When Does Apple Back To School Sale Start

When Does The Apple Back-To-School Sale Start? Resolved

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If you are a fan of Apple products and interested in finding great deals, you won’t want to miss the Apple Back to School sale event.

As someone who loves finding great deals and loves tech stuff, I always stay on top of the latest sales events and personally experience the excitement of this yearly event.

So, when does the Apple back to school sale start? Keep reading, and I’ll reveal the dates and give you some insider tips to make the most of this highly anticipated event.

When Will The Apple Store Begin Its Back To School Sale?

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Typically, the Apple Store’s back-to-school sale starts around early July, so this year, it will start on June 6th, Tuesday. 

This eagerly awaited event presents many exclusive deals and discounts tailored to students and educators. 

It’s the perfect chance to save on various Apple products, spanning MacBooks [1], iPads, and various accessories. 

Stay tuned for updates directly from Apple to ensure you take advantage of this annual opportunity to maximize your back-to-school budget.

Does Apple Do A Back-To-School Promotion Every Year?

Yes, Apple consistently supports students and educators through its annual back-to-school promotion. 

Apart from being an exciting event for Apple fanatics, this promotion presents a great opportunity to grab some of their favorite Apple products at discounted prices. 

Whether a college laptop or an iPad for studies, the back-to-school event always has something for everyone. 

As students, you can be sure that Apple has not forgotten about you, as it continues to provide you with regular back-to-school promotions. 

Find out the exact date that back-to-school sales begin here.

How Long Does The Back-To-School Sale At Apple Last?

Apple’s back-to-school sale usually takes place over several months. It usually begins in June and runs through the end of October. 

But exact dates are subject to vary according to the region and country where it is held. 

Apple typically announces the start and end dates of the sale through official channels like their website, social media, and in-store promotions. 

“A lot of people made their first luxury fashion purchase, but at a discount. And that made it an easier purchasing decision. “

Aslaug Magnusdottir, Icelandic Businesswoman

To stay informed on the duration of the back-to-school sale, it is best to check these various sources consistently or visit an authorized retailer or online store.

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Apple’s Back-To-School Sale: How To Get It?

1. Visit Apple’s Education Store

Go to Apple’s official website and navigate to their Education Store, where the discounts are applicable. This is where Apple showcases discounted prices for eligible buyers.

2. Verify Your Eligibility

You’ll need to prove you are a current or newly accepted university student, a parent buying for such a student, a teacher, a lecturer, or a staff member at any education level. 

This might include uploading documentation or using a .edu email address.

3. Choose Your Product

Choose the product that suits your needs, whether a new MacBook, iPad or any other Apple device. The discounted prices should be visible.

4. Add A Freebie

Apple’s Back-To-School promotions often include freebies, like a pair of AirPods, with the purchase of a qualifying product.

5. Check Out

Complete your purchase as you normally would. Your education pricing will automatically apply, assuming you’re shopping through the Education Store.

Do Students Receive Free AirPods?

Hand Holding Airpods

During Apple’s Back-To-School Sale, students can use a special promotion to receive a free pair of AirPods when buying certain products like the MacBook or an iPad. 

This is a great opportunity to get some of the latest tech gadgets at no extra cost. 

Students should check the official Apple website or the Education Store to learn more about the offer and ensure that the promotion details have stayed the same since last year.

Check out these stores to shop for your kid’s back-to-school clothes here.

Which Macs & iPads Are Part Of Apple’s Back-to-School Sale?

During the sale, you can find amazing deals on popular Mac computers and iPads, including the MacBook Air and Pro, iMac, Mac mini, iPad Air [2] (5th, 9th, and 10th gen), iPad Pro 11-inch (4th gen), and iPad Pro 12.9-inch (6th gen). 

You may even find bundle deals with accessories like AirPods or Apple Pencils. 

“When it’s time for school to begin, Apple’s back-to-school sale begins, making it easier for students to get affordable devices.”

Howkapow Gift Site

To get all the details, visit Apple’s official website, authorized retailers, or contact Apple directly. Shop now to get the best deals and discounts for school.

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Is it possible to get a student discount at Apple?

Yes, you can get a student discount at Apple if you’re at least 16 years old Plus, you must be enrolled in a college or university that offers an education discount through Apple Education.

What proof do you need to get the Apple school discount?

To receive the Apple school discount, you typically need a current official school transcript or tuition bill with the name of the student and school.

How many iPads can you get with a student discount?

With a student discount, Apple allows eligible individuals to purchase two iPad per academic school year. But when is the “back to school” tax-free weekend?

Wrapping Up

As an enthusiastic Apple fan, I’ve personally experienced the excitement of Apple’s back-to-school sale.

Usually, it starts in early July. But this year, they surprised us by starting on June 6th, a Tuesday. 

Apple consistently supports students and educators through this annual promotion. 

Whether you’re a college freshman or a high school teacher, the sale offers fantastic deals on their renowned products. 

So, take advantage of the chance to equip yourself with the latest Apple devices at unbeatable prices. 


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