When To Have Bachelorette Party and Bridal Shower

When To Have A Bachelorette Party & Bridal Shower: Full Guide

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Planning an amazing bachelorette party and bridal shower can bring about a mix of excitement and anxiety.

Having been through the ups and downs of organizing these pre-wedding celebrations, I’ve gained valuable knowledge about timing. 

Today, I’ll share my insights on when to have a bachelorette party and bridal shower so that you can create cherished memories without unnecessary stress. Keep reading.

When Should You Have A Bachelorette Party & Bridal Shower?

Women Partying at a Bridal Shower

A bachelorette party is usually held a few months before the big day, while a bridal shower takes place a few weeks before the wedding. 

The bachelorette party is a time to celebrate with the bride’s closest friends and soak in the excitement of the upcoming nuptials. 

Meanwhile, the more traditional bridal shower provides a chance for the bride to spend some quality time with family and friends and to enjoy the gifts they bring.

Can You Combine The Event?

Certainly, you can have a combined bachelorette party and bridal shower. It’s a convenient option that saves time and effort for both the bride and the guests. 

The bride can have a fun and exciting bachelorette party with her close friends while receiving love, support, and gifts from family and friends during the bridal shower. 

“Every bride is beautiful. It’s like newborn babies or puppies. They can’t help it.” 

Emme Rollins, Author

It’s a great way to bring different groups of loved ones together and create a special celebration leading up to the wedding. But what do you write on a bridal shower cake?

Who Organizes The Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Party?

The maid of honor [1] typically organizes the bridal shower and bachelorette party. She plays a significant role in coordinating and overseeing the details of both events. 

However, other close family members and friends may also contribute to the planning, depending on the bride’s preferences and relationships. 

The key is communicating openly, working together, and considering the bride’s desires to create meaningful and memorable experiences. 

But what’s the difference between a bachelorette party and a bridal shower?

Do Bridesmaids Cover The Costs Of Bridal Showers & Bachelorette Parties?

Yes, traditionally, the bridesmaids [2] would pay for things like the party venue, decorations, food and drinks, activities, and gifts for the bride-to-be. 

But nowadays, it’s becoming more common for everyone in the bridal party to share the costs or for each person attending to contribute individually. 

So, it’s important for the bride, bridesmaids, and others involved to talk openly about who will pay for what so everyone feels comfortable and can join in without financial strain.

How Many Guests Usually Attend A Bridal Shower?

Generally, when it comes to how many people to invite, it is best to aim for roughly 25 people. 

This could be the bride’s close family and friends. It’s a good idea to remember to include their partners if they are coming from out of town so they feel included. 

“Love knows no season, and neither does a bachelorette party. Whether it’s a summer soiree, a cozy winter gathering, or a blossoming spring affair, celebrate when it feels right for the bride and her tribe.”

– Howkapow Gift Site

For a fun and entertaining experience, consider party games or activities everyone can participate in.

How Many Guests Do You Need To Invite To Your Bachelorette Party?

Guest Partying at a Bridal Shower

Typically, it’s common to invite around ten guests. It allows for a relaxed and cozy atmosphere where everyone can easily participate in activities and enjoy each other’s company. 

It’s worth noting that the size of the party can be different based on your choices and the dynamics of your social group. 

Some brides might prefer a larger gathering with more friends, while others may want a smaller, more exclusive event. 

The main thing is to invite the people who are important to you and will make your bachelorette party a fun and memorable occasion.

But who should attend your bachelorette party?

What Month Do Most Bachelorette Parties Happen?

Spring and summer months like June are often chosen to celebrate bachelorette parties because of the pleasant weather and the opportunity for outdoor activities or beach trips.

These months have a vacation-like feel that adds to the celebration. 

That being said, bachelorette parties can be planned for any month, and some brides may opt for different times of the year to save on travel expenses or accommodate everyone’s schedules. 

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How much money is given at a bridal shower?

It is common for guests to give a monetary gift ranging anywhere from $50 to $75 or more, depending on their budget and how close they are to the bride.

But how should you ask for money for a bridal shower event?

Should the bride buy gifts for her bridesmaids at the bachelorette party?

Yes, the bride buys gifts for her bridesmaids at the bachelorette party to show her appreciation for their help and support during the planning process and on the big day.

What should you not do at a bachelorette party?

Do not make the bride uncomfortable or pressure her with activities or jokes she would not enjoy. 

Also, avoid excessive drinking or getting wild, which may lead to embarrassing or dangerous situations, ensuring that the celebration remains fun and safe for everyone.

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Final Thoughts

Timing is of the highest priority when it comes to the preparations for pre-wedding events. 

You want to ensure the bride-to-be has the perfect balance of excitement and relaxation leading up to the big day. 

That’s why a bachelorette party is usually held a few months before the wedding. 

On the other hand, a bridal shower is typically organized a few weeks before the wedding, allowing the bride to bask in her family and friends love and support while receiving thoughtful gifts to help kickstart her new chapter. 

But here’s the thing: you can combine these two celebrations. It’s a smart move that saves time and effort for everyone involved.


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