How Many Gifts Should You Have On Your Registry

How Many Gifts Should You Have On Your Registry? Explained

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Designing your wedding registry can feel overwhelming, particularly when determining the appropriate number of gifts to include.

I’ve been through this process, and I know the struggle to find the right mix of useful and fun items. But how many gifts should you have on your registry?

Today, I’ll offer practical insights on how many gifts you should consider adding to your wedding registry.

So grab a pen and paper as we uncover the secrets to crafting a registry that truly reflects your needs and wants.

How Many Items Should You Include On Your Gift Registry?

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At weddings [1], it’s recommended to have at least two gifts per guest to help them decide to find the perfect gifts. 

If you’re throwing a small wedding, you must include 20 items on your registry. Consider including 30-50 items on your registry if you have a larger wedding. 

It ensures that your guests have plenty of options and keeps your registry from being overwhelming.

On the other hand, if it comes to the baby registry, it is ideal for including between 100 and 120 items, depending on the size of the party and the budget. 

Another thing, when it comes to your registry, focus on the quality of the items rather than the quantity. 

It is better to have a few well-curated items than a long list of items you don’t necessarily need.

How Much Should Gifts Cost On The Registry?

Generally, more expensive items should be saved for larger events such as weddings, where you should spend around $100. 

For a baby shower, $100-200 is a typical range, and for a bridal shower, $50-75 is usually appropriate. 

“The best gift you can give yourself is the gift of possibility.” 

Paul Newman, American Actor

It is also important to consider the couple’s tastes and preferences, as some may not want certain items.

But you should never feel obligated to spend more than you are comfortable with. 

Also, remember that it’s the thought that counts and that a cheap but well-considered present can mean just as much as a pricey one. 

Gift givers should also remember that the registry is just a suggestion. If you want to purchase something outside the registry, you can do so.

Can You Have Too Many Things On Your Registry?

The answer can be yes or no, but we’ll extract it for you. Choosing items you truly need is important when you set up a registry. 

Of course, you can put many items on your registry as long as it can be useful. 

And having a wide selection of items on your registry gives guests more options and can provide you with the items you need for your new home. 

If you are willing to take the time to manage the items and thank-yous, having a larger registry can be beneficial. 

On the other hand, a registry can easily become overwhelming if it includes too many items, and guests may become confused or overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. 

Additionally, if you add too many items, it can become difficult for guests to find the perfect gift for you. 

Plus, consider the cost of the items on your registry. If you add too many expensive items, it can be difficult for guests to find a gift that fits their budget. 

Hence, it’s a good idea to include items of varying prices so that guests can find something that works for them.

What Gifts Should Not Be On A Wedding Registry?

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Gifts that should not be included on a wedding registry are too personal items. These items could include clothing, jewelry, or lingerie [2]. 

Even if the couple is close to the person giving the gift, they may not appreciate an item that is too personal. 

Also, expensive and extravagant items should not be on a wedding registry. 

Guests will feel awkward and pressured to buy expensive gifts for the party. Instead, the couple should focus on more attainable items for their guests. 

“Remember, it’s not about the quantity of gifts on your registry, but the thoughtfulness behind each one.”

Howkapow Gift Site

Another item that should not be added to a wedding registry is items that the couple already owns. 

It can be tricky, as couples may not want to register for items they already have but may not want to leave them off the registry either. 

But how much should you spend on a wedding gift?

Do You Include High-Priced Items In Your Baby Registry?

Yes, you can put expensive items in your baby registry. 

High-priced items can be beneficial to include as they are often items you wouldn’t buy for yourself, but they would be nice to have. 

For example, a high-end stroller may be a luxury item, but it can also be a practical item that will last a long time and make life easier for you and your baby. 

Additionally, if you are fortunate enough to receive high-priced items as gifts, you can use the extra money saved to purchase other necessary items. 

However, not all guests can afford those gifts, and some might feel obligated to purchase the items. 

So when you decide to jot down some expensive things, tell the guests ahead to avoid misunderstanding.

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Do you need more than one gift registry?

Yes, setting up multiple gift registries can help ensure you receive the gifts you want. And it provides a variety of options for your family and friends.

Is it impolite to buy something that’s not on the list?

Yes, it is considered impolite to buy something that wasn’t on the list. 

But if you have a good relationship with the person who gave you the list, you believe they would appreciate the gesture.

Check out some ways to ask for money instead of gifts here.

What should you include on your wedding registry if you already have everything?

If you already have all the items for your home, consider creating a honeymoon or home improvement fund on your wedding registry.
You could also include charity donations on your registry to allow your guests to contribute to a cause important to you.

In Summary 

No matter how many gifts you decide to put on your registry, the most important thing to remember is that your registry should reflect your style and preferences. 

Choose items that you would be excited to receive and that your guests will be sure to love. 

With careful planning and thoughtful selection, your registry will help to make your special day even more memorable.


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