When Do Halloween Squishmallows Come Out

When Do Halloween Squishmallows Come Out? Full Guide

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I am a huge fan of Squishmallows and I eagerly anticipate their new releases. Among the most intriguing additions are the Halloween-themed Squishmallows, which combine elements of spooky and cozy.

But when do Halloween Squishmallows come out? Don’t worry; I’ve found the exact day they will come out. So, keep on reading.

When Does Halloween Squishmallows Become Available?

Halloween Squishmallows

Halloween Squishmallows become available at different retailers at the end of July and remain in stock until October. 

These charmingly spooky plushies are in high demand during the Halloween season. 

So, if you’re eager to get a ghostly pumpkin or a cuddly bat, keep an eye out from late July onwards. But when does Home Depot sell Halloween decorations?

Which Halloween Squishmallow Is The Rarest?

The rare Halloween Squishmallow is undoubtedly Jack the Black Cat. 

This plush is considered the world’s rarest Squishmallow [1], with a hefty price range starting from $1,299.99 on platforms like eBay or potentially even higher. 

“I never sleep alone. If there is no one to sleep next to, I’ll sleep next to a stuffed animal. It makes me feel secure and safe. It’s embarrassing to admit it; I’m an old man now. It’s important to me, though.”

Keith Richards, English Musician

Released as the first limited edition Squishmallow through the Kellytoys website, only 500 charmingly smiling kitties were available. 

Because of its high demand and limited supply, Jack the Black Cat has become a highly sought-after and valuable item for Squishmallow collectors.

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Which Stores Exclusively Sell Squishmallows?

  • Amazon: The global e-commerce giant offers an extensive range of Squishmallows, making it a convenient online destination for buyers worldwide.
  • Target: This popular retail chain often carries a diverse selection of Squishmallows, including seasonal and limited-edition releases.
  • Walmart: As one of the largest retailers in the world, Walmart frequently stocks a wide assortment of Squishmallows, catering to both kids and collectors.
  • Costco: Known for its bulk-buying deals, Costco occasionally features Squishmallows in packs, allowing buyers to simultaneously get their hands on multiple adorable plushies.
  • Walgreens: This pharmacy and convenience store chain also join the Squishmallow parade, offering various designs and sizes to meet customers’ preferences.
  • Five Below: A budget-friendly store where everything is priced at $5 or below, Five Below [2] sometimes offers affordable Squishmallows, making them accessible to a broader audience.
  • Cracker Barrel: This country-themed restaurant and gift store occasionally stocks Squishmallows, making it a charming and cozy place to find these plush treasures.
  • Claire’s: Known for its fashionable accessories and jewelry, Claire’s occasionally offers Squishmallows, adding a touch of squishy cuteness to their diverse product lineup.

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How Many Squishmallows Are There In 2023?

Halloween Squishmallows

In 2023, over 1,000 Squishmallows characters are available for collectors to cherish and cuddle. 

These lovable plush toys continue to grow in number, with new Squishmallows being introduced regularly. 

“The countdown to Halloween becomes even more thrilling with the anticipation of discovering the newest Halloween Squishmallows characters, each with its own charmingly haunting story.”

Howkapow Gift Site

With such a vast assortment of characters, stuffed toy lovers can immerse themselves in a world of whimsical animals, fantastic creatures, and charming personalities. 

What Are The Latest Halloween Squishmallows?

The latest Halloween Squishmallows lineup for 2023 is headlined by Jack the Skellington Nightmare, exuding a captivating and intimidating charm. 

Joining him are two equally enchanting companions, Grace the Ghost and Drake the Dracula. 

This highly anticipated collection has sent their demand soaring, with Squishmallow lovers eagerly seeking these new additions to their spooky plush family. 

With their captivating designs and cuddly nature, these Halloween Squishmallows will surely cast a delightful spell on collectors and fans alike. 


Which Squishmallow is currently the most popular?

Among the vast array of Squishmallows, Cam the Cat is one of the most beloved and iconic personalities. 

Being one of the first Squishmallows introduced, Cam’s charm and cuddliness have captured the hearts of many, making him a top favorite among collectors and fans alike.

Which Squishmallow is the most expensive in the world?

Fania, the Purple Owl, holds the prestigious title of the most expensive Squishmallow ever sold at auction, fetching a staggering price of $2999. 

Also, Jack, the Black Cat, known as the world’s rarest Squishmallow, was the first limited edition and sold for approximately $1,299.99, with only 500 of these adorable kitties available.

When should a child stop carrying around stuffed animals?

By the time they’re five years old, most kids are no longer reliant on carrying about a stuffed animal or blanket for comfort.

As they grow and become more independent, they often transition away from carrying these items as they develop other coping mechanisms and ways to soothe themselves.

How do you know if a Squishmallow is rare?

Determining the rarity of a Squishmallow can be identified by the presence of distinct characteristics. A rare Squishmallow is marked by a silver foil and is limited to 75,000. 

An ultra-rare Squishmallow features a gold foil, exclusive to select retailers, and only 50,000 are produced. 

On A Final Note

As someone who loves to collect Squishmallows, I can’t wait to get my hands on the latest Halloween-themed additions each year. 

So, when do Halloween Squishmallows come out? Based on my research, these delightful and spooky plushies start popping up as early as the end of July and remain available until October. 

This year’s most sought-after characters are Jack the Skellington Nightmare, Grace the Ghost, and Drake the Dracula. 

With over 1,000 Squishmallows characters to collect, the Halloween lineup in 2023 has truly raised the excitement level, sending demand soaring. 

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or new to the Squishmallow world, watch for these charmingly eerie additions to your plush collection this Halloween season. 


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