Why Is There School On Veterans Day

Why Is There School on Veterans Day? Educational Perspective

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During my time in school, anticipating holidays was a common occurrence as they provided a reprieve from classes and studying.

But then there was Veterans Day, a day for remembering people who were in the military. 

And it was confusing to my young mind why school didn’t take a break on this day. After all, shouldn’t a day honoring heroes be a day to relax? 

Now that I have tried to research and ask several educational staff, I’ll share with you the reason why schools are open on Veterans Day. 

Why Is School Open On Veterans Day?

Teacher and students in classroom during lesson

While many look forward to a day off on Veterans Day, many schools remain open to use this opportunity to teach students about the courage of veterans and the significance of serving one’s country. 

Some schools arrange special assemblies to involve parents and honor veterans within the school premises. 

While most schools close during Veterans Day, the decision can vary based on the district and whether the institution is public or private. 

This approach ensures that education aligns with appreciation for those who’ve served. But what are ways to explain to kids about Veterans Day?

What Can Schools Do To Honor Veterans?

Schools can actively honor veterans through community involvement initiatives. 

Organizing assemblies with veteran guest speakers and facilitating in-house expressions of gratitude can be impactful. 

“Honor to the soldier and sailor everywhere, who bravely bears his country’s cause. Honor, also, to the citizen who cares for his brother in the field and serves, as he best can, the same cause.”

Abraham Lincoln, 16th U.S. President

Not just that, schools can create platforms for students to acknowledge their family members who’ve served, fostering a sense of connection and appreciation [1]. 

Such efforts pay tribute to veterans and instill in students the value of service and sacrifice. But what is McDonald’s doing to honor veterans?

How Do You Celebrate Veterans Day With Kids?

1. Teach Flag Folding

American Flag

Teaching kids how to fold the flag is a meaningful way to honor veterans. 

Explain the significance of each fold – it’s not just about neatness but about showing respect to the flag and what it stands for. 

Involve them in this solemn tradition that symbolizes unity and gratitude towards those who’ve served.

2. Support Veterans Through Donations

Encourage kids to participate in giving back by collecting items like clothes, books, or hygiene products to donate to veterans in need. 

This hands-on activity teaches empathy and the importance of helping others, particularly those dedicated to service.

Find out how you can celebrate Veterans Day at work here.

3. Try To Interview A Veteran

Engage kids in conversations with veterans to bridge the generation gap and learn about history firsthand. 

Encourage questions about their experiences and sacrifices, fostering mutual understanding and appreciation.

4. Learn About Medals & Ribbons

Explore the world of military medals and ribbons with kids. Discuss their meanings and the achievements they represent. 

This educates children about military culture and helps them grasp the significance of bravery and courage.

5. Make A Thank You Card

Hand Holding Diy Thank You Card

Guide kids in creating heartfelt thank-you cards for veterans. This creative activity allows children to express their gratitude tangibly. 

Making something special shows veterans that their service is acknowledged and valued.

6. Do Community Service

Engage in community service as a family. Participate in activities like cleaning up public spaces, supporting veteran events, or helping at local veteran organizations. 

This instills a sense of responsibility and service while honoring veterans.

7. Patriotic Movie Night

Host a movie night featuring patriotic films highlighting veterans’ importance and contributions. 

“The pen may not rest on Veterans Day, but it writes with the ink of gratitude, paying homage to those who’ve penned their stories with courage.”

Howkapow Gift Site

This entertaining approach engages kids to learn about history, sacrifice, and the nation’s values.

Do Schools In The US Close On Veterans Day?

Generally, schools in the US observe closures on Veterans Day, but it varies across districts. 

As such, the Los Angeles Unified School District and the Phoenix Elementary School District shut their doors. 

To be sure about closures, it’s advisable to verify with your local public school district or private school for specific arrangements.

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What are some sad facts about US veterans?

Around 30% of veterans have disabilities, and 13-20% are diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) [2]. 

Meanwhile, the VA reports about 30% of combat veterans experience PTSD. And 22% are diagnosed with Depressive Disorder. 

Final Thoughts

As I think about why schools are open on Veterans Day, the answer becomes clearer when I look at the bigger picture. It’s not just about getting a day off from classes. 

It’s about connecting the important lessons of bravery and learning meaningfully. 

Many schools honor this day by closing so students can show respect and learn about what veterans have done. 

But some schools stay open because they see education as a way to show respect. They might have special gatherings, interesting lessons, or involve the community. 

The main idea stays the same: making sure that the memories of veterans stay alive in the minds and feelings of the next generation.


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