Why Won't My Amazon Gift Card Work

Why Won’t My Amazon Gift Card Work? Answered

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If you’re finding it challenging to utilize a recently purchased Amazon gift card, know that you’re not alone in facing this annoyance.

Many people find themselves in a similar predicament, only to discover that their gift card will not work. 

So, why won’t your Amazon gift card work? Read on to find out more. 

6 Possible Reasons Why Your Amazon Gift Card Will Not Work

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1. Your Gift Card’s Code Is Invalid Or Unreadable

One of the most common reasons why an Amazon gift card will not work is if the code is invalid or unreadable. It happens for various reasons, such as incorrect code entry or a damaged card. 

If the code is invalid or unreadable, the code will not be accepted by the Amazon system. So if you encounter that issue, contact Amazon customer service for help [1].

2. Already Redeemed

When a gift card is redeemed, the value on the card is transferred to an Amazon account and can no longer be used on another account. 

This can happen if someone else has access to the gift card information or if you’ve already used the gift card yourself. 

To check if the gift card has been redeemed, log into your Amazon account and view your balance. But is it okay to cancel an Amazon gift card?

3. Expired Or Inactive Gift Card

Most gift cards have an expiration date, which means that the card’s value can only be used within a certain period. 

If your gift card has expired, you cannot use it to make purchases on Amazon. Besides, some gift cards may become inactive if used briefly. 

And it happens if the gift card has been sitting unused for too long and the card issuer has deactivated it.

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4. The Gift Card Was Used On The Wrong Account

If your Amazon gift card doesn’t work, another possible reason could be that the gift card was mistakenly used on the wrong account. 

It occurs if you or someone else accidentally entered the gift card information on the wrong Amazon account. 

So to avoid this, it’s important to double-check the account information when entering the gift card information.

5. Regional Restrictions

If your gift card was purchased in one country, but you’re trying to use it on another country’s Amazon website, it may not be accepted. 

Plus, some items or services may be restricted in certain regions due to legal or regulatory reasons, and the gift card may not be able to be used to purchase those items or services. 

If you’re experiencing this issue, you should check the Amazon website for your specific region to see if there are any restrictions on the items or services you’re trying to purchase.

6. Technical Issues

Occasionally, there may be technical issues with Amazon’s website or payment system that prevent gift cards from being redeemed. 

If so, try again later or contact Amazon customer support for assistance.

How Long Does An Amazon Gift Card Take To Work?

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Once you purchase an Amazon gift card, it typically takes about five minutes to begin working. 

After the purchase, you should receive an email confirmation with the gift card code; this code will be the one you will use to redeem the card. 

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When you have the code, you can redeem the gift card immediately and begin using it to purchase items on Amazon.

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Can The Gift Card Be Returned If It Doesn’t Work?

Gift cards can typically be returned if they do not work. Depending on the store, the gift card may need to be returned with its original packaging and the purchase receipt. 

Most stores will offer a refund or replacement card if the card is deemed defective or the code is not working properly. 

But contacting the store directly to determine their policies about returning a gift card is essential. But how do you add an American Express gift card to the Amazon app?

Is It Possible For Amazon To Deactivate Gift Cards?

There is no single correct response to this question; it combines both. Once you have redeemed your gift cards by purchasing several items, Amazon will never deactivate them. 

But if they are found to be fraudulent or have been used without authorization, Amazon can deactivate the gift cards.

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How long does an Amazon pay e-gift card last?

An Amazon pay e-gift card is valid for up to 1 year from the issue date. But how do you pay on Amazon without a Cash App card?

Why doesn’t my gift card work when I have money on it?

Gift cards may only work if they have expired, the cashier uses them correctly, insufficient funds or the balance has been depleted, and the card has been flagged for suspicious activity.

But why did Amazon issue you a gift card as a refund?

Can you sell Amazon Gift Cards for cash?

Yes, it is possible to sell Amazon Gift Cards for cash. Many online websites allow you to do this, such as Gift Card Granny and Gameflip.

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How can you transfer an Amazon Gift Card to PayPal?

You can transfer an Amazon Gift Card to your PayPal by linking your Amazon account to your PayPal account [2]. 

In Summary

No matter the problem, you have options if your Amazon gift card is not working. 

You can contact Amazon Customer Service or the issuer of the gift card for assistance resolving the issue. 

In the meantime, be sure to keep the gift card number handy and any relevant transaction numbers or receipts so that you can provide the necessary information to help resolve the issue quickly.


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