Where To Buy Draftkings Gift Card

Where To Buy A DraftKings Gift Card & How To Use It

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for a sports fan? Why not think about getting a DraftKings gift card?

With a DraftKings gift card, your recipient can access a wide range of fantasy sports games, exclusive contests, and more. 

So, now the only question is: where to buy a DraftKings gift card? Here, we’ll tell you exactly where to find one and how to purchase it. Keep reading for all the details. 

Where Can You Get A DraftKings Gift Card?

Draftkings Website

DraftKings gift cards are accessible online and in stores at chosen retailers. 

As such, the gift cards can be found at certain convenience stores, including 7-Eleven [1], Speedway, and Circle K. 

Or they can purchase the cards from the DraftKings Sportsbook & Casino app or a DraftKings-branded ATM.

Meanwhile, customers can buy gift cards from the DraftKings website, where they can choose between a physical or digital gift card. 

The physical card will be sent to the recipient via mail, while the digital card will be emailed.

Online stores such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart also sell cards to customers. But where can you get a HomeGoods gift card?

What States Offer DraftKings Gift Cards?

DraftKings provides various gift cards that can be utilized in various states. These states include Pennsylvania, Connecticut, West Virginia, and Connecticut. 

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And these cards can be used to participate in fantasy sports contests, deposit funds into a DraftKings account, and purchase merchandise from the DraftKings store.

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What Are The Denominations Of DraftKings Gift Cards?

DraftKings gift cards are available in various denominations, from $25 to $50. 

They can be used to make purchases on the DraftKings website and app, allowing customers to top up their accounts or purchase merchandise from the DraftKings store. 

Whether you’re a fan of fantasy sports, sports betting, or other forms of gaming, these gift cards make the perfect present for friends and family who share your passion.

4 Easy Steps On Using A DraftKings Gift Card Online

  1. Visit the DraftKings website and log in to your account. You’ll need to create an account if you don’t have one.
  2. Remove or scratch the label from the back of the gift card to access the redemption code or the card’s information. 
  3. Choose “Credit or Debit” from the accepted payment method list and enter the requested gift card information.
  4. At last, the funds from your gift card will be added to your DraftKings account balance immediately, and you can use them to enter contests or play games.

Where To Use Your DraftKings Gift Card?

Man Using Gift Card Online

If you’re a sports fan, the DraftKings gift card can be used to enter fantasy sports contests, including Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and fantasy football, where you can compete against players worldwide.

It’s a great way to boost your chances of winning while having a good time. 

Plus, you can use the card to purchase tickets to live sporting events to feel the excitement of watching your favorite teams and players in action, such as the signature NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and PGA tournaments.

Lastly, you can use the card to purchase DraftKings apparel, hats, and collectibles.

Can You Use DraftKings When You’re In A Different State?

While the platform is legal and available in several states across the United States, it is not universally accessible. 

Of course, you can sign up on the DraftKings Sportsbook from a place where sports betting or gambling [2] is prohibited, but you won’t be able to bet or place money.  

Depending on your state, you may be unable to use DraftKings. 

As such, if you are traveling to a different state where DraftKings is legal, you can typically use the platform if you have a DraftKings account and are physically located within the state borders where it is allowed.

However, if you are in a state where DraftKings is not legal, you cannot access the platform, regardless of location.



What states are not permitted to participate in DraftKings?

States not permitted to participate in DraftKings include Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Utah, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Kentucky, Minnesota, Vermont, and Oklahoma. 

Players from these states cannot deposit funds, play for real money, or win prizes in any DraftKings games.

Does DraftKings accept credit cards?

Yes, DraftKings does accept credit cards as a form of payment for their services. 

Customers can use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards to deposit and withdraw their DraftKings account.

Can a credit card be used to buy a gift card?

Yes, a credit card can be used to buy a gift card. Many retailers, such as grocery stores and department stores, accept credit cards as a form of payment for gift cards.

Can you cash out your DraftKings winnings outside of the state?

You can cash out your DraftKings winnings outside the state where you won the money, even if it doesn’t permit sports gambling.  

The winnings can be withdrawn from your DraftKings account and deposited into your bank account or PayPal account.

How much money can you withdraw from DraftKings without being taxed?

You can withdraw up to $600 from DraftKings without being taxed. Any amount higher than that will be subject to federal and state taxes.

In Summary

If you’re shopping for a die-hard site follower, you can’t go wrong with a DraftKings gift card.

With the convenience of online purchasing, you can get the perfect gift in no time. 

Plus, the recipient can use the gift card at any of DraftKings’ retail locations or online platforms. 


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