When Does Dekalb County Go Back To School

When Does Dekalb County Go Back To School? Resolved

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I have spent a significant amount of time researching and consulting with reliable sources in preparation for the highly anticipated reopening of schools in Dekalb County.

So, when does Dekalb County go back to school? While the exact date may elude some, I’ve diligently searched for answers. 

To shed light on this matter, let’s discover when students in Dekalb County are likely to resume their educational endeavors. Keep reading. 

When Do Schools In Dekalb County Start Again?


After conducting thorough research and consulting reliable sources, I have found that schools in Dekalb County will reopen for the new academic year on August 9th. 

This is an exciting time for students, parents, and teachers as they prepare to reunite in the classrooms. 

The start of the school year brings opportunities for learning, growth, and creating memorable experiences. But when do schools in Duval County start again?

What Time Does Elementary School Begin In Dekalb County?

In DeKalb County, elementary schools usually start classes around 7:00 am. 

But students and their families need to check with their schools to confirm the exact start time, as it may differ from school to school. 

Getting to school on time allows students to settle in, connect with classmates, and have a productive day of learning and discovery.

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What Time Do Middle Schools In Dekalb County Start?

While specific start times may differ from school to school, most middle school classes in Dekalb County begin around 8:00 am. 

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.”

B.B. King, Singer

However, students and parents must confirm the exact start time with their respective schools as it may vary slightly. But when do schools in Gwinnett County start?

How Many Schools Does Dekalb County Have?

Dekalb County, Georgia, has 138 schools in the district, including 32 special schools for inspiring students to learn in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. 

And there are almost 50 schools to choose from, too, such as themed, magnet, IB, and charter schools. 

Lastly, advanced classes and knowledge of technology, health, counseling, and facilities are available. 

This is why Dekalb County is one of the best-performing school districts in the state. But when do schools in Volusia County start?

Which School Ranks First In Dekalb County?

Kittredge Magnet School is the top-ranked school in Dekalb County because it strives for academic excellence, prepares students holistically, and creates an environment with ample opportunity for growth and enrichment.

Their math proficiency rate is 87%, and their reading/language proficiency is 98%, significantly exceeding the state average. 

And outside the classroom, students can get involved in various activities, such as arts [1], sports, technology, Spanish, and robotics. 

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What Is Dekalb County’s Oldest School?

Druid Hills High School

Druid Hills High School is the oldest school in DeKalb County, established in 1919. 

Throughout its long history, it has provided an excellent education to students and helped support the quickly growing communities of the area. 

Any changes it has gone through since then have been done to help meet the needs of students in modern times while maintaining the heritage that comes with it. 

Despite the changes, Druid Hills High School has kept its pride in being the oldest school in the county while also staying dedicated to meeting the needs of today.

What Is Dekalb County’s Largest High School?

Dunwoody High School is the largest high school in DeKalb County. 

It has a large student body, around 2,200 students, which makes it possible for them to offer a strong educational experience. 

“When the calendar turns, DeKalb County comes alive with the energy of students marching back to school, ready to conquer new horizons.”

Howkapow Gift Site

Their curriculum is designed to give students the proper training to graduate, succeed in college [2], and stay sharp for life. 

They have many after-school activities and clubs available so students can learn while having fun. 

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When can kids in Georgia start going to school?

In Georgia, children can begin attending public Pre-K programs at the age of five on or before September 1st of the current school year. 

What is the oldest age you can go to high school in Georgia?

Georgia’s oldest age to attend high school typically follows the state’s compulsory education laws, which require attendance until age 16. 

What is Georgia’s number one public elementary school?

Georgia’s number one public elementary school is called Dove Creek Elementary School. It is located in Statham, Georgia, and serves students in grades K-5.

What is Georgia’s most populated school?

Georgia’s most populated school is the Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus in Atlanta. 

The school boasts a total enrollment of over 43 859 students, making it the state’s most populous educational institution. But what’s a back-to-school necklace?

On A Final Note

After thorough research and contacting reliable sources, I can confidently conclude that Dekalb County students are slated to return to school on August 19th. 

This date marks an exciting milestone as students embark on a new academic year filled with opportunities for growth and discovery. 

The anticipation is tangible as families prepare for the back-to-school season, ensuring students are ready to immerse themselves in a vibrant learning environment.

With calendars marked and excitement building, the countdown begins for an enriching educational journey in Dekalb County. 

Get ready for a transformative experience as the classrooms come alive once again.


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