Why Am I Nervous To Go Back To School

Why Am I Nervous To Go Back To School? Explained

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As the idea of returning to school draws near, I find myself filled with both enthusiasm and anxiety.

It takes me back to when I was a student, feeling worry and anticipation. 

So, if you’re wondering, “Why am I nervous to go back to school?” Then, I’ll share my experiences into why that shaky feeling often accompanies returning to school.

5 Possible Reasons Why You’re Nervous To Go Back To School

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1. Academic Pressure

Returning to school after summer can be a daunting experience for some students due to the pressures of academia. 

The demands placed on students to perform well in the classroom are higher than ever. 

A competitive environment, heavier workloads, and the fear of failure [1] or criticism can cause higher stress and anxiety in some students.

2. Extreme Experience Of School Anxiety

Some students may feel anxious when it comes to returning to school. This could be because of the intense experience of feeling scared in school. 

It’s a real emotional reaction that will cause physical reactions such as your heart rate picking up, shortness of breath, or even sweating. 

It can also leave you feeling sick or shaking and like you can’t do anything. So, how can you deal with back-to-school anxiety?

3. Bullying Or Harassment

Bullying and harassment can cause uneasiness for some students when returning to school. It is an unkind behavior with long-term negative consequences for the victims. 

Investigations have shown persistent bullying can provoke mental health challenges, like fear and sadness. 

So, parents and educators must be familiar with the signs of bullying and take fast action to build a sheltered and productive academic setting. 

4. Social Anxiety

For some students, returning to school can make them anxious and uneasy. 

It could be because of social anxiety, a common issue that can cause people to be scared or overwhelmed when it comes to socializing and relating to others. 

Alternatively, in these situations, they may worry about being judged by peers or teachers and not meeting people’s expectations. 

5. Post-Pandemic Anxiety

The Covid pandemic has made it difficult for many students to adjust to returning to school. 

“I feel you gotta be nervous. If you’re nervous, it’s just ’cause you want to do well; it’s not ’cause you’re scared.” 

– Brent Faiyaz, American Singer

This has caused a sense of nervousness and uneasiness when they think about going back. 

Such anxiety could come from being around other people again and having to form new relationships, or even by being in a room with many other people and having that fear that someone might contract the virus.


How To Eliminate School Anxiety Quickly?

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A. Talk About Your Feelings

Getting help from a friend or family member can be a great way to eliminate school anxiety. Talking through one’s concerns can be a real weight off the shoulders. 

Finding someone who can listen to your worries can help give the situation another outlook. 

B. Seek Professional Help

If you want to take control of your school-related anxiety, talking to a professional can be helpful. 

A professional like a counselor, therapist, or psychologist can help you figure out why this anxiety is happening, create productive strategies to deal with it and learn the tools needed to feel confident at school. 

C. Check & Organize Your Priorities

Take a few minutes to list all your tasks and prioritize the most important ones. Think about tasks that can be done later or given to someone else. 

Get a schedule ready that has space for both work and leisure activities. Don’t procrastinate [2], and complete tasks early. 

Divide big tasks into smaller goals that are easier to manage and work towards. Check out these tips to get back on your sleep schedule for school here.

D. Mindfulness & Relaxation Techniques

Mindfulness is being present and recognizing how we feel, which can help us to replace anxious thoughts with calming ones. 

“Behind the nervousness lies a hidden strength, waiting to be unleashed as you enter the education hallways. Embrace the nerves and unleash your untapped potential.”

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We can also try deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and writing down our worries. 

Deep breathing slows down our heart rate and gives us something to focus on besides the worry. Progressive muscle relaxation allows us to relax and focus. 

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Is it alright to cry on the first day of school?

Yes, crying on the first day of school is perfectly alright. Everyone reacts to new situations differently, and it is important to recognize and honor your unique emotional needs.

Find out what it means if you dream about going back to school here.

What are some symptoms of school anxiety?

Common signs of school anxiety include avoidance of school, frequent absences, temper tantrums, and physical symptoms such as stomach aches or headaches.

Is school a major cause of depression?

Not really. While the school itself isn’t necessarily a direct cause of depression, certain aspects of the school environment, such as academic pressure, social dynamics, bullying, or lack of support, can contribute to stress and potentially lead to symptoms of depression in some individuals.

On A Final Note

Many of us can relate to feeling nervous about going back to school. 

I’ve experienced the pressure of academics, extreme anxiety, and bullying or harassment, and I know how tough it can be. 

But remember, we have the power to shape our own stories. By seeking help, caring for ourselves, and building resilience, we can face school with strength and determination. 

Let’s tackle this journey knowing that our past doesn’t define us but instead teaches us and helps us grow. 

Together, we can overcome our fears and embrace the exciting possibilities that await us in the world of education.


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