Best White Lie Party Ideas

10 Best White Lie Party Ideas (Updated)

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The white lie party is a trending phenomenon taking over TikTok. The concept is straightforward: guests show up wearing white t-shirts. The twist? Each shirt must display a white lie!

Our team scoured the internet and compiled some of the best white lie party ideas for your next party theme. 

10 White Lie Party Ideas For You To Try

10 White Lie Party Ideas For You To Try

1. No Drinks For Me Tonight 

What good is a get-together without some booze? If you’ve made a reputation as a drunk, this drinking party idea would be so much fun! 

You can say you hate attention and would like to start your journey to sobriety. Then break the ice when your friends arrive at the white lie party that’s towering with alcoholic beverages.

Real buddies would definitely sniff your little white lie from miles away!

2. I’m On A Diet 

“Booze” and “lose weight” are oxymoronic — and that’s the beauty of it! 

A party revolving around food is superb. It would be really funny if you announce a low-maintenance hangout then shock your guests with piles of high-calorie food! Get ready for a laugh as you chomp on everything while wearing an “I’m on a diet” shirt.

After all, diet and exercise are little white lies we tell ourselves. Just hope nobody gets overly bloated tomorrow!

3. I’m Related To Taylor Swift 

Taylor Swift

If you hang around with Swifties, this white lie party would be cool (and ridiculous, to say the least).

Decorate the place with Taylor Swift merch, standees, play some of her songs, and have a party that Swifties will never forget. You could facilitate some party games too, like singing contests and trivia about the superstar.

To rub it all in, strut around wearing a shirt that says you’re “cousins” with her.

4. I’m A Certified Wine Connoisseur 

Who knew white lies could be fancy too? 

Before anything else, if you ever throw this party, you won’t save money. A fine fancy theme will make you pay a hefty price. Nevertheless, the fun in the room and “class” is what matters.

Let each person enjoy breadsticks, bread rolls, and cheese sticks while drinking a calm glass of wine. You’d immediately be the classy friend after this fine dining white lie party!

But how much dry ice do you need for a party?

5. Baked From The Heart 

Everyone’s got their lazy days. If you don’t feel like baking for a party, buy pastry from your fave bakeshops and wear a shirt saying you made all of them.

This is one of the best ideas, because, duh, who doesn’t like cake? If you could give each of your friends a job to “bake” their pastry too, that’d be mad brilliant. 

Do prepare some wines for another drinking sesh. 

6. I’m The World’s Greatest Dancer 

I’m The World’s Greatest Dancer 

Some white lies are just utterly unbelievable, like saying you’re the best dancer in the world. Words don’t mean anything, so let your 3rd-grade Tiktok dance moves do the talking!

Place a dedicated dance floor for everybody so all your friends can join in. Do you know what would be a fun twist? Dance-offs! Settle any argument and begin to search for the best dancer by getting all your groove on in this white lie party.

Better start practicing tomorrow!

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7. Your Cooking Is Deliciously Awesome! 

The paradox of white lie parties is that some “white lies” are comforting. 

Ask your guests in white shirts to bring their best-homecooked meals to the party so each person can experience their household culture. It’s not a search for the best-tasting meal, but an invitation to see what one’s life is like, through food.

Sometimes the truth can hurt feelings. If you don’t like a particular meal, just tell them you do. There’s nothing wrong with lying if it means boosting others’ morale. 

8. No To Babies, Please! 

This is one of the wittiest ideas for a white lie party. Invite everyone to a kids’ party with a “no to babies” concept. You can prepare fun children’s parlor games like “pin the tail on the donkey” so everyone goes home tired but happy. 

It might seem fun if kids could write white lies with their white shirts, but that is not advisable. 

9. Real Men Change Diapers 

Real Men Change Diapers 

Another of those funny party ideas for a white lies party is getting men to change diapers. It doesn’t matter if they’re single, in a relationship, or married. Changing diapers is a valuable life skill, so start your search for the next viable dad-to-be!

If you’re a girl, feel free to tag along with your hubby or boyfriend. Who knows? Maybe this “lie” reveals the “truth” whether your partner is kid-proof or not. 

(Plus, it’s fun revenge for wives who do all the diaper work. Make your partners pay!)

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10. I Hate Pizza & Pasta! 

Another example of those low-maintenance party ideas is throwing a pizza and pasta-only get-together. We promise that the biggest lies you’ll ever hear are people saying they hate either of these two.

These are two of the most basic combo meals you could get in fast food, so no doubt people love it [1]. Plus, it’s really easy to phone up for pizza and pasta delivery if you ever forgot you had a party to throw, without costing a lot of money!

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What do you do at a White Lies party?

You attend wearing a white shirt that brandishes one white lie at a White lies party. It is about conversations, to say the least [2]. Some people would definitely BINGO the same lies you display, which could be a delightful conversation starter. Plus, those oxymoronic white lies party ideas are simply hilarious!

How do you play white lies?

The idea of white lies parties is to announce a white lie about yourself, which may be a secret or a flaw, in the proudest, bravest way possible. Lies can go as simple as “my phone died” to trivial ones like “I love my girlfriend.” 

Wrapping Up

A white lies party is where people who admittedly have said white lies in the past and willingly embrace their flaws get together despite what others may think. It’s a truly unique way to strike up conversations with other like-minded people too.

Although white lies are frowned upon, everyone says them every once in a while. If you ever did this, you’re more than encouraged to participate or host one too!


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