Where Is The Columbus Day Parade In NYC

Where Is The Columbus Day Parade In NYC? Full Guide

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Get ready for an exhilarating event in the bustling streets of New York City – the Columbus Day parade. This vibrant celebration breathes life into history and creates a thrilling atmosphere.

The Columbus Day parade happens every year to honor Christopher Columbus’s journey to America. 

As I spent time visiting and walking through the energetic streets of NYC, I had the pleasure of experiencing the excitement of the Columbus Day Parade firsthand.

But where is the Columbus Day Parade in NYC? If you want to be part of this fun event, keep reading, as I’ll share with you where exactly the Columbus Day Parade happens in NYC.

Where Is The Columbus Day Parade In New York City?


The Columbus Day Parade in New York City happens on Fifth Avenue, going from 44th Street to 72nd Street. 

An exciting part of the parade is the red carpet performances on Fifth Avenue between 67th and 69th Streets. 

“Every ship that comes to America got its chart from Columbus.” 

Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Essayist

This special event has been a tradition for a long time, and the parade’s route lets people enjoy the celebrations and feel the lively atmosphere. 

So, remember to catch this famous parade that brings cultural pride and togetherness to the city’s amazing scenery. But when should you visit the Columbus Day flea market?

How Long Does The Parade For Columbus Day Last?

The Columbus Day Parade in NYC lasts around 60-90 minutes. It typically starts around 11:30 a.m. and wraps up by approximately 3:00 pm. 

This time frame allows attendees to witness and participate in the parade’s vibrant displays and performances. 

With several hours of festivities, the parade allows spectators to engage in the celebrations and enjoy the cultural showcase that marks this special day.

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Where Is The Best Spot In New York City To Watch The Parade?

To catch the best view of the Columbus Day Parade, head over to Central Park [1], around 67th Street. This area gives you a great view of the parade and treats you to live music. 

Picking this spot means you’ll have a memorable time soaking in the parade’s festive feel, enjoying the cultural displays, and tapping your feet to the live tunes that make the event even more exciting.

What’s Closed In NYC On Columbus Day?


On Columbus Day, you’ll find that U.S. Post Offices are closed, which means no mail delivery. 

The state Department of Motor Vehicles also shuts its doors. 

Besides, non-essential federal, state, and city government offices and courts take the day off. 

But it’s worth noting that the financial markets remain open, keeping the business wheels turning even on this holiday. 

“Amid cheers and melodies, the Columbus Day Parade dances through the city, a testament to the past and a celebration of the present.”

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It’s wise to plan accordingly and be aware of these closures if you have any official or administrative tasks to tackle on Columbus Day.

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What Is Columbus Day Called Now In New York City?

New Yorkers now celebrate “Italian American Heritage Day” on the day once known as “Columbus Day.”

A significant parade honoring Christopher Columbus travels along Fifth Avenue, drawing together Italian Americans who proudly celebrate their ancestral ties. 

And remember that the holiday is also observed as Indigenous Peoples’ Day [2], signifying a broader recognition of the diverse cultural and historical aspects associated with this day in the city. 

This double celebration shows that things are changing and is about more than one perspective.

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What street in New York City is Columbus Circle on?

Columbus Circle is situated at the meeting point of Broadway, Central Park West, Eighth Avenue, and 59th Street, close to the southwest corner of Central Park.

Do kids in New York go to school on Columbus Day?

Yes, students in New York often have the day off from school on Columbus Day, also observed as Italian Heritage Day/Indigenous Peoples’ Day. 

The school calendar recognizes this holiday, providing a break for students to commemorate and celebrate cultural heritage.

What time is the Seaside Heights Columbus Day parade?

The Seaside Heights Columbus Day parade commences at 1:00pm. 

This timing marks the start of a festive procession celebrating cultural pride and community spirit in the heart of Seaside Heights.

But what time will it be the Columbus Day parade start?

Is it free to park in New York City on Columbus Day?

On Columbus Day, parking in New York City is free of charge. 

This special day is recognized as a legal parking holiday, so you won’t need to worry about paying for parking or adhering to regular parking rules.

Final Words

So, there you have it – the Columbus Day Parade in the heart of the Big Apple is a gem you won’t want to miss.

As I’ve ventured through the city’s bustling streets, I’ve witnessed firsthand the excitement of this annual event. 

Remember, the parade marches up Fifth Avenue from 44th to 72nd Street, with a special showcase of red carpet performances between 67th and 69th Streets. 

Starting around 11:30 am and wrapping up by 3:00 pm, it’s a whirlwind of cultural pride and unity. 

For the best view, go to Central Park, near 67th Street, where live music adds an extra layer of allure.


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