When Does Home Depot Put Out Halloween

When Does Home Depot Put Out Halloween?

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I possess a profound fondness for Halloween and everything associated with the macabre, which has led me to commit myself to find out when Home Depot starts showcasing their eerie decorations.

Home Depot is a popular store for home improvement, and they go all out for Halloween too.

So, when does Home Depot put out Halloween stuff? Let’s discover exactly when they do it and dive into the Halloween fun. 

When Does Home Depot Start Selling Halloween Stuff?

Home Depot

Home Depot [1] starts selling Halloween items in its physical stores at the end of August. But you can find their eerie collection online on the Home Depot website as early as July 13.

So whether you prefer browsing in-store or shopping from the comfort of your cauldron, Home Depot has you covered with a fascinating assortment of Halloween decorations to make your home the haunt of the season. 

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When Do Halloween Decorations Become Available?

Halloween decorations typically become available around Labor Day, the most common time people put them out. 

“No wonder they call shopping ‘retail therapy,’ as any girl will tell you how it just takes away all the stress.” 

Riya Sen, Indian Actress

However, if you’re eager to get into the Halloween spirit sooner, go for it. Don’t let anything hold you back. 

This is the perfect opportunity to make your Halloween this year truly memorable, especially for those who missed out on the whole Halloween experience last year. 

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What Stores Are Selling Halloween Stuff In 2023?

In 2023, several well-known retailers will sell Halloween items to help you prepare for the spookiest time of the year. Among these are Party City, Dollar Tree, and Spirit Halloween. 

These stores have a reputation for offering various Halloween decorations, costumes, and accessories, catering to various preferences and budgets. 

Whether you seek affordable options or premium-quality products, you can rely on these trusted retailers to provide everything you need for a hauntingly delightful Halloween experience. 

Are Halloween Items Available At Hobby Lobby?

No, Halloween items are not available at Hobby Lobby. Despite not being a strictly Christian store, Hobby Lobby chooses not to sell Halloween items due to their origin. 

So, if you’re looking for spooky decorations or costumes, you won’t find them at Hobby Lobby. 

But they offer various crafting and seasonal items to help you with your creative projects throughout the year. 

If Halloween shopping is on your list, you’ll need to explore other retailers that offer various Halloween goodies to complete your spooky season.

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Why Do Shops Start Selling Halloween Items So Early?

Halloween Decor

Shops, like Target, start selling Halloween items early to capitalize on the growing consumer interest in the holiday. 

They know that starting early can build excitement and anticipation among consumers, leading to increased sales. 

“From ghastly decorations to costumes that enthrall, Home Depot brings the spirit of Halloween to life, ensuring a thrilling experience for all.”

Howkapow Gift Site

Additionally, many consumers are ready to bid farewell to the summer heat and eagerly embrace the fall season. 

It creates a strong demand for Halloween items, and retailers are keen to meet this desire. 

So, if you are eager to splurge on Halloween decor and costumes, rest assured you’re not alone in your enthusiasm.

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How Much Does The Average Person Usually Spend On Halloween Decorations?

On average, Americans spend approximately $100.45 on Halloween decorations. 

This includes specific expenditures per household: around $29.51 on candy, $31.89 on decorations, $33.75 on costumes, and $5.30 on greeting cards. 

These figures illustrate people’s enthusiasm for embracing the spirit of Halloween and investing in ghoulishly delightful preparations to make their homes and celebrations spooktacular. 

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Which Halloween decorations are most in demand?

Pumpkins and skeletons are the most sought-after Halloween decorations in most states. 

Following closely behind, black cats rank second in popularity in eight states, while ghosts and bats claim the top spot in different states.

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How can you save money on Halloween decorations?

To save money on Halloween decorations, choose a theme to avoid unnecessary purchases. Shop your home first for existing items that fit the theme. 

Set a budget and resist specialty stores; opt for thrift and dollar stores for affordable finds. Grocery stores often have reasonably priced pumpkins [2] or use coupons to get discounts. 

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Which town has the best decorations for Halloween?

Several towns in the United States are renowned for their exceptional Halloween decorations. Notable among them are Anoka, Minnesota; Buena Park, California; and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Is Halloween still a working day?

Halloween is not recognized as a public holiday, and businesses typically operate with normal opening hours. 

While it may not be an official day off, Halloween’s festivities often extend into the evening, with trick-or-treating being a cherished tradition for kids and families to enjoy the spooky delights of the season.

What are the three most famous Halloween costumes?

Based on search data, the three most renowned Halloween costumes are the classic “Witch,” following closely the beloved “Spider-Man,” channeling superhero prowess, and the ferocious “Dinosaur.”

Final Remarks

As a big Halloween fan, I can confidently say that Home Depot releases its Halloween collection in its physical stores at the end of August, while its online website offers spooky items as early as July 13. 

Alongside Home Depot, other major retailers such as Party City, Dollar Tree, and Spirit Halloween will be your top destinations in 2023 to discover many Halloween treasures, from eerie decorations to bone-chilling costumes. 

So, whether you start your preparations on Labor Day or seize the chance to begin in July, let your creativity shine and embrace the season’s spirit for a delightful Halloween experience. 


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