How to Ask For Money Instead of Gifts Politely

How to Ask For Money Instead of Gifts Politely

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The custom of presenting gifts on special occasions like weddings, birthdays, graduations, or similar events is quite widespread. Nevertheless, getting gifts that fail to bring joy can spoil the atmosphere.

To avoid this situation, receiving money instead of physical gifts would surely be the best idea. Find out how to ask for money instead of gifts politely.

5 Ways to Ask for Money Instead of Gifts 

5 Ways to Ask for Money Instead of Gifts 

1. Use a Cash Registry Website

As its name state, the purpose of this type of gift registry website is to ask for just one present -money. Unlike regular wedding registries, the cash registry website is suitable for wedding celebrations, birthday parties, and other special events.

If you’re a lovely couple, you can use a cash registry on any available wedding website[1]. You can also use this method to help you pay for your honeymoon trip or for paying rent and other necessities afterward. 

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2. Spread the Word Using Third Party (Friends and Family)

Spread the Word Using Third Party (Friends and Family)

There are a lot of ways to spread your intent. You can ask your parents or third parties to help you spread the information, so you can avoid being in an awkward situation where you ask for monetary gifts. 

You can also use social media platforms to spread the news. Spread the information in advance so your guests won’t have to look for other gifts and avoid unnecessary purchases.

But how can you ask someone what they want for their birthday?

3. State Your Reasons

Requesting monetary gifts might offend some people, so you should show them your brilliant ideas of being practical. Be polite and explain to them why you prefer cash gifts.

For some instances, here are the most common reasons:

  • You are about to move to a new place, so you don’t want to add more things to your workload.
  • You’re in need of funding for something very important.
  • You already have most of the things that you need.
  • You don’t have much space to put in new stuff.

You may also mention your holding fundraisers for nonprofits as an honorable and significant factor in your quest for monetary support. Plus, fundraisers can bring in more money than asking for gifts, making them an ideal way to support the cause.

Whatever your reason is, you have to voice it out in a polite way, so your guests will understand why you prefer money over physical gifts. This will clear their mind that giving money is not a bad idea. You might even encourage them to send more money gifts.

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4. Address It In Your Invitation

Address It In Your Invitation

Like our traditional celebrations, sending invitations is the best way to let your beloved families, relatives, and friends know they are a part of the event. Anyone who received an elegant invitation will most likely be happy and read it. Explain your practical ideas in a fun and creative way. 

But how can you mention in your wedding invitation that guests must pay for their meals?

5. Set a Cash/Check Box at the Reception

Having a cash or cheque box at the reception is a brilliant idea. No hassle, no awkward moments for both you and the guests. Setting that box with an elegant design that matches the theme of the celebration is pretty common, especially at wedding celebrations. Tip, adding a wishing well is also a good idea.

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Sample Phrases and Poems to Put on the Invitation

Sample Phrases and Poems to Put on the Invitation

  • With all that __ have,___ been truly blessed
    Your presence as our guest,
    is all that __ request,
    But if you desire to give nonetheless,
    A monetary gift is one __ suggest.
  • We have our dishes and towels for two
    Pot and pans and a toaster too.
    Knives and forks and spoons galore,
    There isn’t much room for more!
    So if our wedding you’d like to bring us a gift,
    A cheque or cash would give us a lift.
  • We ask only of your love and presence, but if a present is your desire, we would be honored with a cash gift.
  • To save you looking, shopping and buying,
    Here’s an idea __ hope you like trying!
    A wishing well ___ thought would be great,
    But only if you wish to participate.
  • If you were thinking of giving a gift
    To help __on __way
    A gift of cash towards____,
    It would make __day.
    However, if you prefer to purchase a gift,
    Feel free to surprise__ in your way.

Is It Fine to Ask for Money as a Gift?

Is It Fine to Ask for Money as a Gift?

It may be fine depending on the person you asked, but you must consider some etiquette values. If you know that the person is approachable and has a practical mindset, then it will probably lead to a good outcome.

On the other hand, If the person you’re asking for money instead of a physical gift is sentimental about some things or, in short, a keeper, you might want to think twice before asking them.


When Should You Ask For It? 

Special events like wedding parties, birthday celebrations, or graduation are just some of the events where you can ask for monetary gifts. In addition to the wedding celebration, you can indicate the money will be used to fund your honeymoon trip if you desire.

Giving money is also fine for Christmas celebrations, anniversaries, or any other special event and occasion you have, as long as you take the right approach. But is there a polite way to decline a monetary gift


How do you ask for money as a wedding gift?

You can address it in your invitation and on the wedding registry website if you have one. Try to put monetary gift wording on your invitation, like poems and phrases. Spread the information to your family and friends. Add a Wishing well or a cheque/ cash box at the reception of the wedding party. But how much should a wedding gift cost?

Is it rude to ask for money instead of gifts?

It depends on the person you are asking. Some might think it is, while some will agree and think it’s practical. It also depends on how you approach them. Try to ask them reasonably but if they prefer physical gifts, so be it. Just be grateful for whatever present they have for you.

But is it rude to give money as a gift?


Surely, there are many ways to ask for money rather than receiving gifts, and you just have to take the right approach. Some might be offended, while some wouldn’t mind at all. Always be grateful when receiving gifts or any present. 

A celebration is not as joyful if you’re alone. Your guests’ presence is what matters. If you ever feel upset with the outcome, remember you were doing a celebration, not fundraising.


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