When Does Duval County Go Back To School

When Does Duval County Go Back To School? Full Guide

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With summer vacation reaching its peak, the people of Duval County are anxiously anticipating the start of the school year. It is crucial to stay informed about the start date of classes, and I am available to assist you with that information.

Through my extensive research and conversations with school officials, the much-anticipated back-to-school date is fast approaching.  

So, when does Duval County go back to school? Well, I’ll provide you with the information you need in a simple and easy-to-understand way. Keep reading. 

When Does School Start Again In Duval County?

Duval County Public Schools Building

The start date for schools in Duval County, Florida, [1] can alter from one school year to the next. For the school year of 2023, classes will commence on August 15th. 

Usually, the beginning of the academic year in Duval County is in early to mid-August. 

But remember that the beginning of the school year can move around, so it is best to check the School website or contact local educational authorities for the most up-to-date information.

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What Time Does School Start At Duval County Public School?

Typically, elementary schools begin at 8:30 am, middle school begins around 9:30 am, and high school begins at 7:15 am. 

But remember that the time when school starts will depend on the grade level and the specific school you attend. 

And it’s worth noting that these times change a little from school to school, so it’s a great idea to check with your school or the district’s official website for the most accurate information on when school starts in Duval County Public Schools.

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What’s The Biggest High School In Duval County?

Duval County, Florida’s largest high school in terms of physical size and facilities, is Atlantic Coast High School in Jacksonville. 

“What makes a child gifted and talented may not always be good grades in school, but a different way of looking at the world and learning.”

Chuck Grassley, United States Senator

The school was founded in 2010 and hosts an impressive campus with many student resources and activities. 

These include a huge stadium, sports fields, an auditorium, and numerous other amenities. But when does school start again in Seminole County?

Which School In Duval County Is The Oldest?

Aerial View Image of Andrew Jackson High School Building

The oldest school in Duval County is Andrew Jackson High School. Since its founding in 1927, it has served as the county’s primary source of higher education. 

The institution is located in Jacksonville, Florida, and has a long and storied history. It has served as a cornerstone of education for generations of students. 

Besides, the school is renowned for its academic excellence and dedication to providing quality education. 

Lastly, Andrew Jackson High School remains an important and cherished part of the Duval County community, shaping students’ lives for many years.

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What Are Duval County, Florida’s Best Schools?

1. Stanton College Preparatory School

Known for its rigorous academic curriculum and high graduation rates, Stanton College Preparatory School consistently ranks among the top schools in the state and the nation.

Students here are challenged to excel academically and are given access to advanced classes, such as Advanced Placement, to reach their goals. 

In addition to academic programs, Stanton College Prep provides extracurricular activities, clubs, and sports [2], giving students a dynamic, well-rounded educational experience. 

2. Jacksonville Beach Elementary School

Jacksonville Beach Elementary School is one of the premier schools in Duval County, Florida. 

With its emphasis on fostering academic excellence, this school provides an outstanding education for its students in core subjects. 

Enrichment opportunities, extracurricular activities, and other ways to foster creativity and critical thinking exist. 

3. Atlantic Coast High School

With various academic and extracurricular opportunities, Atlantic Coast High School is known for its dedicated teachers, diverse student body, and positive learning environment.

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4. John Stockton Elementary School

John Stockton Elementary School is an excellent school located in Ortega of Jacksonville, Florida. 

Stockton students perform highly on state examinations due to its dedicated faculty, engaged parents, and well-rounded academic programs. 

“The back-to-school buzz permeates the air in Duval County, reminding us that education is the key that unlocks countless opportunities.”

Howkapow Gift Site

Plus, it creates a warm, safe environment where students are encouraged to think outside the box, explore their creativity, and strengthen their character. 

5. Julia Landon College Preparatory & Leadership Development School

This middle school offers a unique blend of academic rigor and leadership development, preparing students for successful high school experiences.

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How many private schools does Duval County, Florida, have?

Duval County, Florida, has over 147 private schools, providing a large pool of educational choices for students and parents in the area.

How much money does Duval County spend on each student?

Duval County has consistently been above the state average for spending on each student, dedicating, on average, $9,362 per student. 

What is Florida’s wealthiest school district?

Florida’s wealthiest school district is the St. Johns County School District which has nearly 49,000 students in 2022.  

Final Words

As I wrap up this exploration of Duval County’s back-to-school schedule, let me emphasize the significance of staying informed. 

While specific dates may vary from year to year, for the 2023 school year, the excitement of classrooms and the pursuit of knowledge will commence on August 15th. 

Knowing when school starts helps parents, students, and teachers prepare for an exciting and educational adventure. 

So, mark your calendars and prepare for a new learning chapter in Duval County.


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