Who Is Singing The Halftime Show On Thanksgiving 2023

Who Is Singing the Halftime Show on Thanksgiving?

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On Thanksgiving Day, we celebrate gratitude, family, and delicious feasts. However, let’s face it: apart from the turkey, there is another highlight that makes the day special – the halftime show.

Millions focus on the screen each year, awaiting that show-stopping performance. I recall sitting with my family last year; the room filled with anticipation as the stage was set. 

We were ready to be in awe, just as everyone will be in 2023. But who is singing the halftime show on Thanksgiving in 2023? 

While I can’t reveal the headlining act yet, rest assured that it will be a memorable performance with everyone talking at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Keep reading. 

Who Will Perform At The Thanksgiving Halftime Show In 2023?

Jonas Brothers Singing at Thanksgiving Halftime Show

As of the current date, there has yet to be official information available regarding the headlining artist or performers for the Thanksgiving Halftime Show in 2023. 

However, it’s worth noting that in the previous year, 2022, the Thanksgiving Halftime Show featured notable performances. 

The Jonas Brothers [1] graced the stage during the halftime show of the Cowboys’ game against the Giants, delivering an electrifying performance. 

“In football, even when you do your best on the pitch, you can win or lose. That is the nature of the game.” 

Gianfranco Zola, Italian Football Manager

Plus, Bebe Rexha and the renowned DJ and producer David Guetta entertained the audience during halftime of the Lions’ game against the Bills.

While we await the official announcement for the 2023 Thanksgiving Halftime Show, one can expect nothing less than a spectacular and captivating performance that will add to the excitement of this cherished holiday tradition.

Which Songs Did The Jonas Brothers Perform During The Halftime Show?

The Jonas Brothers treated the audience to a medley of their chart-topping hits, including “Only Human,” “What a Man Gotta Do,” “Leave Before You Love Me,” and “Sucker.” 

It is during the NFL’s NYG vs. DAL Thanksgiving Halftime Show, held at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX, on November 24, 2022. 

Their energetic and crowd-pleasing set showcased their musical talents and entertained fans at the stadium and watching from home. 

When Did Halftime Shows On Thanksgiving Begin?

The tradition of Thanksgiving Halftime Shows started in 1997 with a memorable performance by Reba McEntire. 

She took the stage during the Red Kettle kickoff for The Salvation Army, electrifying the crowd with her talent. 

However, despite her captivating performance, the home crowd’s joy was short-lived as the Cowboys suffered a 27-14 loss to the Oilers.

In the following year, 1998, the tradition continued, and it became a good day to be named Randy. But what time is the National Dog Show on Thanksgiving?

Do The Performers At The Super Bowl Get Paid?

super bowl stadium 2023

According to Brian McCarthy, the NFL’s vice president of communications, halftime performers at the Super Bowl do not receive an “appearance fee,” or getting paid. 

Instead, they are compensated at union-scale rates. 

For instance, during the Jennifer Lopez and Shakira Super Bowl show, it was reported that they earned approximately $1,000 a day under the union agreement. 

“From chart-toppers to classics, the Thanksgiving Halftime Show offers a musical journey that resonates with fans of all ages.”

Howkapow Gift Site

While the Super Bowl offers unique exposure, remember that the compensation structure for halftime performers differs from the traditional fee-based approach seen in other performances, making it a distinctive facet of the NFL’s entertainment lineup.

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How Long Is The Thanksgiving Halftime Show?

The Thanksgiving Halftime Show’s duration distinguishes it from regular football games as it typically lasts between 20 to 30 minutes. 

This extended duration allows for a more elaborate and entertaining performance, often featuring renowned artists and captivating events that enhance the overall viewer experience. 

So, when you settle in to enjoy the Thanksgiving Halftime Show, be prepared for a more extended and engaging show that adds an extra layer of excitement to the celebration.

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Who headlined or performed the Super Bowl halftime show in 2023?

In the Super Bowl LVII halftime show, Barbadian singer Rihanna took center stage as the headline performer, delivering a memorable and captivating performance that left a lasting impression on viewers worldwide [2].

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Which halftime show at the Super Bowl cost the most?

The most expensive Super Bowl halftime show to date was The Weeknd’s performance in 2021, which came with a staggering price tag of US$17 million.

Whose halftime show is the longest?

Justin Timberlake had one of the longest halftime shows. He performed for 14 minutes during the 2018 Super Bowl.

Who did the halftime show at the Super Bowl in 1982?

The Super Bowl halftime show 1982 was presented by “Up with People” and was themed as a “Salute to the 1960s and Motown.”
This halftime performance celebrated the music and culture of that era, adding a unique touch to the Super Bowl entertainment.

Who performed the most popular halftime show each year?

Over the years, Super Bowl halftime shows have featured iconic performances by artists like Beyoncé, Madonna, Bruno Mars, Coldplay, and Lady Gaga. 

These artists delivered memorable and widely acclaimed shows that garnered immense popularity among Super Bowl viewers.

On A Final Note

The lineup for Thanksgiving halftime shows in 2023 remains a secret, with no official word on who’s taking the stage. 

But let’s remember the explosive performance by the Jonas Brothers during the 2022 Thanksgiving Halftime Show. 

They rocked AT&T Stadium with an unforgettable medley of hits like “Only Human,” “What a Man Gotta Do,” “Leave Before You Love Me,” and “Sucker.”

While this year’s headliner remains a mystery, history tells us to expect something extraordinary. 

So, as Thanksgiving approaches, keep your eyes and ears open for the big reveal, and get ready for another epic halftime show that will leave its mark on this cherished holiday tradition.


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