Where To Buy Sugar Flowers For Wedding Cakes

Where To Buy Sugar Flowers For Wedding Cakes?

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Planning a wedding is both thrilling and overwhelming. Selecting the perfect cake is essential, particularly when you want it decorated with exquisite sugar flowers. If so, I’m here to offer my help.

As someone who loves baking, I’ve researched to find the best places to buy these edible decorations. 

Today, I’ll recommend where to buy sugar flowers for wedding cakes so it becomes a stunning centerpiece on your big day.

Where Can You Buy Sugar Flowers For Wedding Cakes?

Sugar Flowers for cakes

There are many places to buy sugar flowers, such as W.O.W. Cakes, Artistic Cakes, and Delicious Creations in Kansas and Illinois, just some of the cake decoration brands that sell them. 

Online stores like Amazon and Etsy have many vendors offering various designs, colors, and styles.

Some special baking shops and upscale grocery stores also stock them. Or you can approach professional cake decorators or local bakeries for more custom flowers. 

How Do You Make Sugar Flowers?

1. Prepare The Gum Paste

Gently knead a little gum paste until it becomes smooth and pliable. 

If you want the color of your flowers to be more even throughout, you can add droplets of food coloring [1] to the gum paste at this point and knead it in until the color is even.

2. Roll Out The Gum Paste

Using a rolling pin, roll out the gum paste on a clean surface dusted with powdered sugar to prevent sticking. The thickness should be about 1mm.

3. Cut Out The Petals & Make A Vein

Using your petal cutter, cut out as many petals as you need for your flower. Then, place the cut-out petals onto the foam pad. Press the veiner tool into each petal to give it a realistic look. 

4. Shape The Petals

To make the petals appear more realistic, thin the edges using a ball tool and ruffle them slightly. Leave the petals to dry slightly so they maintain their shape but are still pliable.

5. Create The Flower Center

Take a small piece of gum paste and form it into the shape of the center of your flower. 

“Just as a flower which seems beautiful and has color but no perfume, so are the fruitless words of the man who speaks them but does them not.”

John Dewey, American Philosopher

It can be a simple round or a more complex shape depending on the type of flower. Insert a floral wire into the center for support and leave to dry.

6. Attach The Petals

Once the center is dry, you can start attaching the petals. Apply some edible glue to the base of each petal and attach it to the center. 

Start with the inner petals and work outward, attaching larger petals. Make sure to overlap the petals slightly for a realistic look.

7. Finish The Flower

Once all the petals are attached, let the flower dry completely. It may take several hours or overnight. Once dry, you can color the flower using dusting powders and a small paintbrush.

8. Prepare The Stem

Floral tape can produce a realistic-looking stem by wrapping it around the bottom of the flower and the linked wire.

How Early Can Sugar Flowers Be Made?

sugar flowers on cake

You can make sugar flowers weeks in advance to save time when putting together cakes [2] and other desserts. 

“Let sugar flowers adorn your dream wedding cake, for they whisper the sweetest tales of love and celebration.”

Howkapow Gift Site

Begin by molding and shaping sugar paste into the desired petals and adding details like texture to make it look like an actual flower. 

Let the sugar pieces dry and harden so they’ll hold their shape over time, and you’ve got yourself a masterpiece on hand when the time comes to show it off. 

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Are Sugar Flowers Very Expensive?

Creating realistic sugar flowers can be expensive. That’s because it’s a very labor-intensive process. Each petal is often handmade and assembled to look like a delicate flower. 

High-quality ingredients like special gum paste, edible food colorings, and gold leaf are usually used. 

Besides, crafting this type of flower also includes making intricate details like veins and color variations and putting together multiple petals. 

Do Sugar Flowers Need To Be Refrigerated?

You can refrigerate sugar flowers, but they should only be there for as little time as possible since they are made with sugar paste or gum paste, which dries and hardens over time. 

Refrigeration can introduce moisture to the paste and make it sticky or cause it to lose shape. 

To preserve their shape and structure, store sugar flowers in a cool, dry place free from humidity and extreme temperature humidity. 

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What is the best flower to put on a wedding cake?

Roses, peonies, and lavender are traditionally popular choices due to their elegance and versatility in design, all symbolizing love and beauty, which align perfectly with the sentiment of a wedding.

What is the most popular cake for weddings?

The most popular wedding cake is traditionally a multi-tiered white or vanilla cake adorned with fondant or buttercream frosting. 

What flowers are toxic and shouldn’t be put on cakes?

Hydrangea, Daffodils, and foxglove flowers are all toxic, so they should not be put on cakes. But how long does cake last when left out of the fridge?

Final Remarks

Finding the perfect sugar flowers for your wedding cake can be a breeze with the right sources. 

And I discovered some remarkable options in physical baking stores and online platforms through my exploration. 

If you’re in Kansas or Illinois, I highly recommend checking out W.O.W. Cakes, Artistic Cakes, and Delicious Creations—they offer a fantastic selection of sugar flowers that will elevate your cake to a new level of elegance. 

Alternatively, for the convenience of online shopping, you can explore reputable platforms like Amazon and Etsy, where you’ll find a plethora of talented artisans creating exquisite sugar flowers. 


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