What Does The Bible Say About Christmas Gifts

What Does The Bible Say About Christmas Gifts? Solved

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As the holiday season draws near, is there anything more thrilling than searching for the perfect gift for your loved ones?

But what does the Bible say about Christmas gifts? Surprisingly, the Bible has a lot to say on this topic.

So if you are looking for guidance on choosing Christmas gifts, you have come to the right place. Read on.

What Does the Scripture Say About Christmas Gifts?

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The Scripture offers many passages that aid us in our understanding of Christmas gifting and its purpose. 

Of course, one of the most prominent is Matthew 6:21 (NIV), which proclaims, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will also be,” suggesting that learning to give rather than receive holds deeper significance for the human soul. 

Similarly, 2 Corinthians 9:7 encourages us to give freely, and “God loves a cheerful giver” when recognizing the beauty in giving from the heart. 

Furthermore, James 1:17 laments that “every good and perfect gift is from above,” thereby tying us back to the greater source- God himself being at the root of all great gifts we can receive or bestow upon others during Christmas. 

Thus, Scripture guides how we should view Christmas gifts- with humility, generosity, and love in abundance. But what does the Bible say about gifts in general?

In The Bible, What Does God Tell Us About Christmas? 

God does not explicitly mention Christmas in the Bible; however, several verses throughout the scriptures discuss concepts related to the celebration of Christmas. 

If you read the Bible [1], you can find it in Luke 2:11, wherein a group of shepherds is visited by an angel who tells them about the birth of Jesus.

“Let us keep Christmas beautiful without a thought of greed.”

Ann Garnett Schultz, Author

It reminds us that through Jesus’ birth, God has graciously offered us a way out of our sins and salvation. 

Additionally, Isaiah 9:6 states that a child will be “the mighty God” and “the everlasting Father,” illustrating Jesus’ divine power and connection with his Heavenly Father. 

The birth of Christ was chosen by God himself as a sign of grace and hope for Christians during a usually hectic time, and we must remember these truths as we celebrate during this season.

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What Does Paul Say About Christmas?

Paul’s writings in the New Testament provide much insight into his views on Christmas and other Christian holidays. 

Most notably, Paul writes to encourage Christians to remember Jesus during these special days, not simply to celebrate the holiday itself. 

He further emphasizes that believers should focus on rejoicing in the knowledge of Christ’s birth instead of celebrating worldly culinary feasts or partaking in superfluous festivities. But what is a Christmas eve present?

How Did Gift-Giving Become A Tradition At Christmas?

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Gift-giving is an ancient custom that has roots in various cultures and religions. 

Historical records have shown that gift-giving was often related to special occasions, festivals, or religious celebrations. 

Since Christmas is about remembering the birth of Jesus Christ, it is assumed that this celebration adopted some of the customs of previous holidays, including giving gifts.

Christianity is credited for legitimizing the practice due to the reference to gift-giving in the Bible during Jesus’ birth celebration.

Gift-giving at Christmas has evolved – from more common means, such as food and clothing, to symbolic items. 

Today, exchanging gifts during Christmas has become a way to express our love and appreciation for the people we cherish most.

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What Does The Exchange Of Christmas Gifts Represent?

The exchange of gifts during Christmas is a long-standing tradition filled with deeper meaning. 

It serves as an outward expression of care and appreciation, symbolizing the act of giving just as Christ gave selflessly to others. 

Moreover, it exemplifies the importance of relationships, reminding us that the time spent with family and friends should be cherished above all else. 

On this holiday, exchanging gifts reminds us that at our core, we are connected by an innate love and generosity, allowing us to choose joy regardless of our circumstances.

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What Does Jesus Preach About Giving Presents?

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Jesus teaches us that giving should never be done with expectations of receiving something in return but rather to demonstrate pure love and kindness. 

From the book of Luke 6:38, it says, “Give, and it will be given to you” we understand that Jesus encourages giving generously; if we give from our hearts, God will bless us more than we could ever imagine. 

Giving presents is a tangible representation of love and appreciation, so Jesus preaches about it to show our gratitude for one another.

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What does the Bible teach about turning down presents?

The Bible doesn’t say anything specific about turning down presents, but the general principle is that we should be grateful for everything we receive.

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What does the Scripture say about receiving gifts?

The Bible says different things about gifts in various passages. 

However, a few things are clear: First, it’s important to remember that we should not expect or demand gifts from others; thus, they should be given freely out of love. 

As a second point, the Bible emphasizes the importance of giving to others over receiving. 

Finally, the Bible says that we should use our gifts (whatever they may be) to serve others and bring glory to God.

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Final Thoughts

Although the Bible does not explicitly mention Christmas gifts, it offers many principles that can guide Christians as they decide whether or not to give and what to give. 

Ultimately, Christians should use wisdom and discernment when making decisions about gift-giving, keeping in mind the motivations behind their actions. 

As we think about gift-giving this Christmas season [2], let us remember to keep our hearts focused on God and His glory.


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