How To Explain The Meaning Of Christmas To A Child

How to Explain the Meaning of Christmas to a Child: Full Guide

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As we approach the holiday season, it is crucial to teach children about the true significance of Christmas. One effective method is by recounting a personal experience.

When I was your age, I remember Christmas when families and friends came together to show love and kindness. 

But other than that, how to explain the meaning of Christmas to a child? Today, I’ll share some ways on how you can teach kids the importance of this holiday season.

10 Fun Ways To Explain Children The Meaning Of Christmas

1. Read Them With Biblical Passages About Christmas

Girl Holding a Bible

Children can be engaged in Christmas’s true spirit by reading Bible stories. 

You can start with the Gospel books of Luke and Matthew, which narrate the birth of Jesus simply and understandably. 

“Don’t let the past steal your present. This is the message of Christmas: We are never alone.” 

– Taylor Caldwell, American Novelist

These stories talk about how Jesus was born in Bethlehem and how his arrival brought hope and love to the world. 

2. Teach The Spirit Of Giving

Christmas is not just about receiving gifts; it’s also about giving [1]. Encourage your child to pick out gifts for their family and friends. 

Explain that this act of kindness mirrors the love and generosity that Jesus taught us. It’s like spreading happiness by sharing with others. 

Get kids involved in helping the less fortunate by collecting toys and food for the hungry. 

This way, they’ll learn that Christmas is a time to show love and care for others, just like Jesus did when he was born. But how many gifts should each kid get for Christmas?

3. Participate In Uplifting Carol Services

To help children understand the essence of Christmas, attending carol services can be a delightful experience. 

These events are like joyful, musical celebrations where people sing special songs called carols. The carols tell the story of Jesus’ birth with catchy tunes and meaningful lyrics. 

It’s a chance for kids to join in, listen to beautiful music, and learn about the true meaning of Christmas through the power of song.

4. Discover the Birth of Jesus Through Engaging Books

Try to find books with lots of pictures and few words since they will be the easiest to read and comprehend. 

These books tell how Jesus was born in a stable in Bethlehem and how it brought hope and love into the world. 

Reading these stories together can be like going on an exciting adventure with the characters from the Bible, helping kids grasp the significance of this special day.

5. Try Watching Christ-Centered Films

Watching movies centered around the birth of Jesus can make the Christmas story come alive for children. 

Movies like these are entertaining retellings of the Nativity story, complete with live-action actors and CGI animation. It’s like having a magical Christmas story on the TV screen. 

It helps kids visualize the events and understand the importance of Jesus’ birth, making learning about Christmas enjoyable and memorable.

6. Attend A Church Service

Church Interior

Taking your child to a church service during Christmas can be an enlightening experience. It’s like going to a special gathering where people come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus. 

The service usually involves singing hymns, hearing stories from the Bible about nativity, and seeing beautiful decorations.

It’s a way to show your child the importance of the religious aspect of Christmas, where we remember the baby Jesus and the love and kindness he brought into the world.

7. Bake Christmas Treats

Baking Christmas treats with your child is like making delicious holiday magic together. 

You can bake cookies [2], cakes, or other goodies and discuss how sharing these treats can spread happiness and warmth to others during Christmas.

8. Share Family Stories

Gather your family and share stories about past Christmases. 

These stories are like treasured gifts from the past that help your child understand the special traditions and memories that make Christmas meaningful for your family.

9. Decorate Together

Decorating for Christmas is like turning your home into a magical wonderland. Include your child in the process by hanging ornaments, stringing lights, and setting up a Christmas tree. 

Explain that these decorations symbolize the joy and warmth of the season. Emphasize how the bright lights represent hope, and the ornaments hold special memories. 

Find out when Christmas became commercialized here.

10. Participate in Charity

Packing Foods for Charity

Teaching your child about charity during Christmas is a way to show them the true spirit of the holiday. Together, you can gather toys, clothes, or food to give to those in need. 

“Explaining Christmas to a child is like sharing the secret of a beautiful snowflake, each one unique and special, just like the love that Jesus brought into the world.”

Howkapow Gift Site

Explain that Christmas is a time for sharing and helping others who may be less fortunate. It’s like spreading kindness and warmth, just as Jesus taught.

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What does the Bible say about Christmas?

The Bible says that Christmas is the time of year when Christians worldwide commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.

It’s an essential event in the Gospel, emphasizing the significance of Jesus’ arrival and the message of hope, love, and salvation he brought to the world.

How can we make Jesus the center of Christmas?

To make Jesus the focal point of Christmas, engage in Christ-exalting activities like listening to 

Christmas music that celebrates His birth and reading the Bible story of His nativity with your family. 

But what are the ten reasons why Christmas is the best holiday?

Wrapping Up

Christmas is a special time when we celebrate the birth of Jesus, who brought hope and love to the world. 

To explain this to a child, you can read stories from the Bible, like the ones in the books of Luke and Matthew, and watch fun movies about Jesus’s birth. 

It’s like telling the exciting story of a baby who changed the world with love. Christmas is not just about getting presents, though. 

Plus, it’s about giving, singing carols, and being kind to others. When we give and share love, that’s the true spirit of Christmas.


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