can comfortably accommodate your guest list.

3. Keep the guest list short and only invite close family and friends.

4. Assign tasks to family members and trusted friends to help with the planning and execution.

5. Simplify the menu and opt for a casual or buffet-style meal [1].

6. Use digital tools for communication and organization, such as a shared Google Drive or a wedding planning app.

7. Prioritize and delegate decorations and flowers to minimize costs and effort.

8. Consider having the ceremony and reception at the exact location to save time and money.

9. Choose a flexible and accommodating vendor team, especially for photography and videography.

10. Take time for yourself and delegate responsibilities to avoid burnout.

Is It A Wise Idea To Have A Small Wedding?

A small wedding can be an excellent idea for couples who want an intimate and meaningful ceremony tailored to their specifications. 

“Before you marry a person you should first make them use a computer with slow Internet to see who they really are.” 

Will Ferrell, American Actor

It can be a more affordable option than a large wedding, and couples can still get the same special moments they would expect from a traditional wedding. 

Couples can focus on the individuals present with a smaller party and enjoy their day without worrying about a large crowd or many details.

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Why Is A Small Wedding Better Than A Big One?

A small wedding is often better than a large one for various reasons. One of the main reasons is that it can be much less expensive and easier to plan than a large wedding. 

With a smaller guest list, you can find a more budget-friendly venue and cut down on the necessary food and decorations. 

Planning a small wedding can be significantly easier because fewer details must be sorted out. 

A smaller wedding lets you be more intimate and personal with your guests. 

In contrast, it may be challenging to get to know every one of your guests at a big wedding because of the sheer number of attendees.

Aside from that, small weddings are much more relaxed and enjoyable for everyone involved. 

Thus, it can feel less overwhelming and more like a special gathering of your closest family and friends.

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How Many People Does A Small Wedding Have?

A small wedding typically has between 20-80 attendees. 

This type of wedding allows for a more intimate atmosphere, with the couple surrounded by their closest family and friends. 

It also means that the couple can take more time to speak to each guest rather than feeling rushed. 

Not just that, small weddings can be more flexible in terms of location and timing, as smaller groups can be accommodated in a wider variety of venues.

How Far Ahead Of Time Should A Small Wedding Be Planned?

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A small wedding should be planned six months to one year in advance. It gives ample time to secure a venue, book vendors, and make necessary arrangements. 

A longer timeline allows more time to shop for the perfect dress, suit, and other accessories. Plus, couples can research and find the perfect vendors to ensure a memorable event.

Besides, when planning a wedding, the guest list is one of the most crucial things to consider. 

If you’re having a small wedding, prepare ahead so you can send out invitations at least two months in advance. It allows guests to plan accordingly, make travel arrangements, or clear their schedules. 

Planning also ensures couples have enough time to create personalized touches such as favors, decorations, and seating arrangements [2].

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How Much Should A Small Wedding Cost?

A small wedding can cost anywhere between $500-$700. 

But the cost of a small wedding depends on various factors, including the size of the guest list, the venue, the type of food and drinks served, the number of attendants, and other elements such as flowers and decorations. 

While it is possible to have a beautiful and meaningful wedding without spending a fortune, the cost can add up quickly.


Is it impolite not to invite distant relatives to a wedding?

Generally, it is not considered impolite to not invite distant relatives to a wedding, as long as they are not close family members. 

However, some distant relatives may take offense if not invited, so it is best to consider each situation carefully before deciding who to ask.

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Can a wedding be planned for under $10,000?

Yes, a wedding can be planned for under $10,000. 

With creative budgeting and careful planning, couples can have a beautiful wedding day with plenty of special touches without spending a fortune.

Is it more inexpensive to arrange your wedding?

Arranging your wedding can be time-consuming, but it can also be more cost-effective than hiring a wedding planner. 

Researching and shopping around can help you find the best deals on wedding supplies and services, making it more economical to arrange your wedding.

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Is a wedding with 30 guests too small?

Yes, a wedding with 30 guests can feel too small if the couple has a large family and many friends they want to invite. 

But the good side is it tends to be quite intimate, allowing for more personal connections with the guests.

Wrapping Up

Your intimate wedding is a beautiful opportunity to honor your love and devotion to your family members and a lovely way to celebrate your marriage. 

Although you may have limited space, you can still make it a unique, unforgettable event. 

By being intentional, creative, and flexible, you can create a beautiful, meaningful day that all will cherish.


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