Gift Ideas For Someone Going Into The Military

10 Best Gift Ideas For Someone Going Into The Military

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Are you on the hunt for the ideal present for someone about to enlist in the military?

It’s not always easy to know what will be most appreciated when giving to a service member, what with the many challenges that come with military service.

Luckily, many thoughtful and practical gifts will show your unwavering support for your loved one. 

From practical items for their first military post to inspiring keepsakes that remind them of home, here is a list of great gift ideas for someone going into the military.

Top 10 Gift Ideas For Those Joining The Military

1. Water Bottle

Large Gallon Water Bottle

Water bottles are an ideal gift for someone going into the military. 

Not only are they a practical tool for keeping hydrated during long days in the field, but they can also be personalized with a special message for the recipient. 

Plus, water bottles come in various styles and materials, from lightweight aluminum bottles to stainless steel containers with double-wall insulation. 

Many also come with wide-mouth openings and leak-proof lids, making them perfect for carrying on long hikes or in a rucksack. 

Some bottles have handy carabiners so they can be clipped to a belt or bag.

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2. Personalized Journal 

A personalized journal not only gives the person a place to jot down memories and engage in self-reflection, but it serves as a tangible reminder of the encouragement and support they receive from family and friends at home.

It could be filled with inspiring quotes, well wishes, and messages of encouragement that they can look back on during challenging times. 

And it will serve as a place to record the moments they experience throughout their military career. 

3. Noise-canceling Headphones 

An excellent present for someone joining the military would be a pair of noise-canceling headphones [1]. 

They provide many benefits that can be useful during their service, such as blocking out loud noises in barracks or on a noisy military base. 

When on active duty, these headphones can also help to reduce stress and anxiety by blocking out loud noises from the outside world. 

With superior sound quality, they can also be used to listen to a favorite song or podcast to help them relax.

4. Portable Charger

With the demands of military life and the uncertainty of deployment, having a reliable power source for their phone, tablet, or other electronic devices can be crucial. 

Enter the portable charger. With its sleek and durable design, this portable charger can easily fit into a backpack, duffel bag, or pocket, making it the perfect companion for any military mission.

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5. A Care Package 

A box filled with all the little comforts of home, carefully chosen to bring a smile to your loved one’s face and help them feel connected to the people and places they’re leaving behind. 

Inside, they’ll find a collection of goodies designed to lift their spirits and provide a much-needed break from the demands of military life.

 “Brave men rejoice in adversity, just as brave soldiers triumph in war.” 

Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Philosopher

Perhaps there’s a selection of their favorite snacks, like chips, cookies, and candy, carefully chosen to withstand the rigors of travel and storage. 

Or there’s a cozy blanket or pillowcase, something soft and comforting to help them feel relaxed.

6. Power Bank 

hand holding powerbank

Between deployments, field exercises, and long hours on duty, access to a reliable power source can take a lot of work. 

That’s where the power bank comes in. This power bank has a high-capacity battery and multiple charging ports; this power bank can keep multiple devices up and ready to go.

7. Emergency Blanket

From harsh weather conditions to unexpected emergencies, those who will be enlisted must be prepared for anything coming their way.

In such a scenario, an emergency blanket is a reliable tool for keeping a loved one warm, dry, and safe. 

This emergency blanket can be a lifesaver whether caught in a sudden storm, facing freezing temperatures, or dealing with other unexpected challenges.

8. Multi-tool

With the help of a multi-tool, you can make it easier for your loved one in the military to complete a wide range of tasks.

Featuring a range of valuable tools, from pliers and screwdrivers to knives and saws, this multi-tool is designed to be a proper all-in-one solution, making it an essential addition to any military kit. 

Plus, this tool withstands the rigors of military life thanks to its rugged and durable construction. 

It can handle the demands of training as well as the harsh conditions that are encountered during deployment.

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9. Survival Knife 

When your loved one is headed off to serve in the military, they’ll need to be equipped with a variety of tools and gear to help them navigate the challenges of service. 

And when it comes to staying prepared for unexpected situations, few tools are more essential than a survival knife [2]. 

Whether they face unexpected obstacles, need to cut through rigid materials, or even defend themselves in a dangerous situation. 

Hence, this knife has everything they need to handle whatever comes their way.

10. Navy Sweatshirt

A Navy sweatshirt is one of the essential pieces of clothing for keeping warm and cozy in the cool sea air. 

Featuring the iconic Navy emblem on the front, this sweatshirt is perfect for your loved one to show pride and connection to the Navy community.

But beyond its stylish design, this sweatshirt is also incredibly practical.


What do soldiers bring with them for luck?

Soldiers often carry a lucky charm, like ribbons, crayons, and religious medallions. 

They also get a tattoo in the hopes that it will be a constant reminder of the comforting presence of the person they miss.

How can you help someone in the military feel better?

Offer to listen if they want to talk about their experiences and feelings. Let them know you appreciate their service and sacrifice.

Bottom Line

Getting the perfect gift for someone entering the military can be a challenge. 

It’s important to consider their needs, wants, and interests when selecting. 

Whether you choose something practical, sentimental, or fun, the best gifts will help the recipient feel appreciated, supported, and connected to home. 


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