How Much Money To Spend On Wedding Gift

How Much Money To Spend On a Wedding Gift: Solved

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When an invitation to a wedding is received, a common question that arises is the appropriate amount to spend on a gift for the occasion.

You want to give a meaningful gift and show appreciation for the couple, but you also don’t want to break the bank. 

So how much money should you spend on a wedding gift? Read on.

Is There A Typical Amount To Spend On Wedding Gifts?

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While there’s no set rule, etiquette suggests that a gift of up to $100 may be suitable. But whatever amount you spend should reflect your relationship with the couple.

Moreover, a gift of $50-$100 is not considered too small for close family members. For acquaintances or casual friends, $25-$50 is more appropriate. 

If you’re unsure about your budget, it’s better to opt for something unique than breaking the bank trying to get elaborate gifts. 

Unless you have deep pockets and unlimited resources, stick with gifts within your budget so everyone can feel included in celebrating the newlyweds’ love.

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In Cash Or By Check: What Do The Newlyweds Prefer? 

In many cases, giving a cash or check gift is perfectly acceptable – it’s all about how much you are comfortable spending on the couple. 

Cash is great because it’s convenient and can be given easily; however, make sure to carry the right amount, as most couples prefer not to deal with change. 

On the other hand, checks offer a more formal option and allow you to write personal notes on the memo line when giving them. 

Keep in mind that they may be able to purchase something specific they have their eye on or use the money towards their honeymoon, so it’s important to make your gift count.

But how can you fill out a check for a wedding gift?

Would $300 Be An Appropriate Gift For A Wedding?

Yes. Generally, $300 is considered appropriate yet expensive for wedding gifts. 

“Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love, and they blossom when we love the ones we marry.” 

Tom Mullen, Novelist, and Author

You must also note that this amount is only suggested; ultimately, the individual should use their best judgment when deciding how much money should be given as a wedding gift.

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Is It Impolite To Not Give A Monetary Gift At A Wedding?

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Not really. The traditional societal expectation is that attending guests bring a monetary gift to a wedding. However, it is not impolite to decline this obligation. 

Rather than writing a check or selecting from the bridal registry, guests can show their appreciation for being invited in countless other ways. 

It includes showering newlyweds [1] with compliments about their union, providing friendship and emotional support during stressful times, or bringing homemade recipes they can enjoy for months after the event. 

Though a financial contribution makes up a large part of wedding festivities, it’s important to remember that loving gestures are just as rewarding in their unique way.


Is It A Bad Idea To Request For Money As A Wedding Gift?

No. Many people think asking for money as a wedding gift is tacky; however, this perception is incorrect. Asking for money should not be considered tacky. 

Not only does requesting money eliminate the burden of returning unwanted gifts, but it also presents opportunities to invest in more meaningful and useful items than those found in traditional wedding registries. 

Rather than having your guests bring balloons and stationery, you can use monetary wedding gifts to start a college savings account, take a special honeymoon or make a down payment on a house —all items that build a solid foundation for married life. 

In the end, money can be a far more valued gift than anything else.

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What shouldn’t you give as a gift for a wedding?

Don’t give anything that is too personal or that the couple may not be able to use. You also don’t want to give anything that is too expensive.  

Finally, try to stay away from generic gifts like picture frames or wine glasses.

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How should I give money as a wedding present?

Depending on the wishes of the newlyweds, money might be given in several ways. 

Some couples might prefer to receive cash in an envelope, while others might prefer a gift registry where guests can choose specific items they would like to give.

But how many items should you put on your registry?

Is $50 a good wedding gift?

It depends on your relationship with the couple getting married.

If you’re close friends, $50 might be a little low, but it’s not too bad. If you’re just acquaintances, then $50 is appropriate.

But how can you politely ask for money instead of gifts?

Is it appropriate to give a gift card as a wedding present?

Yes, giving a gift card as a wedding present is appropriate. It is a convenient way to give newlyweds money that they can use to buy whatever they want. 

Plus, it’s a thoughtful gesture that shows you put some thought into the gift.

Key Takeaways

Ultimately, it will depend on your relationship and the budget if you are wondering what to give to the newlywed couple.    

Although there are no rules about wedding gifts, these suggestions help you choose something meaningful. 

Remember that it’s the thought that counts no matter what amount you decide on.


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